Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 23

Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 23

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Recap: The Drama

Once all the drama was over, Uttara-Rajat’s wedding and Raglak’s engagement was done. It was decided that for Raglak’s wedding it would take place in the month of November as it would be end of third semester. Raglak wanted a Christian wedding as with Uttara they had enough of Marwadi gala and everything. So the Maheshwaris and the Bose decided that they would have Christian Wedding which would have only close family and friends that would be followed by a Grand reception where others would also be invited.

In between all this discussion Sanskar, RP, Sahil and DP were a little tensed though they tried enjoying the party post drama. Swara understood that something was wrong and she decided to confront Sanskar today itself. Therefore when all were busy, Swara dragged Sanskar in a corner

(Swara) “Just say what is wrong with you and if you are not comfortable then I won’t force but I cannot see you like this when I know something is bothering you.”

(Sanskar) “You are just over-thinking Swara. I am fine. Look I am smiling too”

(Swara) “You can lie by your mouth Sanskar but your eyes can never lie. I understand you do not trust me fully but let me tell you one think Sanskar I will always stand by you no matter what. I will earn your full trust Sanskar. Anyways let’s get going. Everyone will start finding us now come let’s go”

When Swara was walking, Sanskar held her back and hugged her and started crying not even crying he started sobbing. It was as if he was letting out all the pain that he had suppressed inside him for years. This was it for Swara, she was not able to understand but she hugged him too tight to tell him that she is there with him. She kept quiet and kept patting his head and consoling him. Meanwhile Sanskar controlled a little and Swara made him sit. Both of them sat beside each other and all of a sudden Sanskar just lay on Swara’s lap. Swara didn’t say anything and kept massaging his head just to make him relax. Meanwhile Nandini had called Swara that all were dispersing home, Swara told her that Sanskar and she had some work at the venue and hence they will come back a little later and also she asked Nandini to inform everyone. When Sanskar relaxed he got up from her lap and started speaking

(Sanskar) “Swara never say that I don’t trust you. I trust you more than you could decipher it. It is very difficult for me to live my past again especially when it came in front of me in real and I was not able to do anything about it.”

(Swara confused) “What are trying to say Sanskar? Just relax and then tell”

(Sanskar took a long breath) “That lady with your dad is the same lady who tried to force herself on me when I was young”

(Swara’s PoV) He just said that line and he again started sobbing. I felt the pain on he seeing Sakshi again and I felt so helpless. It was because of my family that he had to see her again. I will make sure that Sakshi would suffer for what she did to MY Sanskar. Wait a minute why did I say MY Sanskar, why do I feel bad when I see him in tears and pain. Why do I feel like taking away all the pain from him and see his real and genuine smile. I don’t know but I know one thing that I will bring back the smile that Sanskar has lost by punishing Sakshi.

She just started and kept patting Sanskar just to make him relax. When she felt him relaxing a little she spoke

(Swara) “I am sorry Sanskar, you had to see her all because of my family. I am really sorry Sanskar”

(Sanskar) “Why are you sorry Swara? You never even knew that she was the same lady who tried to…”

Before he could complete

(Swara) “Shhhh.. You don’t have to tell. But why didn’t you or RP Uncle say anything?”

(Sanskar) “I just froze for that moment and I didn’t know what to do. And for Dad, DP Uncle and Sahil, they knew I would be very vulnerable and hence they also did not speak anything. But when I wanted to speak I found that she and your dad had already gone for the run and that is why I kept quiet. I didn’t want to spoil the engagement of Raglak after all they have also got happiness after long. How can I take that away from them.”

(Swara) “Are you mad Sanskar? Why did you have to think about others, you should have thought about yourself and you should have brought the reality in front of all? You shouldn’t have hidden this Sanskar.”

(Sanskar) “I cannot Swara. I cannot stop the happy mood of my family. It had already got spoiled because of all that Drama of mom, Kavita and those two. I didn’t want to burden them with my truth. Please Swara promise you won’t tell to anyone. It’s just between five of us now. Please promise me.”

(Laksh only knows the trauma he has gone through but he doesn’t know the people behind the trauma that Sanskar had to face)

(Swara) “I will not tell anyone but that doesn’t mean I will forget and I am dead sure I would not keep quiet about this.”

(Sanskar) “Please Swara just forget about it.”

