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Hello everyone….

I hope u enjoy the ff, which im sure u do hhh

Be aware.. this epi. contain hot romace

Read on ur own risk


Swara had a tear roll for sanskar sweet poem words, Sanskar took it by placing his lips to swara cheek and she close her eye feeling his touch… Sanskar moves swara veil from her head, then her bendia, placing a kiss at her maang, slowly going down trailing his lips on swara forehead to her cheek, he removed her nose pin the place his kiss… he removed her left earing and whisper to her panting “stop shivering”… swara try to compose herself but failed Sanskar lips were burning her more each touch, Sanskar picked her earlobe, then move to the right ear and done the same whisper again “I love u swaaaraa”

Swara spoke her first words ” i.. love u more.. Sanskar”, Sanskar eyes sparkled and removed swara rest jewelry placing a kiss one each one he remove… final piece was swara necklace, he removed it and nuzzle his nose to swara neck, placing soft kiss to her throat. swara couldn’t help her whisper “sanskaaaaar” which fired Sanskar even more and lay her to bed in a swift.. he looked to her rosy lips “May i?”. swara blushed again and chew her lips in shy and nerve, but as soon as she release them Sanskar took them softly… both shivered feeling many electric currents run through their spin… the senses was unbearable… swara was just numb while Sanskar picking her lips one by one softly like smelling a rose petals…. slowly swara respond more to Sanskar, lost in the touch of his rough lips and kissed him back picking his lower lip… Sanskar tilted his head devouring swara lips, licking, asking for permission that swara give… and their tongues played control game sweetly and softly… swara moved her palms along Sanskar arms and hold his back deeping their sweet first kiss ever.. both broke the kiss in need for air.. but didn’t hold the cold air touching their lips and started another passionate kiss…

A kiss after another, situation was getting out of their control… Sanskar moved to give swara wet kisses upon her neck and she started panting asking for more air, Sanskar wet kisses make her shiver more and moaned his name over and over making him wild more and more… swara unbutton Sanskar sherwani slowly which he give her a hand and removed completely.. watching Sanskar we build body again make her burn of shy, but one spot make her wordless, on Sanskar left chest.. near his heart.. a tattoo was carved ” swara”.

” hw could u?? when?? Y”

” if u can do all what u done for me swara, then hw cant I do this little thing for u if I could I would put it on my heart itself…”

Swara didn’t think and just acted… she rolled over Sanskar and became to his top… their love flames in their eyes burn everything around.. she give his lips one look then cupped his face and gave him a shaking kiss that shacked him to the core… Sanskar felt his heart ll burst out… she licked and sucked softly then wildly, Sanskar groaned coz pleasure was beyond his imagination.. Sanskar hugged his wife tightly but she was moving down giving soft kisses listening to Sanskar manly voice moaning till she reached her name place and give it one deep wet kiss that make Sanskar out of his senses and gasp “swaaaraaaaa”,

“sanskaaaaaar” she replied back and kept pouring love to her husband.

Both were rolling their names with intimate and pleasure.. Sanskar removed her barriers as she did to him, their love making took place and time seemed endless and they ll never get enough. In the end swara was marked as Sanskar only woman… and both fall sweating and panting… Sanskar took his wife to lay upon him caressing her back and giving her hairs kisses mummering only ” I love u swara” till they draft in sleep.

Sun fall upon the sleeping swasan, waking swara first, she open her eyes, looking at the one embarcing her she felt happy and satisfied … she looked at her namw on Sanskar chest one more time and smiled.. she got up to fresh up but one to be pulled back to Sanskar hard chest…

“where u going”

” tt.. tt… time to f.. fr.. fresh up”

” what about my fresh up”

” u go first then”

” oh god, still naïve”


“my fresh start with my morning kiss, so…” Sanskar closed her eyes giving his chin up

Swara thought to tease him so she give him cheek kiss ” khush”

“swaraaa, ur kissing ur husband.. not ur baby nephew”

“hahaha well u ll always b my baby… Sanskar bhai”

“bhai!!!!, so ur mocking me for calling u di na”

” haan”

“alright no fresh till I say”

“Sanskar I cant, what mom ll say, come on get up”

“she ll say we are newly wedded, I wont up now”

He was playing swara hairs who jerked him and sit to bed away from his chest

“well that’s a better view”

Swara forgot that both had nothing on and Sanskar gazing her bare body… swara pulled veil to cover, Sanskar chuckle, taking a hold of it and throw it far away

Swara burn of shy: Sanskar choro

” I dnt think so”

” sanskaaar pls”

” even if u please swara…. Its done”

Swara looked at him and his darken eyes told her his ask so she try to move away but he didn’t let and pushed her again to bed

” Sanskar, maa, maaa soon ll ask for us.. cho hmmmmmmmm”

Sanskar shut her talk by a deep kiss pinning her arms and enjoying her rosy lips… he closed his eyes letting his heart act, and swara did same to enjoy her sweet husband taste…sanskar was tilting his head head devouring swara lips in different angles

after mints they depart for air… swara was panting heavily same as Sanskar.
“now…. thaaaat … is a morning kiss swara, ….. learn it well”

Sanskar pulled the bed sheet and cover swara then carry her as bridle and went to shower…

” so time to fresh up”

Sanskar open tap and water flow among them…. Swara locked her hands behind Sanskar neck while he carry her closer and claim her lips, softly then wilder and more,,, getting it in every possible way not leaving her a chance to replay…. Swara pull his earlobe to which he groan in pain and swara let her tongue devote and Deeping their kiss… Sanskar put her standing and pinned her to wall, water flow among their bodies… sanskar intertwined their hands again break kiss when they are out of breath

” san… sanskaaar pls…’

‘I love u swara… hmm ur my amazing princess”

Swara blushed again and Sanskar find her so cute so “god damn swara… dnt blush.. it .. make.. me.. lose.. controoool’ he whisper huskily and reached swara bare shoulder giving her wet kisses and she only moaning his name again and again….

“keep calling swara, but I wont stop”

“sanskaaar… sans..ouch”

Another love session took place there and finally Sanskar let them out

“ur total shamless”

“I think its not shamless when ur mine miss swara Sanskar Maheshwary”

Swara flushed in red as he mentioned her new name and remember hw Sanskar shower her with love words… Sanskar pull her close

“I warned u from blushing”

“Sanskar no way.. leave me yaar”

“swara yes way.. I wont leave u”

He fastly was printing kisses to her neck area and press his body against hers

” Sanskar u gone mad… chorrooo”

“mad in ur love”


Sujata knocked: swaaaaraaa… Sanskar betaaaaa wake up its noon

Swasan jerked

Swara whisper: see… I told u we r late

Sanskar did same: no, we r sleeping shshs

Su: beataaaa come on wake up

Swa: sanskaaar let meee naaa

Sujata: sanskaaaar

Sanskar got so irrated: haan maaaaa, we r awake now thank u (he moved to wardrobe irate..) cant believe this… its my 2nd day marry and they do this….

Swara chuckled and pick her cloth and both got ready…

Sujata: finally u two came, its pretty noon…

Swa: sorry maa…

San: not sorry maaa

Suj: Sanskar what u say…

San: kuch nahi…

It was lunch time and swara was doing her rasori when Sanskar sneak in whispering




was it too vuglure

please tell me naa….

i have two requests

1. if you want to read mre of my ffs, please go and support my fb page…


2. tommorow with the new update ill put link of my posted new ff here (hatred love) im sure uou ll love it madly

see you tommorow

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