Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 23)

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Next morning

He was sitting in his room having a cup of coffee … He was thinking abt swara… He was looking tired as if he didn’t slept well at night abd this is true whole night he was thinking abt Swara’s words
There were a lot of things revolving in his mind , but he could not reach to any conclusion
First of all he was shocked by Swara’s sudden outburst but more than that her words were disturbing him that she loved him then and she still do
And above that she said that she will hate him now onwards and this was stabbing him

His still unconfessed love was now making his heart pain
He was now sure of his feelings but was not knowing wat to do

Sanskar’s POV

I don’t know what should I do now, I knew that since beginning that I love her and this not any kind of attraction or infatuation but still I knowingly suppressed my feelings…. But now my heart is shouting that I can’t do it anymore its enough Now… Now first thing which I have to do is to go through r past again.. I think m ignoring something which created a rift between us

His thoughts were disturbed by uttara

Uttara: Bhai , maa and badi Maa r calling u for breakfast

Sanskar: Uttu my head is paining I don’t want to have something, I drank my coffee that’s enough… U go and have ur breakfast and tell Maa and mom too

Uttara: No Bhai mom had strictly asked me to bring u down cause u didn’t have yr dinner also properly last night
She made him stand and dragged him downstairs: Chalo Bhai

Dining table

All were sitting and waiting for Sanskar

Sujata: Beta where were u? Come have ur breakfast

Sanskar: Mom my head is paining I don’t want to have something

Ap:Beta early morning ur head is paining …. U r well na (she moved towards him and checked his forehead)

Sanskar:yes Maa , m oky just little headache

Sujata:Have little beta, otherwise it will pain more

Sanskar sat down to have breakfast as he didn’t want to worry them

Adarsh:Papa Mr mehta wanted to sign a deal with us and sanskar’s company (I hole u remember in character sketch I told abt Sanskar’s company )

Sanskar: Yes bade papa, I checked those files I’ll come to our office in noon and will show u

Sujata: Sanskar u r not well, I think u shud take rest for today

Ap:Han Sanskar, it seems u didn’t even slept well last night
Dp ji will it b oky if Sanskar wouldn’t go to office today

Dp:Yes Sanskar beta, u rest for today , Adarsh will c to it

Sanskar nodded :Ji bade papa


Engagement’s day

Ragini’s room

Swara was making Ragini ready … She was very happy as Ragini is marrying the person whom she loves and her love is equally reciprocated
She was just wondering that what mistake does she committed that she somewhere lost her first and only love
But seeing Ragini she sided her thoughts and thought to concentrate on her sister

Rag: Di u r lost somewhere? Kya hua?

Swara: Nothing Ragu… It’s just that m thinking that when u became so big that u r getting engaged
Laksh is just perfect for u , and m sure u r very lucky to have him in ur lyf cause u won’t get any one better that him

Ragini smiled and hugged her

Rag:yes Di… Indeed m lucky to have lucky … (She smiled and continued making her ready )

After sometime

Swara:u r looking so pretty Ragu… Laksh will faint seeing u

Rag:Hehe Di kuch bhi
(Smiled shyly)

Rag:Di now u sit here I’ll make u ready….

Swara:I will get ready on my own … U don’t spoil ur makeup

Rag: No… No arguments… Just sit



Here sanskar was happy as he’ll meet Swara today and he thought now no matter what happens he will just tell her his feelings (but poor fell or unaware of upcoming storm)

All were ready and were set to move toward Swaragini’s house
With Laksh being too excited

Swara came with Ragini both looking obviously amazing
Swara dressed in pink and yelloe half Saree while Ragini Ragini in orange and red lehanga
Swara was wearing silver diamond earrings and silver waist chain completely complimenting her beauty with light makeup and silver bangles

Sanskar was just mesmerized seeing her , he was smiling like an idiot seeing her which was unnoticed by everyone except for one person present over there
That person also smiled seeing Sanskar’s looking at Swara

Ragini and Laksh were made to sit on couch specially kept for them

There was some tym for their engagement so their cousins and all decided to dance

They all including Raglak compelled Swara to dance despite of her refusing but at the end she went for all

By the time Kunal , Megha and Abhi arrived there (they were also invited )
(Thus all Swara’s close friends were invited)

Lights went off and Swara started dancing on ‘Nagada’ from Ramleela

(Hey m not giving full song just few lines hope u don’t mind)

Hey dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
Aaja ud ke saraat
Pairon se bedi zara khol
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhum dhaayn
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhaayn (x2)

Swara started dancing with the beats it’s a very fast song so she too was dancing fast

Re khat-khat haan khat-khat
Baaje dastak woh na ab tak aaya
Re tab se haan tab se
Haan dekhe raahein
Ki ab tu khol baahein aaja
Umad-ghumad ghumein
Re machle re mora mann
Goonje re baalam ke bol

(She was doing most of the steps performed by deepika in the movie)

Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhum dhaayn
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhaayn

With the last paragraph Swara started revolving fast , she was really moving fast

