Episode 7

Swara and nitin went to home happily!!! Swara is very happy knowing she can sing and play guitar!!! She is just talking about that repeatedly to nitin till she reach home…. After reaching home she happily ran inside the house…. Pavithra is reading magazine sitting in the sofa!!! Swara went to her and dragged her and started to twirl her….. Pavithra is shocked and also happy…. Nitin and sanjay came inside and saw swara happy….. Seeing her this much happy all were very happy…. After sometime swara stopped and sat in the sofa…. Pavithra got startled for a second and after a minute she became normal and saw swara and asked,”Swara what happened???? Seems like u were very happy!!!”

“Ya ma!!! U know today i sang in the hotel!!! Not only song even i played guitar!!! I am very very happy ma!!! Okie ask in detail to bhai!!! I am going to meet my friends and will show that Shwetha i can sing and play guitar!!!! She was teasing me na!!! Today i will show her who is swara kulkarni….” saying this she went from there…..

Pavithra and sanjay are confused and Shocked…. They both saw nitin and asked him what’s the matter and nitin explained everything…. Sanjay and Pavithra were very happy!!!

“So swara knows how to sing and play guitar!!! Thank god she didn’t ask y we didn’t say about this to her!!!” pavithra said…

“Ya pavi!!! She forget in happiness!!! I am very happy to see her smiling like this!!!”

“Yes papa all credit goes to sanskar!!!!” nitin said and hearing sanskar name both face became sad…. Nitin saw that and said,”Ma,dad i can understand!!! But sanskar is her husband na!!! And her family!!! Her ma haven’t seen her for 10 months!!! She even don’t know her daughter is alive or not!!! How sad it is!!! And swara is not ours ma!!! She has to go to her family na!!! So pls don’t be sad!!!”

“Nitin can u be without ur sister???”pavithra asked and he went and hugged her and cried and said,”No ma i can’t!!!! I love her much ma!!! I don’t know how i am going to be there without her!!!”

“No need to worry for that nitin!!! Swara won’t leave u at all!!!” a voice came and all turned and saw sanskar standing….

“Sanskar u here!!!”

“Actually i know u guys would be feeling sad for swara leaving u all!!! That’s y i thought to come and talk with u all!!! And i an right!!! U guys are worrying about swara!!! Aunty,uncle and nitin u guys don’t know about swara!!! She will giver her life if u give her affection and love!!! She doesn’t hold any grudge even for the person who does bad to her!!! Aunty from childhood swara was happy with her ma and dida!!! Though she doesn’t know who her father is she was happy!!! But everything spoiled when my family entered!!!! Then swara came to know that her friend’s father is her father!!! She was happy knowing she got her father but her happiness didn’t exist for few days!!! My brother who is engaged with swara’s step sister fell in love with swara!!! Then many things happened!!! In everything her father didn’t even stand with her!!! Still she loved her father!!! After my family entered in her life she got only sadness!!! She was happy only sometimes!!! We got married thrice!!! All the three times we weren’t happy!!! But in this 10 months she was very happy!!! She got her mother’s,father’s and brother’s love!!! She is very lucky!!! And this swara is very careless!!! She is like swara bose!!! And i am very happy for that!!! Even if she gains her memory she won’t forget all of u!!! She will even give her life for u all!!!” sanskar said and all were shocked as swara has gone through much pain!!! But also happy that their swara won’t forget them and also sanskar is so understanding…..

“Beta u told swara bose right??? Is she bengali???”

“Yes aunty!!! She is half bengali and half Marwari!!! Her mother bengali and father Marwari!!!”

“Oh!!! That’s y she was yearning to eat fish and non veg right???”

“Yes aunty!! But she stopped eating after our marraige as we are marwari!!!”

“Oh!!! Okie okie!!” pavithra said and all talked for Sometime…. After that sanskar went from there and swara came inside…. She is very happy…. She came and is just talking about sanskar!!! He is like this he is like that!!! Three were shocked as swara didn’t talked this much even about praveen!!! They are happy for her!!!

Days are passing like this!!! Swara and sanskar became best friends!!! Swara even forgot about praveen!!! She is enjoying sanskar’s presence!!!! Sanskar also told this to sharmistha!!! She can’t sit quiet there in Kolkatta…. So she decided to come to Delhi to see swara!!! She told this to sanskar and at first he hesitated but later he accepted and she came to delhi in next flight!!! Sanskar said this to swara and swara insisted to bring her to her home…. So sanskar took Sharmistha to kulkani’s House….

