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Chapter 34

The episode begins here

@maheshwari mansion

Swara is thinking ? deeply about prateek and her conversation.
Swara (to herself) – how can I do live with a person who does not want me, Who doesn’t love me. It will hurt my self respect(looks determined) but I have to this for my family. And myself too…. I will test my luck for one last time. I don’t know what God had written in my destiny.
Just then sanskar comes.
Swara gets up to leave.
Sanskar – swara….
Swara stops and says – miss. Gadodia…. Call me miss. Gadodia….
Sanskar – please swara we can at least be friends na….
Swara(wiping her tears and turns to him) – friends…… We are wife and husband Mr. Maheshwari, did you forget??
Sanskar – ha but..
Swara (strongly) – I am sry Mr. Maheshwari I can’t divorce you…..
Sanskar is shocked to hear her. He doesn’t find words.. But some how starts to talk.
Sanskar – but…… Swara…… You…. Me…. I mean….
Swara – don’t search for words Mr. Maheshwari. Anyway I am not going to listen to you.
Sanskar gets angry… – why are you doing this swara….. You won’t be happy with me.
Swara – I know that but I can’t hurt my parents and your parent as well.
Sanskar holds swara tightly – swara…. I love another person. I don’t love you, we can’t be happy….. Please try to understand.
Swara – I know that aur ye Sach mai kabki Maan chuki Hu ki mai aapke saath kabhi khush nahi reh sakti. But I don’t have another option and it’s my final decision, I am not going to divorce you.

Saying this swara starts leaving….
Sanskar – ruko swara.. If that is your final decision then listen to my decision too… I will make you agree for divorce that too in one week.
Swara(gets teary eyed) – one week….. Everything is going to change in this one week….. Mr. Maheshwari….. (sanskar gives a confused look) anyways all the best Mr. Maheshwari….. Saying this she leaves….
Sanskar hits the wall…. (angry ?) – ek toh mujhe uske(miss. Scarf) baare me kuch bhi Pata nahi chal raha Hai aur uper se ye swara….. Pata nahi isse kya hogaya hai…… Mujhe chodna hi nahi chahthi hai…… Ha I know it will hurt our families but if we are not happy then how can they stay happy….. Mujhe swara ko samjhana hoga……
Ragini asks swara to accompany her for shopping. Swara agrees after a lot of insistence.

Laksh too joins them.
Both Ragini and Laksh notice swara’s dull face and asks her but swara denies and says there is nothing like that.
All three go to a restaurant.
Raglak orders some food ? but swara is involved in her own thoughts.
Laksh – di ma Papa wanted to invite you and jiju for dinner.
Swara – ohhh (still thinking something)
Laksh observes this and places his hand on hers.
Laksh – shona baat kya hai?? Kya jiju ne kuch kaha??
Ragini – ha bhabhi you are looking so dull. What happened?? Did bhai say anything to you??
Swara – no Ragini there is nothing like that…. (swara thinks to enjoy her time with raglak)
So she cheers herself.
Swara pulls Laksh’s hair and starts troubling him.

Laksh too hits swara. They both enjoy the moments.
Ragini smiles seeing their bond.
Laksh – shona I will kill you. You spoiled my hair style.
Swara – lucky do you think you have a style for your hair…?? Chimpanzee’s hair is better than yours….
Laksh – shonaaa you called me Chimpanzee….. How dare you?? By the way Chimpanzees don’t have any hair style…
Swara – ha that’s what I am saying…. (winks ? at Ragini)
Laksh – shona today you are dead……..
Swara – haha ? very funny….
Their knok jhok continues…. All trio enjoys like that.
After swara reaching home Shekhar calls swara and invites swara and sanskar for dinner. Shekhar even speaks to sanskar and invites him personally. So sanskar cannot refuse.

Swasan gets ready.
Swara wears a red colour designer sari and she puts sindhur on her head.
Sanskar stares at her. When swara sees him he turns his head……
Sanskar (to himself) – why am I attracted to swara when I know that I love miss scarf….. Ahhhh…. I don’t even know her name…. I am calling her miss. Scarf.. Hu…. I should find her as early as possible.
Swasan gets ready and leaves to Gadodia house.
@ Gadodia house
ALL welcomes swara and sanskar.
Laksh comes and closes swara’s eyes……
Swara – lucky kya Kar Rahe ho……
Laksh – Shhhhh chup raho shona….. Surprise hai….
Swara – I know there is no surprise…. Please leave me….
Shekhar – Laksh…. Pareshaan mat Karo meri bachi ko chodo shona ko……
Mean while Laksh shows something to Shekhar. All sees in that direction. That person enters and hugs Shekhar and sharmishta and gives shake hand to sanskar. When sanskar is about to take his name he stops him by signs.
Swara – lucky…… Remove your dirty hands paagal…..
That person signs laksh to remove his hands. And that person goes and stands in front of swara.
As soon as laksh removes his hands swara is about to beat laksh but gets shocked by seeing the person.

