Swasan ki love story (Part 3)

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Hi guys I am back with part 3 of swasan ki love story
So here are the results for the character of ani
Sidhart Gupta -5
Cutie pie ( shantanu ) – 3
Others 0
I have a twist ani will be played by shantanu
For sidhart I have another role which will be interoduced in today’s epi peak ka

So here is the episode
Recap –Swara goes with ani ignoring ragini’s question saying that will talk to u later and going with ani
Scene 1
Ani – Swara u should have told ragini about yesterday’s drama
Swara: no ani it is not the right time
Ani : swara but
Swara : ani I want to to have the flowers of dark yellow and red combination and change the lights color
Ani: ok Swara
Scene 2
Swara : bhaiya do fast , where r the other employs
Bhaiya : mam they r gone to the others engagement place as it is the day after tomorrow , and I need more employs
Swara : ok bhaiya , I will arrange for more employs .

Scene 3

Swara: ap mam can u decide the engagement day as fast as possible
Ap : Swara Sujata has gone to the pandit for that only today
Sujata : ji ji , where r u come fast
Ap : yes Sujata , tell me what
Sujata : jiji pandit ji told me the best day is day after tomorrow for engagement and marriage after 5 days so we have to hurry , u Swara do the decorations fast, u have to decide the dress , the jewellery and also the card .
Swara : yes mam it will be done by tomorrow
Swara : ani , call he hope center and tell them to send their expert employs fast
Ani : yes dear
( ani’s importance will start by next or after some more episodes , but it will be in a positive role)

Scene 4

In the hall
Almost the decorations are to come t an end
Swara : bhaiya don’t keep it there , ha there. Lil left
Ani: Swara come let’s decide the dresses as it is codinated engagement
Swara : yes u go and call ragini , Laksh and mr. Sanskar for deciding their dress
Ragini : swara y have u called us
Swara : to decide the dresses
Swara: mr. Sanskar may I know where is ur would be , as I have to decide all of yours dresses
Sanskar : miss Godida , u don’t worry she will be here on the engagement day
Swara : sure mr. Sanskar but it is not miss Godida it is miss Swara only , hope u don’t mind
Sanskar : sure miss Swara
Swara : ani come here and show them their dresses
Laksh : swara what’s the big deal about deciding our dresses we have only 2 choice sherwani and suit , but these girls have so many choices
Ani : correct Laksh
Swara ? giving a glare to ani )wrong Laksh u also have many choice such as sherwani , suit , sherwani cum suit , Kurta pajama , dhoti pajama, modi Kurta, blazer and …
Ani : enough Swara , yes I agree we have many choices
All laugh
Swara : So the color Is bluish green or pink
Laksh : bluish green
Sanskar : bluish green
Ragini : pink , pink pink ease pink
Ani : so it is decided that the color will be bluish green
Ragini : no it will be pink
Ragini and ani is fighting Swara went to call some one

Swara : let it be ragini the color will be bluish green but
Ani : see swara also agreed so it will be bluish green
Swara : ani let me complete ragini Let the engagement be blueish green the marriage will be pink and that’s final
Ragini : swara u r the worlds best sister cum planner
Swara : enough of ur maska
Swara : ragini see ur dresses ( shows in phone )
The links of the dresses

the dress which ragini choice is 8th line 4th dress
Swara : Laksh and mr. sanskar ur dress I will order and keep
Laksh : but Swara
Swara: I have already ordered the dresses when u will come to badi I will show it
Ani : but Swara
Swara : no ani , yes decide ur Wedding card
They keep on deciding
When Swara gets a call and sh e keeps it at loud speaker
Swara : ani go and see If the decorations are done
Ani : yes Swara
Swara (on call ) : yes Aunty
Aunty : swara where r u dear
Swara Aunty I am at my clients home as I have engagement tomorrow , ani will be a lil late today
Aunty : swara how many times I have told u not to call me Aunty , I am ur mom as I am anis mom dear
Swara : yes anu I mean mom
Swara : mom has ani brought the papers I told him to bring it and giv e it to u
Ani’s mom : no dear ani has not told me anything about it
Swara : ok mom I will ask ani about it
Call ended ( remember the call was on loud speaker )
Ragini : swara what kind of papers dear
Laksh : yes Swara what kind of papers
Swara : oh no it was on loud speaker ) no Laksh and ragini just some contract papers
Ragini : r u sure nothing serious no
Swara : no baba
Swara : oh no it is 10:30 I will be going home by now
Ani : ya Swara I will drop u
Swara no thanks I have ,my Scotty

As soon as Swara reaches. Badi she sees something and gets shocked .

No suspense here is the part 4

She is shocked to see sanskar , Laksh , and ragini
Swara : u people here
Ragini: we have come to see Laksh and sanskar dresses
Swara: but u guys were going to come tomorrow right
Sanskar : we just changed our plans
Swara : ok guys come
Swara was taking them to first floor ( u guys remember badi has ground floor and 1st floor I guess)
Ragini : swara but that’s not the way to dadi home or dida’s home .
Swara : (without turning back) I don’t stay with them
( guys remember I told Swara went to badi I didn’t say she went to dida or dadi’s home u see how intelligent I am ????????just joking )
Ragini : but y
Swara : come home I will tell u
Ragini , Laksh and sanskar simply followed her
As Swara reaches one home on first floor a girl comes running
Girl : Shona di
Swara : meera u didn’t sleep yet
Meera jumps in Swara ‘s lap
Meera : no I was waiting for u
Swara : waiting for me or chocolates
Meera smiles bcz she was waiting for chocolates
Just the a lady on mid twenty comes
Lady: swara u came now see Kunj is waiting for u
Yes guys the lady is twinkle
Twinkle : meera princess get down from masi’s lap
Kunj : Shona u came now I was waiting for u from long back
Swara : sorry bhaiya! I was busy with my clients
Kunj : ok fine come .

Precap : revelation of drama ( sorry but this chapter was needed )

Guys enough for today
How is my story track
The way I introduced Kunj and shantanu , twinkle and meera is harshali manhotra
Do comment
Question for today
1. What relation does Swara has with Kunj and twinkle
2. What happened that Swara is staying with Kunj and twinkle

I am only concentrating on Swara these days after some days I will take both Swara and sanskar into lead
Bye guys
tehreem Fathima

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    1. Tehreem28

      I will try to upload after 14th December as I have my exams from Sunday
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      I will try to upload after 14th December as I have my exams from Sunday
      As I don’t live in India I stay in Dubai so wait and watch til, I upload

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    Take care
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    1. Tehreem28

      What’s the confusion dear
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      Thanks for ur comment
      Maybe next part on Friday or Saturday

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