(Swara) “Will you be able to forget? Will you be able to have a peaceful sleep seeing her back? Will you stop crying over this tonight or for the nights that are going to come? Will you be able to do all that Sanskar? If yes then I will forget and move on but you also have to move on”

When she saw Sanskar, she understood that he will not be able to forget and she also was sure that she would do something about it. She just for the sake of it said that she would forget and then both of them left from the place. On the other side Nandini and Aditya heard everything as after texting her Swara had by mistake dialed Nandini’s number. Both Aditya and Nandini were playing with Nandini’s phone so when Swara dialed her number by mistake they kept the phone on loudspeaker. Aditya is feeling guilty for the deeds done by his mother and he swear to take revenge. Nandini on the other side decided to confront Swara and she asked Aditya to calm down and that they will think about how to bring Sakshi’s true colour in front of others.

(Swara’s POV) “Sanskar had dropped me first and later when to his house. When I entered, I was lost in thoughts and that is when Aditya and Nandini dragged me towards my room. I was confused by their reaction. When I looked up to them, I saw Aditya’s eyes was red and it was filled with hatred, regret and what not, whereas Nandini was just all quiet and she just asked me to go and change my clothes and then they needed to talk something urgent. When I came back after getting fresh, I saw them waiting for me in the same place. Then I moved towards the bed where both of them were already sitting and looking at me with eager eyes.

(Swara) “Ok guys, tell me what is so urgent that you dragged me to my room in such urgency”

(Aditya) “Swara Di (short for Didi which means Big sister) we heard everything about mom. I am sorry Di that my mom was the cause Sanskar Bhai’s (Means Big Brother) condition and also for the condition of the Bose Family. I am so sorry Di”

(Swara composed herself from the shock) “Adi come here (she called Adi and hugged him and said), It was not your fault why are you sorry for Sakshi. You were not even born when all this happened, so just relax and please stop crying. What happened with us is also not your fault. It was Mr.Shekhar’s fault that he was lured or lusted by Sakshi. You are and will not be at fault. You are not like her also, see today you saved me from all the evil plans and also spoilt Shekhar and Sakshi’s ploy of breaking Ragini’s engagement. So don’t worry. We all love you and respect you.”

(Nandini to lighten the mood) “Come on Aditya stop being a sissy.”

(Aditya wiping his tears) “Stop calling me with names. I am the man of this house. So you better mind it.”

(Nandini) “Ya right you are the man of the house so rub your tears that are still flowing and your nose sissy” (nandinin laughed and stuck out her tongue towards Adi. Swara knowing that they wouldn’t stop spoke up)

(Swara) “Ok now why are we diverting from the topic. So tell me why were you in such a hurry apart from Adi feeling all bad and emotional (laughing slightly)”

(Before Adi could raise his voice Nandini spoke) “Swara Di I am sure something is going in your evil brains so you better tell us what your plan is? I know you just told Sanskar Bhai that you will forget so that he doesn’t bother. Even we want to be a part of your planning and plotting”

(Swara) “No ways I am not including you guys in this. I know you both are very intelligent and all but still you guys are young”

(Aditya) “Di please we want to help and probably we both can be your assets being young. So do not ignore us and moreover and I want to feel guilt free though I know I am not part of all this but please di, it is a request I want to be a part of it”

(Nandini) “Yes Di, we can be your assets and when Sanskar Bhai can help us with our house problems can’t we help him.”

(Swara) “Ok my sis and bro I will take your help and I have few things already in my mind but before that we need to make calls to few people”

(Aditya) “Ok Di, lets make a conference call if you think that they also should be a part of the plan”

Swara agreed with Aditya and called Sahil, DP, RP and Laksh. She called Laksh because she knew Sanskar would need him and being a psychiatrist, he has the right to know everything.

So Swara first dialed the call to RP

(Swara) “Hello RP Uncle are you free?”

(RP) “Hi Swara, I am free for say another hour or so because later Uttara and Rajat would come for Pagphera (an Indian custom where the bride comes home after marriage).”

(Swara) “But uncle how come Pagphera is taking place today.”

(RP) “Actually Uttara and Rajat are leaving tomorrow for their honeymoon so we decided to keep it later today. So they will reach around 9 in the night.”

(Swara) “Oh Okay. Uncle is DP Sir with you?”

(RP) “Ya Sanskar, Laksh and DP are talking something in the hall.”

(Swara) “Uncle can you, Laksh Jiju and DP Sir come to a room which is secluded and no one disturbs you both even Sanskar should not know about this neither Sujatha aunty”

(RP) “Is there anything serious Beta?”

