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Hii Friends
Here I am back with the next part of the story.

Recap: Swasan’s marriage

Let’s start the next part guys

Swasan reached SM Mansion and kamla kaki who is the servant of the house did swara’s grahpravesh (Laksh already informed her about marriage).She took swara to sanskar’s room.Swara is standing near the window and is thinking about the recent happenings of her life just then sanskar entered the room.He called swara.


Hearing his voice swara turned to him nervously and sanskar continued to speak

Sanskar:Don’t be nervous feel free swara.I know that in what conditions we r married so I can understand u.I will not force u for anything swara.I will wait for u till u accept this marriage whole heartedly.

Swara felt immense happiness on hearing this and told:Thank I sanskar ji.

Sanskar:But staying in same house we cannot love as strangers right so can we be friends??(saying this he forwarded his hand)

Swara(Smiled and gave her hand):yes sanskar ji.

Sanskar:Sanskar only sanskar I am not that old that you r calling me sanskar ji.

Swara:Ok (smiled)

Sanskar:Now go change into some comfortable dress and sleep.

Swara nodded and went to change.By then sanskar changed and was about to sleep on couch but swara stopped him.

Swara:Sanskar no need to sleep on couch we both can sleep on the bed.

Sanskar:Are u sure swara??

Swara:Yes sanskar the bed is big enough that we both can share it..


Soon both slept on the bed with pillows between them.


It’s a new morning and sun days fell on our hero.He slowly opened his eyes and felt a wait on him.Soon he saw that swara is hugging him in sleep with her head on sanskar’s chest and her arm around his neck and sanskar’s arm is around her shoulder.He found that the pillows between them are lying down on the floor.Sanskar smiled and caressed her hair.Sensing movement in her sanskar immediately closed his eyes to see her reaction.Swara opened her eyes and find herself in sanskar’s embrace and felt embrassed.She got down the bed took her clothes and went towards the washroom.She came after sometime.She is looking beautiful in her anarkali suit and wet hairs.Sanskar lost seeing her.Soon he came into sense hearing her bangles sound.He took his towel and went towards the washroom.After sanskar went to fresh up swara got ready and went towards wadrobe and took out sanskar’s clothes his necessary things kept them on bed and left the room.

Sanskar came out of the washroom.He didn’t find swara in the room but smiled seeing all his things kept on the bed.He got ready in the dress she kept for him and went down for breakfast.He met swara at the breakfast table and wished her.

Sanskar:Good morning swara

Swara:Good morning

Sanskar:Swara get ready I will drop u in college.

Swara:It’s ok sanskar I will (interrupted)

Sanskar:I said na from today onwards I will drop u to college and pick u and that’s final.

Swara(Gave up):Ok

Soon both finished their breakfast and left

At College

Soon both reached swara’s college.Ragini see them coming together and hugged them.Trio talked for sometime after that sanskar bid bye and left for office.

Later ragini asked swara whether she is happy with this marriage.

Ragini:Swara r u happy with this marriage.

Swara:Ha Ragu intact I am so happy Afterall sanskar is very nice guy and he gave me my space.I know that we don’t have love between us at this point of time but I also know that it will not take much time to adjust with a guy like him.Ragini started heading swara.

Sumi who listened all their talks and felt happy.Later she went to them and greeted swara.

Sumi:Shona I think after marriage you forgot ur mom.

Swara ran to sumi and hugged her tight and told her:No mom nothing like that I can never forget u mom.(Ready eyed)

Sumi:Swara stop crying like a kid I am just joking and I am so happy seeing you happy my baccha.

Then both went to their respective classes.As soon as swara entered the class swara’s classmates congratulated her for her wedding.Then the whole day passed asusual.

Now it is time to leave.Sanskar came to pick swara.He saw both swara and sumi together and went towards them.He took blessings from sumi and offered her lift.But she denied saying that she has some work on the way.

Soon swasan left from there in car and Sumi also went from there.

In Car

Silence prevailed in the car.None of them r speaking anything.Finally sanskar broke the silence.

Sanskar:How is ur day



Again silence prevailed around them.Suddenly swara shouted stop.

Sanskar stopped the car with a jerk and asked her whether she is fine

Sanskar:Swara what happened r u find.

Swara showed him the nearby ice cream shop and told him that she wanted to eat ice cream.

Swara:Woh I wanted to eat ice cream.

Sankar have her ‘you r impossible’ look to her and smiled.

Soon both got down from car and went towards the ice cream parlour.

Swara:Bhaiyya give me 1 chocolate ice cream and 1 black current ice cream.

Sanskar:No swara I don’t want to eat.u eat it.

Swara:Who told that it is for u both r for me only.

(Sanskar shocked Swara rocked hehhe???)

Soon she got her ice creams and started eating like kid.Sanskar smiled at his kiddo wife and started admiring her.

Swara felt continuous gaze on her and looked towards him only to find him staring towards her.She blushed slightly but didn’t show and called him.

Swara:Sanskar…No response….Sanskarrrr.Stop staring my ice creams like this.If u want u can take it.

Saying this she forwarded her ice cream towards him.But sanskar denied her.She shrugged and continued eating.Soon she finished eating.Sanskar paid him and they left home.

They reached home and freshed up soon.They took their dinner together where swara is talking continuously and sanskar is admiring her.They completed their dinner and went towards their room and slept with pillows between them and a smile on their face.

Precap: May be leap…

Done with this part guys.I thought to give a proper swasan part so tried with this.Hope u all liked it.

Let me know ur views…posetive or negative accepted.

*I want to thank all my readers including silent readers who r supporting me.It is because of all of u that I am able to write.Love u all..????

Keep smiling:-)
Take care

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