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hello all

as promised i extend the story… so lets start with today episode


“swaraaaa” Sanskar call again for his wife but still no response, he entered room and found her sleeping in sitting position on bed and lend her head on the bed board. Sanskar couldn’t help but admiring his sleeping beauty girl.. her long lashes guarding her eyes, her straight nose, her rosy lips, her perfect neck line, purely angelic to him.
He sit on floor beside her feet and kept looking for god knows how long, just admiring his lady love…. After time swara starts opening her eyes softly, only to find her husband smiling face looking at her….


“did you know that you have the most clear honey brown eyes I ever see…. Its so clear that I can see my prefect reflection there”

Swara cheeks alerted in red in nano second feeling extreme shy

“when….. when you came?”

“I don’t remember, in your angelic face time flees until there is no time”

“sansss..kar… I go prepare food”

Swara would go but he held her wrist “what about my welcome home”

Swara bite her corner lip, then lower her body and give Sanskar lip peck and would run but he pull her to fall upon him on floor

“Sanskar what are you doing… let me prepare you food”

Sanskar huskily “what is the hurry?? You welcomed me na… time for me to welcome you”

“sanskaaaa hmmmmmmm”

Swara trail went off as Sanskar smooched her lips, clamming her lower lip… swara went In utter shock… Sanskar was closing her eyes picking her lips tenderly, passing his tongue on her lips but due to shock swara wasn’t responding.

Sanskar rubbed her shoulders to relax her and swara slowly closed her eyes getting response… she start kissing back and gave Sanskar permission to deepen his kiss which he gladly did. Swasan kept kissing and folding for 15 mints til both were out of breath…

Swara: now.. hmm… foo..food..

Sanskar: I don’t need it… I want only you…

Swara: Sanskar, nahi… u came tired and hungry… come on..

Sanskar: but swara…

Swara: no swara… go fresh up … (then huskily) and be hurry as tonight you will be busy..

Swara fastly ran from there, while Sanskar had to fist hard to not go and grip her one more time… he went to fresh up while swara ready dinner table with soft candles …. Sanskar came when she called him and was memresed by her simply gestures that to make him happy…
He sit to chair and when swara moved to hers he dragged her to sit on his lip shocking his head as no. both start eating, feeding each other with all love.

******Mature content******
Sanskar having swara with him already make it hard from him to control, on other hand swara felt his aroused body for her… his fasting pumping chest… she got more shy feeling those all time and Sanskar couldn’t hold her blush anymore… he immediately cupped her face and took her lips not able to control her shyness and swara didn’t reject but her hands find way to his hairs folding them madly and both kissed wildly not controlling anything between them…
While kissing Sanskar hands roamed swara body shamelessly moving her saree pallu and cupping her curves over her blouse and swara couldn’t help moaning in their kiss, taking that as advantage sanskar tasted each corner of swara mouth feeling as much happy person ever.
After 15 mints of kissing and devouring, Sanskar led swara on bed and take off his shirt and lay on her and went to her neck crock kissing and bitting and swara couldn’t help but moaning hitting desire chord in her husband heart… Sanskar removed the barriers that hold them and no time both had nothing on, Swansan filled their hunger for each other roller all over the bed and moaning, exchanging their names in such pleasure having great intemancy that hole bed were shaking due to their movment… till they fall exhausted.

Soon swara started to attend office with Sanskar, but no one knew there husband and wife, they know swara is married but didn’t knew that Sanskar is the husband… Sanskar worked in accounting department, while swara in marketing. Days were passing and swasan became routine, its not like love fade between them, but a sort of guaranteed. Company would start a partnership with another company for a project. That day they had a meeting with CEO of this company swasan and ram with others where waiting in room when a woman in a very s*xy hot attire came in

Ram: welcome madam.

…: thank you

Ram: please take a seat.

When we meet someone for first time we have a feeling in our throat, just like food, some we accept immdiatly, some take time to accept and some…. Well let swara tell you..

Swara POV

“I HATE HER” the first thing to my mind when I saw this woman.

“Hello, I am kavita Roy, CEO of design company”

Members start to tell their names and career

“Sanskar Maheshwary accounting department manager”

She gave a lusty smile that suits her “oh hi, we spoke a lot on phone for the project finally meeting, nice to meet you Sanskar”

It was my turn, I ll show her ” I’m swara…..” phone interrupted me damn it… her phone. She answer and came later “shall we start, I have a meeting soon please”
We start discussing about the market, but my have mind was with that b*t*h only, openly she is giving lust looks to my husband… never…

He was the one responsible for the presentation and I was watching this…. Wicked woman eyeing my husband… I fist my hand, control swara,,, control… be cool
I look to my husband, damn it why he has to be so much handsome damn it… his hair, his smile, his dashing tight top and jacket… damn damn damn

Presentation is over and we discuss about details and were leaving, I just stayed back for mint…. A damn mint and when I walk out of hall I find this b*t*h in my husband arms…..
She was cluching his shoulders while Sanskar hands on her back, she was leaving no gap between them, more over her knee lay in his inner thigh… ok now I ll kill her for sure
Sanskar pull her up and she was slowing…urrrgh, where is my gun

Sanskar: carful miss roy, carful to your steps

Don’t be nice Sanskar or I ll kill you… He smile, SMILE I ll kill him zarori

Kavita: please call me just kavita, or kavi… this is how my friends call me…

Sanskar kept smile: thanks miss kavita…

Kavita: no miss, just kavi…

Ok that’s it “SANSKAAAR”

Swara POV over


Suddenly Sanskar keep distance from kavita like he was electrified and shiver like witty bird in wind day

Swara: Ram Uncle is calling for you.

Sanskar: ha.. haan.. coming…

Sanskar gone with the wind leaving them together

Kavita: he is so hot indeed…

Swara fist her hand tight and wanted to go…

Kavita: you love him right… are you his secret fan?

Swara had enough and decided to replay back: ahahah fan??! Why should I be?

Kavita: so now you will say that you don’t love him right?

Swara: again why should i? off course I love him, that to totally madly, and I have done things that wont cross your mind only for him.

Kavita: oh poor all this and he still not watch, I pity for you perhaps of you change your behen ji look he may give you a smile dear.

Swara: hahah miss kavita, cant you see my maang… (swara got nervious) perhaps we need introduce one more time. I am swara Sanskar Maheshwary, Sanskar Maheshwary ki patni hu.
soooooooo what you think ahhhhhh

i write that in ahurry so please excused me in flaws ok

stay tune for more… till then allah hafiz

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