Pavithra,sanjay,nitin and swara welcomed sharmistha!!!! Seeing swara shomi can’t control herself she went and hugged swara…. Swara is startled for a second…. Then she felt some connection with shomi and automatically hugged shomi back…. Shomi felt very happy…. She controlled her tears and kissed swara’s head and said,”Sanskar said a lot about u beta!!! I came here to see u only!!! Seeing u i felt like my daughter!!! That’s y i hugged you!!! U don’t have any problem na???”

“Ha ha no aunty!!! Even i felt like we have some relation!!! But i haven’t seen u before!!!”

“Yes beta!!! Sometimes we feel like that!!! Don’t think much!!! And i think we have already got introduced when we talk on that day??”

“Yes aunty!!! Wait i will intro u my family!!!” saying this she made shomi sit and introduced everyone…. All spent sometime…. After few hours swara got a call from her friend so she went to attend it!!! At that time shomi said,”Thank u soo much pavithraji and sanjayji!!! Sanskar told everything to me!!! Even my shona wouldn’t have been this much happy with me!!! She haven’t felt her father’s affection even once!!! U r treating her as ur own daughter!!! She is very lucky!!! If at all u didn’t see my shona on that day then i can’t imagine what would have happened to her!!! I am seeing my old shona!!! The naughty and kid swara….. Her life was happy till she came to know who is her papa!!! To make us together she gone through many things!!! Now seeing her happy after long time i am very very happy…. I don’t know how i will return this favor to u!!!”

“Pls don’t tell like this!!! Swara is like not not she is our daughter!!! I am very very happy to get a daughter like her!!! And we didn’t do anything big!!! If someone would have seen swara before us they would have helped her!!! So no need to say thanks at all!!! And still if u feel like u want to do any favor then pls don’t stop us from seeing swara!!!”

“What r u saying??? No not ever!!! I won’t stop u from seeing swara!!! How much i have rights on swara that much u all have rights on swara!!!!”

“Thank u sharmisthaji….” pavithra said and at that time swara came…. Shomi talked to her sometime and roamed around with swara and on that day itself she went back to Kolkata….. Swara enjoyed a lot with shomi…. Both were happy…. Then swara went to her and slept thinking all this…. Shomi to came to Kolkata but didn’t show like she saw swara…. She just went to her room and slept….

Next day sanskar planned a date for swara!!! He wanted to reminisce their beautiful moment!!! So he planned a surprise date for swara…. As usual sanskar went to swara’s house…. After getting ready swara came down and saw sanskar…. Sanskar too saw swara and both got mesmerized to see each other…. Nitin who saw this coughed and gained their sense!!! Both came to sense and saw here and there to avoid eye contact!!! To avoid this sanskar said,”Swara i am waiting outside!!!” saying this he went from there and nitin laughed seeing him running…. Swara came and beat him playfully,”Bhai y r u teasing him???”

“Aww!!! My mini is getting angry on me for sanskar haan???” nitin asked with fake sadness….

“Huh bhai u won’t change!!! I am going babye….” saying this swara also ran from there…. She came out and saw sanskar standing near car door facing opposite side…. Swara came slowly and stood behind him and leaned near his ears and shouted…. Sanskar git afraid and jerked from that place such that swara fell on car and sanskar leaned on swara…. Both their eyes met and were seeing each other without blinking…. Just when sanskar took his hand to caress her cheek a phone call disturbed both…. Then swasan came to sense and swara went and sat inside the car blushingly…. Sanskar smirked seeing her blushing and took the call…. It’s from sujatha…

“Sanskar when r u returning back???”

“Mom let me be here for sometime!!! I will tell u soon!!!”

“Sanskar i know u don’t want to come here as i will compel u to get married right??? Don’t worry i assure i won’t force u!!! But come back soon!!!”

“Mom soon i will come!!! And all our worries will go as i have a good news!!!!! So be happy!!! I am also very happy!!! Will come soon and tell u the good news!!!”

