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helllo allll

i know i know i am late but what to doooo i told you na to hold my late updates…. today episode is awsome so start reading

previously: kavita entry and eyeing sanskar


Kavita: patni??? You??? You are Sanskar wife?? (Swara smirk only watching kavita horrifies face) no way!!

Swara: oh really!! Shall we ask Sanskar then hahah

Kavita give look to swara from head to toe thinking: she is ugly, with her covering gown, and no makeup, then how a handsome man as Sanskar would marry such girl

Kavita: so what if he is married to you, he must have got bore on your body as I don’t think he would love a girl like you

Swara gaze her for a second then: hahahahah Sanskar love me!!! Hahahaha kabhi nahi….. Sanskar adore me, fall in love with me, what Sanskar carry for me little miss is beyond love something a girl like you won’t understand.

Kavita: oh really, believe me man like him, would prefer me a skilled girl over you….

Swara: you have no idea what a man he is.. (Swara gaze was dangerous now) stay away from my husband and don’t eye him with your lusty looks sumji

Kavita: you think your words will stop me. Let me teach you little lesson, in restaurant man already order his food, but still check the menu time to time, wonder how other food would taste…. and with women same principle is followed my dear. And for man as Sanskar, I can be the other food, till he changes his order.

Swara: only lusty people believe in this, but I believe in my love, you have no idea of what I and Sanskar go through and how much strong our love is.

Kavita: it’s a challenge then, let’s see who will win, my or you bhenji.

Swara: I never bit on my husband, he isn’t something to bit on, and I have full trust in him… so you better back off

Kavita: and if I not…

Swara: then I will date your Rest In Peace myself

Swara turned to leave immediately, while kavita fuming: I will have him by hock or crock

The following days the meetings between Sanskar and kavita increased and she didn’t miss a chance without wearing s*xy dresses showing her assets and Sanskar as gentle man usually compliment her beautiful in front of Swara not knowing what fuel he was adding, and surly Swara never mentioned about that convo to Sanskar but her mind played games with her. At home she always tried to make things for Sanskar, but his reaction never satisfied her, like it became rotinic between them, also Sanskar romance decreased as he was getting tired between collage and work and meetings, and Swara was tied. She start to though if kavita words were true, is not that she doubt Sanskar love, be he might got bored of her as kavita said, Swara try to keep these thoughts away, but it soon come again with any meeting with kavita an Sanskar, watching how he treat her, his open laughs with her, and more so the comments he say about her in home, how much intelligent she is, and also have good looking. All these ideas were playing Swara mind, but she kept holding till one day, project celebration day.

That day the two companies would celebrate their success in a hotel hall, swasan planned to leave office together and get ready at home then go to the hall, but something came with Sanskar

Sanskar went to Swara cabin: Swara dear please you go and send my clothes with some driver and you head to party please.

Swara felt confused: kyu Sanskar?

Sanskar: little work came up and they need me jaan, so please…

Even though swara hated it but she was helpless: ok dear I will send it to you as soon I get to home. I will go now in matter of fact, ok…

Sanskar fastly picked his wife cheek: you are the best jaan, thanks..

Then Sanskar gone leaving swara with a bit worry mind and smile..
Swara reached home and send cloth to Sanskar as organized which was white suit and red tie… then she got ready in creamy color anarkjali covering her like Indian woman, crowing her maang with sendor. And went to the hall.

Other hand Sanskar finished the work faster than he thought and waited for his cloth then got read and felt happy of how he loos and how his jaan made him look dashing. He want fast to the party but swara wasn’t their yet as he scanned the hall with his eyes and didn’t find her.
He was sanding with some employs till he felt a hand taping on his shoulder and the eyes of the employs pooped out, Sanskar turn around to find kavita roy in a very s*xy dress showing her body openly.

Kavita: good evinning Sanskar

Sanskar: g..ggoo.. *coughing* good evening kavita ma’am

Kavita: ohh sanskar… just kavi na…

Sanskar smiled: yea.. ok

Kavita was attached to him wherever he went like adhesive and were gaining complements from him as she know he is too gentle to refuse her and her final move was asking him for a dance.

(guys this part of dancing was written my friend aadhya…. she is indeed amazing writer … if u want to read her ffs check her wattpad “https://www.wattpad.com/user/Aadyashsd”)

The party was on its peak, drinks, discussions, bussiness, gossips all were just heighted till the moment the dance floor adorned. Kavita’s plans were so not good, her beginning flirtation all these days played out like a chess game. She makes a move, then waits for his next move. sanskar in turn makes a move, little did she knew he was never charmished by her charms. The tension was like a boxing match, in Swara’s mind when one fighter delivers a hit, and the two opponents pace tensely before another blow is delivered. This tension heightens the urgency and immediacy of the scene.

The music was on, standing a far in a creamy anarkali she looked treacherous and breathtaking yet disturbed. Her eyes searched her love hubby down the hall just to meet the scene of her husband clinging to the girl she hates the most. The sensual no. got high on the floor couples dancing, lights dimmed out and there the s*xy lady climbed the floor exposing half of her body with the man of the party.

Kavita: Will you please do me the honors of dancing

Sanskar laughing at his situation: Kavita really you know right i am busy now” Sanskar said laughing at his situation.