Hey dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
Aaja ud ke saraat
Pairon se bedi zara khol
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhum dhaayn
Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhaayn

With the last line Swara was about to fall, but before she hit the ground someone saved her (well don’t keep ur expectations high its not necessary that always Sanskar will save her )

Swara who closed her eyes in the fear of falling slowly opened her eyes sensing that someone saved her
She found herself in Dhruv’s arms and hurriedly got up

All members of Gadodia and Maheshwari family and her friends too were tensed abt her but u know na there r few people who can’t mind their own business and they started commenting on her

That Ragini is younger to her and she’s getting married not Swara
Swara shud marry first, otherwise no one will marry her and blah blah
Sanskar who was already Angry seeing Dhruv saving her was now more aggressive
Poor Sanskar who just now started the mission to confess his love to Swara was now going to get another shock

Listening to the talks of those relatives Swara’s eyes began to get moist, obviously anyone will feel bad listening such things

Maheshwari’s were also upset with their taunting while Gadodia’s were Angry

Swara’s dadaji being a little conservative in this topic went in center to announce something, he called swara towards him while swara was moving towards her room

Dadaj:Swara beta come here (Swara came there)
Dada ji: M very thankful to u all (seeing towards the ones who were commenting on her) For thinking abt my grand daughter, my both granddaughters r well learned and m sure they will prove to b an ideal wife and daughter in law, And coming towards my Ragini getting married before Swara that’s not because Swara is less than her but because we found a match for her before Swara

All others smiled while those people frowned

Dadaji:But I won’t tolerate anyone badmouthing my Swara, so I have decided something that I’ll make Swara engage in a month and she’ll marry before Ragini
We already decided to make Ragini after her because Ragini is still studying but we didn’t announced it, however now I feel it is necessary to bring this fact in light

Swara’s dadaji’s statement snatched the ground below swasan’s feet
It was a thunderstorm for them

Dadaji: Swara beta u r oky with it na(keeping is hand over her hai)

To which Swara nodded with a fake smile

Swasan became heartbroken listening this, there was at least one percent hope that something better could happen to their relation but now no hope

Swara agreed with her grandfather cause she was tired of arguing with Sanskar and this pain was really stabbing her heart
Sanskar who was looking forward to their bright future was now disheartened
But still he thought that he’ll try to tell his feelings to her once

Soon panditji asked them to start the ceremony

Raglak exchanged rings this was one of the best moment of their life but soon they realized that dadaji’s decision may cause more harm to Swasan’s relation which was still not discovered completely by them

the engagement was over all the guest have left , Maheshwari’s were left and , kunal , dhruv and Megha were also left

Sanskar was in garden when he saw someone else’s shadow there he followed the shadow , he saw Dhruv there talking to someone on phone Sanskar silently listened his convo and this made him more disheartened
He was feeling as someone is continuously stabbing his heart
(I’ll reveal it after few paragraphs)


Here Swara was in her room sitting with a pillow on her lap she was lost somewhere

Just then Megha and Kunal entered her room
They both very well knew that she would b sad with this decision and so Kunal thought to stay there for sometime whereas Megha was already for night stay as her parent’s were out of tym abd she wanted to spend time with swaragini but now she was indeed needed to stay there

They moved towards her and sat on either side of her (she was sitting on bed )
Swara was so immersed in her thoughts that she didn’t noticed them

Megha kept her hand over Swara’s hand and very slowly called her

This brought her back to senses and she became shocked to c them there

Swara:Kunal, Megha when did u both come here

Kunal:When u were busy in ur thoughts


Megha:Swara u r thinking abt Sanskar na

Swara:No… (Interrupted)

Megha:We know swara so no need to lie

Swara:No Megha ibwas thinking abt my life

Kunal:Swara y don’t u tell him once that u still love him

Swara:Y should I always clarify Kunal, can’t he understand m tired of explaining him, I know I loved him and I love him still but now I have to move on

Megha side hugged her
Megha:Swara u know it ishis misfortune that he’s losing u

Kunal:Yes Swara, I would have never ignored a girl like u if u loved me

Megha looked at him with glaring eyes while Swara was trying to control her tears
Kunal assured her through his eyes that he’s just trying to lighten her mood
Megha smiled and murmured I know

Megha:Swara u need not to control ur tears in front of us

With her completing her sentence Swara burst out crying
They both were also having tears in their eyes seeing Swara crying

Kunal who could not c her like this left to balcony while Megha consoled her

Just then Sanskar came outside Swara’s room he came their to talk to her as he knew she must b upset

Megha:Shhhh Swara chup ho jao, don’t think abt him anymore

Swara:(sobbing) what should I do n meghu m also trying to do that , but my love for him is not allowing to do that…

Swara suddenly got up and wiped her tears

Swara:Now it’s enough.. Even destiny is not in favor for us to b together , now I should also go with the flow… Now onwards I’ll completely try to forget Sanskar, I can not completely forget him but still I will try not do make him to disturb my future
I can not hate him, but I can’t even love him anymore! This is the end of our story which was never started