“I know sanskar u might have got that project!!! Am i right??? Okie i am waiting!!!” saying this she cut the call…. Sanskar hit his head for his mother’s innocence…. Then he came and sat in the car and both went to the hotel where sanskar arranged for dinner date…. Both reached the hotel…. Sanskar came out of the car and walked few steps thinking swara will come…. But when he sensed swara is not coming sanskar turn back and saw swara still sitting in the car…. Sanskar is confused!!! He went to her and knocked the window glass!!! Swara opened the window and asked,”What???”

“Swara come down!!! We reached the restaurant!!”

“U idiot!!! Don’t u know that u should open the door and held my hand and should get me to the place???”

“Ahaan!! That’s it!!! Okie!!!” saying this he opened the door and gave his hand to her…. She held it and both went inside the hotel hand in hand…. Sanskar is very happy…. He wantedly went before to know swara’s reaction!!! And now he is happy as swara have started to think him as her boyfriend!!! He was very happy…. Both reached the top floor of the hotel!!! As it’s just a normal date sanskar didn’t make much arrangements!!! He just decorated the place in simple way and arranged swara’s favorite dinner…. Even though the arrangements is simple swara liked that a lot…. Then sanskar held her hand and made her sit in the chair…. He went aside and brought a gift….

“Swara as it’s our first date i want to gift u something!!! I hope u like it!!!” sanskar said and gave the gift to swara… She got it and opened the gift…. She liked the gift very much…. As the gift contains swara’s favorite things…. Yup sanskar presented a teddy and chocolate pack…. Swara jumped seeing the gift…. She hugged sanskar for the gift…. Sanskar also felt happy seeing her smiling…. Then both sat in the chair and sanskar served the food to swara…. Swara is double happy seeing all her favorite foods!!!! Both started to eat…. After they finish the dinner desert is being served and both finished it too…. As the song is playing sanskar asked swara,”Swara this is my favorite song!!!! Will u give me the pleasure to dance with me???”

“Ya even i love this song!!! And i am happy to dance with u….” saying this she gave her hand to sanskar and sanskar hold it and wrapped his right hand around her waist and hold her left hand and started to dance….

tainu itna main pyaar karaan
ik pal vich sau baar karaan
tu jaave je mainu chhaD ke
maut da intezaar karaan

I love you so much,
love you a hundred times in a moment,
if you leave me and go,
I’ll wait for death..

He moved his left foot backward in a smooth motion, sliding across the slick floor. She slid her right foot forward, chasing his retreating foot with hers. Dipping forward and looking into her eyes, his fingers tightened on her ribs as his left foot came forward again, surprising her foot and chasing it back. They stopped, toe to toe, and he pulled her hips in close to his.

ke tere liye duniya chhoD di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

I’ve left the world for you,
my breath stops at you only.
How much I love you,
you can’t even think..

He pushed her away as though she were too terrible, yet to wonderful, to be near, yet he held on to her left hand with his right, catching her as their arms pulled and spinning her out and away. 

kuchh bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
tu hai to hai is mein zindagi
ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri

this world is nothing,
if you are there, there is life in it.
now where else do I have to go?
You are my last journey..

She fell into him, his strong arms wrapping her tight, protecting her before she fell down!!

ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

it’s not possible to live without you,
don’t ever keep me distant from you.
how much I love you,
you can’t even think..

He made her stand and lifted her keeping his hands on her hips and twirled her…. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment!!!

tere liye duniya chhoD di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

aankhon ki hain ye khwahishein ke 
chehre se tere naa haTein
neendon mein meri bas tere
khwaabon ne leen hain karwaTein

this is the wish of my eyes,
that they don’t stop looking at you..
in my sleep, there are twists and turns
of your dreams only..

He made her stand and turned her towards him and cupped her face…. She opened her eyes and saw sanskar’s eyes…. Both their eyes got locked in each other!!! Were just seeing each other…. Sanskar leaned towards swara and swara closed her eyes…. Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead….

ke teri ore mujhko le ke chalein
ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

all the paths of the world
take me towards you only.
how much I love you,
you can’t even think..

tere liye duniya chhoD di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Song ended and both came to sense!!!! Sanskar ruffled his hair and smiled…. Swara blushed and her cheeks turned red…. She didn’t have the courage to see sanskar…. So she told,”Sanskar drop me in the home!!! Mom will be searching for me!!!” swara said and went down…. Sanskar felt happy and he too followed her…. Then sanskar dropped swara at home and he went to hotel….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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