Kavita in the most flirtarous tone: Just a dance handsome it wouldn’t harm you i guess and lets test your dancing skills what’s say???”

Sanskar confidently loosing his red tie: Okay if you insist then let me show you.

Dance floor dimmed even more and a song is played

Marhaba aa Marhaba Marhaba…
Main rubaroo aasmaan ke
Aks meri aas taake
Chha gaye sabki nigaahon mein
Mutthi mein hai saara jahaan
Maine jo chaha aa gaya meri panaaho mein

kavita moved her left foot backward in a smooth motion, sliding across the slick floor. He slid her right foot forward. Dipping forward and looking into his eyes, her fingers tightened on his ribs as her left foot came forward again, surprising his foot and chasing it back. They stopped, toe to toe, and she pulled him towards her, the pleasure to touch him so remotelessly.

Ye shohraton ke taaz hai
Ye daulatein jo aaj hai
Sab kuch yahaan ik raaz hai
Haan raaz hai
Khud pe mujhe jo naaz hai
Ye jo naya andaaz
Sab kuch yahaan ik raaz hai
Haan raaz hai
Marhaba aa Marhaba Marhaba…
Morey saiyyan
Morey saiyyan
Kaahe chhodi mori baiyyan
Morey saiyyan… saiyyan

She mimicked him, turning her head opposite. To the right, then to the left. He pushed her away as though she were too terrible, yet to wonderful, to be near, yet he held on to her left hand with his right, catching her as their arms pulled taut and spinning her out and away. Then he reeled her back in, unable to give her up. She fell into him, his strong arms wrapping her slightly, down casting her as it would seem the most decent dance yet one person didnt fail to notice the whole plot of this song to sensual steps taken by “the girl”.
Sanskar left the dance floor not getting the positive vibes anymore. Swara didn’t fail to notice the uneasiness on her husband’s face went that merry timid girl touched him intentionally all the while in their dance, the sloppy hands sliding down his face to his shoulder to his masuline torso. Kavita was furstated at the very moment Sanskar left the dance floor, she so wanted to sleep with him, to worship him all nights, to be f**ked by him all day and yet to be begging his to f**k her more… But her whole concept of charming him in this game of seduction lead her to nowhere. The game of seduction or the game of chess she played, she forgot that until and unless the queen is not dead king cant be defeated. And here the queen wasnt going to lead her the way to her king….
Swara was hurt a lot, how Sanskar dancing with kavita and all eyes were on them. After dancing all hall was clapping while swara was moisting, even when Sanskar moved to her immediately and got mesmerized by her angelic figure

Sanskar: swara jaan, finally you here, why you late ah?

Swara bit angrily: was I late Sanskar?

Sanskar was confused with swara tune but before he could answer kavita reached them…

Kavita: ohhh finally you came miss swara!! You missed me and Sanskar dance, it was hilarious.

Swara gave death glare to Sanskar: oh really!!

Sanskar felt swara jealous and was happy that even after all this time swara still possissve about him, so he thought to tease her a bit…

Sanskar: indeed swara, kavi is really good dancer

Words were poking swara’s heart and Sanskar knew nothing about what happen between her and kavita. Kavita felt that maybe her plan was working and smirk to swara

Kavita: thanks Sanskar, I also havent enjoy a dance like this since long ago.

Sanskar: same her kavi…

Swara felt to be dd, she felt down, hearing those from Sanskar hurted her and kavita old words were taking place in her thoughts

Kavita: by the way nice dress miss swara, but … old fashioned don’t you think…

Swara controlling herself: I like traditional dresses…

Kavita: yea… it suits u (smiling evily) what you think Sanskar…

Sanskar was still continue his game to make swara jealous: I think your dress is awesome kavi… modern, s*xy and elegant nice choice…

Kavita grin was ear to ear and Sanskar thought swara would burst angry and show her rights on him, but when he look at her he found her eyes moisting… that moment Sanskar knew what big mistake he did and his face turn serious

Sanskar: jaan listen…

Swara: sorry, I need to fix my make up

Swara flow from there and Sanskar would follow her but again the devil caught him

Kavita: what’s wrong with miss swara, she don’t like modern??

Sanskar irratly: she is not a miss, she is a madam, swara Sanskar maheshwary, my wife… excuse me…

Sanskar left in anger and kavita was frustrated how she is losing her game… Sanskar search a lot for swara all around the hall and hotel, call her numerous but she usually cancel him…
It has been 30 mints, he would move out to their house to be hold by kavita

Kavita: Sanskar I wanted to say I am really sorry, I didn’t know.

Sanskar: its ok ma’am I will go now..

Kavita: please tell me truth had you forgive me… I hopr I didn’t cause any problems…

Sanskar: you didn’t kavita ma’am. It was my fault… and…

Sanskar stopped talking as he felt all hall went silent and all guys fixed eyes on hall entrance…
Sanskar and kavita turn their heads to entrance and Sanskar was like hit by 10^10 electric volt and his blood went up to his brain exploding

Kavita; is… is… that…

Someone from back whisper: miss swara


that was hot naaaaa

expect awsome replay next epi… and i ll make that bohat sooon… allah hafiz

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