Swasan love hurts love heals … By samaira Episode 1

Heyy guys I’m back again .. This will again be from the show track guys I really didn’t like the way they portrayed I mean I enjoyed but still some changes … And it will be on both their POV I know iam kinda sanskae supporter but no in this!!! Hope so u like it do comment bad or gud both accepted!!
Let’s start:-
This exactly starts after the time swara leaves Sanskar and goes with ragini… ( nd in between it will be my POV tht wht shouldn’t have been there..)
1 I really don’t believe tht sanskar will fall low to throw stone at laksh.m
2 I hate the fact swara didn’t wear vermillion I mean she was right at her place but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear the things tht makes connected to her LOVE….

At night :-
Swara room:-
Swara was standing near the window after checking tht ragini slept…tears were continuously flowing from her eyes….
Swara POV..
Iam really sorry sanskar I know I did wrong when u needed me the most but sanskar how could u say tht our relation was over!! U don’t know how hurted I felt tht time… I am just regretting for blaming you I TRUST you sanskar I know tht u were not the reason of laksh s missing !! But I was also hurted did u think abt me for once… Nd I had to chose over ragini cause she is really depressed don’t know what could she do if I don’t go with him…
After thinking all this she silently goes and sleeps besides ragini…
Sanskar s room-
Sanskar is emotionalessly and lifelessly standing near window and thinking abt the recent happenings…
Sanskar POV:-

Iam really sorry swara !! I know I shouldnt have told all tht our relation is over.. Iam really sorry nd I know tht u TRUST me but because of my mistake ur hurted nd reacted tht way!! But swara wht u did was also not right !! I warned u from meeting my family members gave u my promise but still u didn’t care … I know u did this for me but still I hate it I had always been by ur side but u could have make me explained y did u meet my family !! ….. The things which makes u mine u removed them!! How could u do tht !! I know u are hurted but am I not??!!
He also cries silently and then goes to sleep but as his and swara s moments starts to haunt him badly he takes the pillow and silently goes to guest room!! ….
# guys I think both of them r correct at their place…
And I want to make few changes…
1 sujata won’t be against swara … Cause swara did a lot for them.. Nd I hated sujata s character at tht time…
So shall I continue??

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