Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 9)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 9)

Swara says, “My past is behind me, torturing me which i don’t want”. Sanskar looks puzzled. He pats her shoulder and says, “Swara, i know something is bothering you. Consider me as your friend and share me your pain with me.” Swara lifts her eyes and looks at him with her teary eyes.

Swara starts saying about her past from her POV

I came from a good family and my family background is well known by everyone in my place. Mine is a very big family..Dadaji, mumma, pappa, chacha, chachi, my cute little brothers and sisters. I am eldest daughter in my family. I am the first who gets educated in my family. i was educated but at that time i still not aware of judging the people..i used to believe everyone and that was my strength and weakness. That time, my friend’s marriage was there and i somehow got permission from my family to attend that marriage and i happily went there. I did not aware that will turn my life upside down. I went to my friend’s home and stayed with her. It was 2 days before her marriage. One day evening she called me and introduces her would be husband and his friends. There i met him first. That time i thought it was love at first sight but it was just an attraction. My mind did not think well before taking that decision. I liked him at first sight. I dont know much about him, all i knew was he was my friend’s husband’s friend that’s it. I thought he also liked me. We often got a chance to meet each other. within those 2 days we became so close to each other and i really thought that i love him. The marriage ceremony has happened well and finally we supposed to leave from there. My heart was paining of leaving him. I wanted to tell my feelings to him but my upbringing stopped me. Before leaving he came to me and as i expected he proposed me, at first i hesitated though i liked him but soon all my barriers were broken and i also accepted his proposal. we shared our number to each other. Through that we used to talk and spent our time.

One day i was informed about my marriage preparation from my parents. I was shocked and couldn’t tell them about my love coz, i don’t have that much guts to inform my family about my love. I did not know anything about him except his name and his mobile number because i believed him blindly. I called him and informed him about the alliance, he asked me time to inform his parents. I accepted and after 2 days i called him again but he did not pick the call. I tried so many times continuously but i no response. I got scared and thought something wrong happened to him. My mind was not accepting my parent’s proposal. So i decided to run away from my home. I eloped from my home and came to this city where he is working. After reaching station i called him again..i thought if i tell him that i eloped for him atleast just for courtesy he would pick me up. But my thinking was wrong. I left alone in the station. That time i met one lady and she came to me for help. I told her my story and she told me that she will help me. SHe took me somewhere and slowly i felt some fear and i insist to go back but she forced me and i realised everything is wrong here. She starts beating me hard and pushed me into a room. I struggled a lot to free myself but all went in vain. I cried a lot. Nobody was there to hear my pain. And you came there for me, they were torturing me to come to you. I don’t want to ruin myself and i told you the lie to get escape from you. But unfortunately you got me here and gave me job.”

Swara tells her story in one flow and cries miserably. Sanskar is shell shocked hearing her past and feels pity on her. He holds her hand and says, “Sorry, i also tortured in some or the other way. Though my intention was wrong but i don’t want to forcce you.”

Swara looks at him and says, “You no need to say sorry…you gave me new life. You saved me from that hell otherwise by this time i would have killed myself before going to some hands.”

Sanskar’s eyes shining seeing her and gives her a side hug and says, “Till am there, nothing wrong will happen to you”.

Sanskar, “So Swara..for a change, shall we go out now?”

Swara looks at him and nods happily. He informs kaki and they both goes out. He takes her to beach and she started playing in water like a kid. He enjoys seeing her happy like a kid and he first time seeing her smiling heartfully.

Then after sometime they went a beach side restuarant and had nice dinner. Then he gets her ice cream and she jumps out of happiness and starts having ice cream. He sees her having ice cream in her upper lips and signs her to remove it. She touches everywhere except that place and he places his thumb and wipes it off. Both of them have a strange feeling and feels some electric passes on them. They feel embarrasing and kept quiet for some time.

They reached home silently and she is about to go to her room but sanskar stops her and cups her face and says, “From today all your pains gone and you will have only happiness fill in your life. I should never see you crying and if it happens i will never leave the person makes you crying.” He kisses her forehead and let her go to sleep. Swara is overwhelmed seeing his affection and smiles at him. Both have different kind of feelings in their heart but did not understand what it is.

Precap: Swara slaps Sahil hard. Sanskar warns sahil to be away from Swara.

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