Swara (shouts) – Avi………… And side hugs him.
All smiles.
Laksh – why are you shouting as if you have seen a ghost ? he is a human and moreover ur frnd.
Swara – chup Kar…… Waise avi tum yaha kya Kar Rahe ho?? You went for a court case na?? What happened?? (seriously) use saza mili ki nahi?? If not don’t worry we will get another chance then…….
Avi – shona…. Shant hojao……..uss ghatiya insaan aur uske parivaar ko saza mil gayi hai….. Jin logon ne meri behan ko chot pahunchaya wo log abb jail me hai…..
Swara (happy tears ?) – r… e…al.ly the really??

Swara beats him…..
Swara – tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya?? (why didn’t you tell me before) you can call me na….
Avi – kyun ki Mai tumhari reaction dekna chahta Tha…. I wanted to see ur happiness when you hear this…..
Swara cries and hugs him.
Avi too gets teary ? eyed. They break the hug
Avi – they are punished severely and it is like a lesson to all those who torture their wives….
Swara – haaa avi I am so happy today….
Avi goes to sanskar and holds his hands.
Avi – if you were not there then it would not have happened so early…… Thank you so much….
Swara is shocked ?
Sanskar – no need to thank me avi….. We are friends right…… And I did it to punish the people who ill treat women.
Avi – ya of course…….
Avi hugs sanskar…..
Swara is still shocked but composes herself.
Shekhar – sanskar beta today I am proud of you…… My shona is very lucky to have you.
Laksh and swara sees each other’s face.
Swara thinks to cook sanskar’s favorite badam halwa…..
So she goes into kitchen and cooks it.
Sharmishta calls everyone for dinner.
ALL sit where as swara and Sharmishta are serving them.
Sanskar – Maa aap bhi baito na….
Sharmishta – nahi beta it’s OK…. First you all have dinner. Mai aur swara ek Saat dinner karenge…..
Avi – Aunty relax…. You come and sit. I and swara will serve you all.
Swara – r u both mad. I can serve alone. You both sit…..
Avi gets up and makes sharmishta sit.

Avi (taking a bowl from swara’s hand) – how can you eat alone you need a company na that’s why
Swara – no need….
Avi – tumhe zaroorat nahi hogi par mujhe Hai. Woh kya Hai na shona tum khana shuru karti Hai toh khatham hi nahi karti….. Khaati rehti Hai tujhe rokne keliye koyi toh hona chahiye na…..(u don’t need but I need….. Actually the point is if you start eating then you will not stop at all so someone should be there to stop you na) bhukkad kahi ki….
Saying this he gives hifi to Laksh.
Swara keeps a sad ? face

ALL laughs.
Swara – Papa see na……..
Laksh – haha Papa is laughing too….
Shekhar (controlling his laugh) – lucky avi…… Kyun bechari ko tang Karte ho…….
Like that their knok jhok continues……
Sanskar enjoys their cute fight.
Swara serves him badam halwa……
Sanskar eats it and he likes it very much.
After they complete the dinner….. Avi and swara too do the dinner. After that they play some games.
Like that they play for sometime and leave for maheshwari mansion


In swasan room

Swara and sanskar changes to night wear.
Swara sits on the bed and gets ready to sleep.
Sanskar – I think you enjoyed a lot with your family…. And your friend…..
Swara – haaa very much……waise thanks for helping avi…..he told me that because of you only the case is solved at the earliest…..
Sanskar – how many times will you thank me……
Swara – when did I thank you??

Sanskar – not with words but with your halwa….
Swara – do you know that…….
Sanskar – haa I know that you made badam halwa to thank me…….. I know you very well swara……
Swara gives a surprised look to sanskar….
Sanskar – aise Kyun dekhrahe ho?? (why are you seeing me like that)
Swara – nthng just like that

Sanskar – no not just like that……. So tell me..
Swara – arre meri ankhe hai mai jho chahe dekhlu…… Apko kya??
Sanskar – ohhh hello madam but you are seeing me so I have a right to know…….
Swara – u don’t have any right to question me so shut up and sleep……
Sanskar – how dare you?? You asked me to shut up…..
Swara – Apko chup karne keliye dare ki nahi zubaan ki zaroorat hai……
Like that their knoc jhok continues…… After sometime they both fall asleep…..

Precap –
Swara tries her level best to make sanskar realize the importance of marriage and her in his life. 1 week leap and sanskar’s decision.

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