Megha was also crying by now and Kunal was crying in balcony while listening to her talks

Swara: Meghu m tired I want to sleep sometime, can u inform mom that m sleeping and give her and others any excuse

Megha and Kunal left her room,and sanskar hid there not to come in their notice

Tears were flowing from Sanskar’s eyes too now
He was already disturbed hearing Dhruv’s talks and now he was more broken to know that Swara wants to forget him

Sanskar left to his home making some excuse as Maheshwari’s were to come after sometime they were discussing something with gadodia’s there



Now this night was going to b proved a difficult one for Swasan
This night had no end

Sanskar was sitting in his room on floor in disturbed state his head was resting on headboard
It seemed that he was here like this from the tym he returned from GM cause he was in his sherwani only

Here Swara was sitting in her balcony, she too was on floor with support of swing of her balcony
She was also crying she had a couple of things on the swing which refreshed her and Sanskar’s school days

(Now whatever they will think will b same for both of them and the readers who no Hindi pls pls pls read the lyrics it’s like their conversation )

Tum Ko Bhi Hai Khabar
Mujhko Bhi Hai Pata
Ho Raha Hai Judaa
Dono Ka Raasta
Dur Jaake Bhi Mujhse Tum Meri Yaadon Main Rehna
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna… (3)

(Sanskar was thinking abt how they met for the first tym on debate competition, then when sections shuffled they became classmates till end of school)

Tum Ko Bhi Hai Khabar
Mujhko Bhi Hai Pata
Ho Raha Hai Judaa
Dono Ka Raasta
Dur Jaake Bhi Mujhse Tum Meri Yaadon Main Rehna
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna… (3)

(Swara was thinking when they became friends, how Sanskar saved her on picnic , how their friend ship blossomed into love )

Jitni Thi Khushiyaa
Sab Kho Chuki Hai
Bas Ek Gham Hai Ki Jaata Nahi
Samjha Ke Dekha Behla Ke Dekha
Dil Hai Ki Chain Isko Aata Nahi
Aata Nahi
Aasoo Hai Ki Hai Angarai
Aag Hai Ab Aankhon Se Behna
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna… (3)

( how much they both tried to move on in the past seven years, how much they craved for each other , but the difference is that, that Swara realized it earlier while Sanskar realized it too late)

Rut Aa Rahi Hai Rut Jaa Rahi Hai
Dard Ka Mausam Badla Nahi
Rang Yeh Gham Itna Hai Gehra
Sadiyon Main Hoga Halka Nahi
Halka Nahi
Kaun Jaane Kya Hona Hai
Hum Ko Hai Ab Kya Kya Sehna
Kabhi Alvida…
( Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna )… (2)

( But now they will be separated for always as Swara don’t want to stay near Sanskar anymore and Sanskar was in guilt of his deeds)

Tum Ko Bhi Hai Khabar
Mujhko Bhi Hai Pata
Ho Raha Hai Judaa
Dono Ka Raasta
Dur Jaake Bhi Mujhse Tum Meri Yaadon Main Rehna
( Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna )…

But now its too late for both of them, they have different paths Now and life will not n make them together anymore )

They both continuously blamed themselves and cried , they slept when the first ray of sun shone

(Swara moved towards her room thinking all this and slept in her room only in sitting position while Sanskar on floor itself)


9:00 am

Gadodia mansion

Swara was in her room sleeping unaware of the hustle bustle in her house

But wait engagement was done so for what were they preparing now

Megha moved out of guest room all freshened up she thought to check Swara but became confuse seeing all in hurry

Megha moved towards Ragini who was helping sharmishhtha in kitchen

Megha:Ragini! For what r the preparations going… Today is some festival?

Ragini: no Di…. Today Di’s in-laws are coming to fix her alliance

Megha almost shouted:What
Then she whispered “what”

Ragini: Y r u shocked Di, it is a good thing na , u do one thing make Di ready and bring her down , she was tired yesterday na so she’s sleeping

Megha nodded amusedly


Megha and Swara were sitting

Swara:Megha what r u saying han? R u kidding

Megha:Swara do u really think this is something to joke… N serious yar… Ur in laws r coming for yr alliance

Swara was bewildered with this (24 hrs ke andar kuch jyada hi shocks Mil gye na)

She left with no other option to get ready with a heavy heart murmuring that whatever is happening should b correct


Hi everyone…. I hope you will like this part… This is the longest I ever wrote… Adishu I couldn’t post earlier but made it long , I hope u will like it
Oky I followed last episode’s precap just one thing is left
M not leaving in suspense cause u can easily understand from last precap that who r her in laws

Guys I have one wish for this Episode… Just for today can all my readers comment, I mean I want to know that how many of read my ff so silent readers please comment for today, I’ll b really glad

Meet you all soon and I don’t know abt next update cause have my regular schedule from today and I posted this week because I had four day holidays….

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