Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 08)

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Thank u so much dears for all your lovely comments. Here is ur next chapter.

Chapter 08 – Feeling Possessive


I get so relaxed when i heard from her that she is not hurt. My muscles were stiff till that time and now i myself finds it so relax seeing her alright. And i did not like her tears at all, i could feel the fear in her eyes still and after seeing Sita ma, she gets more scared now.

I somehow consoled her but i kept unanswered still how he came inside when i am not in home? Who gave him the permission for that? That thoughts are hovering in mind, but i kept quite seeing her. I could not stand there more, so i left to my room and gets into a thinking.

I kept my door opened and lost in some thoughts. I heard the door open noise and i know it is her who came to her room and went inside, but i did not hear the door lock sound. I waited for her to lock the door at least but i didn’t hear any kind of sound like that. I couldn’t sit and hold myself there, a sort of curiosity aroused in me, i controlled my emotions patiently but not anymore.

I walk towards her room just to check what she is doing? “Really , you went just to check her?” my mind started its interrogations again and i rolled my eyes but kept quiet.

Yes..really believe me..i went to her room just to check is she alright? but what i saw is….

I pushed the door to open and i find her drop her saree to the floor and looks at me with her widely opened eyes. I don’t know how to react seeing her cleavages…my burning emotions are enticed my to the core..i could feel the blood boiled inside…i could feel the heat arising in my body seeing her.

She immediately collected the saree and covered her front and turned other side to show me her back. Even then she looks so tempting…i was completely blown away and if i want to tell it detailed means it was like an “explosive burst of my breathe”.

I entered inside the room willfully, i moved towards her…the water droplets on her bare silky skin shines and sparkles beautifully being on her.

I even got jealous of seeing those droplets enjoying their place on her body.

Now i just stood an inch away from her and see her breathing heavily. She did not even cringe her body though she observed my move towards her. It gave me a little courage and i outstretch my hand on her bare waist…her body squirmed a little cause of my touch on her skin..mine was slight touch and she felt the thrills all over her body.

I somehow enjoyed the sensation on her skin made my me…and i keep on seducing her by my touch and i could discern that she is completely lost in my touch.

I just blend my front to her back, my hot breathe touches her chilled skin and she flinched a little. I moved her feather like hair aside and gawk the water droplets on her collar bone and all over in her cleavages.

My inner beast brawling badly to hop out but i did not allow it rule me. I smirked at myself thinking about the human in me is still ruling me…but i cannot stop the beast emerging emotions.

I take a control of her body completely and planting a wet kisses on her wet body and i just devoured the droplets in me quickly in the name of kissing her. I just keep on progressing on her skin, now she is almost lost her control and arch her head back on my shoulder to give a path for me to acquire her.

I keep kissing her sensuously on her cleavages and she starts moaning with pleasure. I make her turn to face me and i could see the tears dwells in her eyes and she is about to say something to me…No..No…No this is not the right time to hear those lectures from her…i really don’t want to hear any thing against my wish now..i just shut her mouth with my hand and push her to the wall saying, “Don’t mutter a word”.

I see her kept silent listening my words and i buried my face in her neck and makes her to take a kiss shower from me. She keeps moaning in pleasure and soon i find my back swaddle by two soft limbs of a body.

Yes she hugged me..i feel her touch on my body which gives me a kind of excitement and happy to make her mine…i completely blend my body on crashing her front to mine and starts giving love hickeys on her cleavage.

Suddenly i feel wet in my cheeks, i just stopped what i was doing, the reality hits my head worse…i slowly lift my head from her crook and moving my head back slightly only to find her tears flowing down in her cheeks. It touches my cheeks too when mine traced hers. I just looked at her sideways and now i completely take my head out and looks at her face to face. She looks at me and my face with lot of dubietyon her face.

She continues her glare at me without any feelings on her eyes…yes she has no feelings for me unlike me.

“Boss, you know what feelings you have for her?” My mind questioned me and i replied, “Yes i know …i have only lust for her..but i have that at least..like the proverb says, “Something is better than nothing”.

I have something for her but she has nothing for me. I don’t know why but i really felt bad thinking about that…and her tears the most i hate in this world now.

I moved a step back and mutter, “Sorry” and i give a sharp glare on her from top to toe, i looked at the saree on the floor and give it to her by keeping my face aside from her.

She looks tense and get the saree from me and covers herself with that by turning to other side. We both are now standing on the same line beside each other. So many thoughts are fluctuating in my mind ..i guess she too have it.

After that i couldn’t stand there anymore and i rushes out without even left a single word to her. I rushed to my room and gets tensed of unable to control my burning emotions now. I started biting my nails in tension and breathes heavily. I just want to move my thoughts away from her, for that i need to concentrate on other things which should not remind her at any cost.

I sit on my couch restlessly for merely an hour and after having a determination i just walk out from my room and unfortunately i have to cross her room, my eyes eventually falls on it, it is still open and i could see her image sitting on the stool near the window by keeping her hand on her cheeks for the support. She looks like a sitting dolls and i just mesmerized seeing her again but i get my sense back soon, i slap my thoughts again and barges out from the home.

I don’t know what i am doing now is right or not..but i want to. I want to come out from her thoughts and this is the only way i can move away her thoughts from me. I just reach the bar which i usually spent my whole night drinking the poisons.

The bouncers there greets me…i smirks at them..infact they very well know me. I give a casual smile at them and goes inside to find my own place. I find it empty and thinks that god still gives me something which i wish for. I placed my butt there and looks for the bartender. He salute to and smiles…his smile gives me a smirk on my face and i raise my forefinger to get an order from me.

He just nods his head and sent a waiter to my table, i tell him what i wish for and waits for the content reach me. Meanwhile, i dialed to the familiar number, other side i hear a wooing voice infact i hear a squealing sound hearing my tone, i stop it abruptly saying,

“The B Bar, Meet me right now”.

I did not even wait for a reply and disconnected the call. I know she can’t reject my proposal after all she is dying to be in my arms …all because of the blo*dy money i have.

I get my drinks and gulping it as a bottom sip to reduce my tension and heat in my body, the waiter looks at me terribly…poor guy he don’t know that i used to drink more than this..looks like he is new here. When he is about to say something to me, he is stopped by his colleague and after that he just leave me alone and goes from there.

Exactly after 30 mins, i see her coming inside the bar and her eyes are searching some one. None other than me, i keep watching her and alas she finds me sitting and watching her. She smiles widely and waves her hands towards me. She sits beside me very closely and hugs me tightly to express her happiness seeing me after some period.

I too reciprocate her hug sensuously, after all she looks hot and s*xy, she did this for me only for me..to impress me…to lure me. And i should say she succeeds in her effort of seducing me. I did like her efforts to attract me..after all she is doing for me. I like when people do something specially for me and she knows that well.

I decided that to give my tonight to her.


I was just startled seeing him looking at my face, then his eyes fell on my body which passed me a heat on my body. I stood like a statue and breathing heavily looking at him with lot of uncertainty in my face. He bent down and took the scattered the saree and gave it to me mumbling “Sorry”.

I felt ashamed of thinking about my thoughts of giving myself to him, i bowed down my head and got the cloth from his hand and covered myself completely and turns to other side of unable to face him.

We both stood for at least five minutes of not seeing each other, divergent thoughts were running in our minds, i did not know what he thought but i was feeling very ashamed of losing my dignity to him. How could i do that? Am i not that strong enough to oppose him? I don’t know why and how it happened?.

But the truth is i like his touch..i can’t deviate my words from that. I gathered my courage and turned to look at him but he was no where in the room, he just left without even muttering a word to me.

I looked at the door waving here and there and it gave me the sign that he just stormed out from the room leaving the door as it is. I let out a sigh looking at the opened door and changed into the saree which i had in my hand.

I felt like something was going out of my hands…but what is that? I don’t have the answer for that. I want to feel the fresh air..i felt suffocated inside the room. I know i can’t go out, i opened my window door and sat on the stool by looking outside the greeneries.

An unknown tear drops from my eyes thinking about my fate. A sudden thought of my Maa comes to my mind, makes me cry silently. I remember what she said to me, she always wanted me to be safe and secure, she wanted to give my hand to the perfect gentleman whom should be my husband. She always dreamt of my married life, i live happily with my husband having two children..all over it was a beautiful dream of my happy married life. She doesn’t know that her dreams just stayed as a dream only.

I want to cry aloud by pouring my pain out from my heart which is suppressing me for so long. I somehow felt happy thinking that she is not alive now to see me in this state of not knowing what my role in this cruel world.

My vision gets blurred and i closed my eyes tightly to give a way for the tears to flow down, at least let them flow freely as they want.

I lost in my own thoughts and suddenly felt someone watching me, i turned my head to the door but i find no one there. But within few seconds, i heard his car sound, my heart beats faster and i looked for his car from my window. I see him driving out, i don’t know but some unknown scare appears on my face and i murmur , “Please come home safe” of not knowing the upcoming bitter truth.

I stayed sitting at the same place for so long expecting his arrival, i slept in the same position and gets jerked listening his Car horn sound. My body gets stiff and i run down eagerly to face him. Before i get down from the stairs, the door opened and i see him wobbling from side to side holding his Coat on his shoulder by one hand and for another he just stretched out beside him.

I stand looking at him confusingly, but to my mere shock, i see a girl approaching him with a vulgar smile on her creep face, even she too stumble with him.

I hold my fist angrily seeing him holding her by her waist and pulls her towards him closely, she literally maffles coz of too much drinking but i could hear her muttering his name seductively.

I keep rolling my eyes looking at the two drunkards, walking..no they are just wobbling together.

Both ascending the stairs and all the while he did not even give a damn care to look at my face once…not even once and that hurts me more. They just climb the stairs across me and walking to his room. I silently follows them but stops at my room door seeing them getting inside and lock it.

My body burns in angry and jealousy, i couldn’t differentiate or identify my feelings towards him, but i did not like him with anyone else. He can treat me like a slave of giving no rights to question him.

But the truth is “his slave becomes possessive towards her master”

That’s it for today’s chapter. How is it going? Are you find it interesting or boring? If so, please tell me your opinions frankly. I just wanna hear from you all.

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