(Swara) “Uncle I will explain you everything but please do the work that I am requesting and if you can, can we have a video conferencing”

(RP) “Ok Swara that can be possible I will bring DP and Laksh in my study and everyone knows that if I am in study I am not to be disturbed, give me ten minutes I will keep everything ready and text you back”

(Swara) “Ok Uncle”

Saying this Swara cut the call. Seeing Adi and Nandu’s face she was tensed as she was planning it all big and she was scared if it would be successful or not. After five minutes she received the text saying that he has done as she had asked. Swara then called Sahil and asked if he was free. Sahil said yes and she asked him to come online for video conference

Swara connected the call and all were shocked to see each other

(Laksh) “Why have you kept this conference call? Is there anything serious? Even Adi and Nandu are with you and even Sahil is there.”

(Swara) “Yes Jiju, there is something serious and I want all of your support.”

(DP) “Swara could you please tell us the matter?”

(Nandini) “DP Uncle Di will say but before that Laksh Jiju is Sanskar Bhai fine?”

(Sahil) “Why this question all of a sudden?”

(Aditya) “It is important Sahil Bhai. So please Laksh Jiju answer the question”

(Laksh) “He is showing he is fine but he is not. He seems very distant. This is what I have observed after he has come back from the venue”

Listening to this Sahil, DP and RP understood and looked at each other through screen.

(Swara) “Ok (sigh). Sanskar told me about the lady who had molested him. He has given me the name of the lady.”

Laksh was shocked. Adi was sad. Sahil, RP and DP understood everything

(RP) “Swara Beta how was his condition. Please tell it from the beginning please beta (Beta is a hindi word which mean child)”

Swara then explained from the time he started sobbing till he explained everything and how he asked her to forget everything. Hearing her explanation, RP started crying inconsolably whereas Laksh was just shocked to know about the woman but he needed to be strong and DP was right beside RP consoling him. Sahil felt numb that his friend had sobbed and he was not there with him when he needed him the most.

(Swara) “Please don’t feel bad. I am happy that finally he has cried and let out the emotions that he had bottled up within him.”

(Laksh controlling his tears) “I was the only person who didn’t know about that Lady. RP Uncle, DP Uncle and Sahil knew and I being his brother and psychiatrist could not understand anything”

(Sahil) “We didn’t tell you because Sanskar wanted to forget that lady completely. He asked us not to say anyone”

(Laksh questioning RP, DP and Sahil) “Sanskar was mad that he did not inform about that lady to any of us but why none of you told any of us. We could have got her arrested”

(DP) “Sorry beta. We didn’t tell because we were numb when we saw her after all these years and moreover Sanskar through his eyes warned us to not to spoil the mood of yours and Ragini’s engagement”

(Laksh with tears) “My engagement is not more important than his life. He would have been free from all the trouble today. Why Uncle you guys didn’t tell anything? My happiness is with you all how you could think that if any of you would have opened your mouths it would ruin my engagement. Ragini is the most understanding girl, she would have understood if we had to postpone the engagement. It was not that it would break my relation with her. Why Uncle am I no one to you?”

(Sahil) “Laksh Bhai please stop crying we just didn’t want to rotten the already spoilt mood. We are sorry bhai.”

(Aditya) “Laksh Jiju what has happened is the past. Now we all have to come together and punish the culprit”

(RP wiping his tears off) “Adi beta, are you sure. After all she is your mother”

(Aditya) “I am very sure about it Uncle and moreover I am going to turn eighteen in few months and then I can take decision on my own and I would soon change my name to Bose after the adoption procedure gets over”

(Laksh) “Adi if you need any help, let me know”

(Aditya) “Sure Jiju”

(Nandini) “Ok guys, now please all of you stop being emotional. We all need to be strong for Sanskar bhai. Now Swara Di has a plan, so let’s hear about it”

Everyone nodded

(Swara) “Ok so here Adi is confident that Sakshi and Shekhar would have gone back to their home. They still do not know that Adi wants to change his name and he doesn’t want to stay with them. So that will be our trump card. Adi will go back to the Gadodia house and plead them about he getting caught and all that . Then later he will get self-confession from Sakhsi and all her deeds. So we will get her self-confession as proof.”

(Sahil) “But he is young and it is very risky too”

(Aditya) “Sahil Bhai, just chill. They will believe me easily because I am their one and only son. They will believe me mindly”

(RP) “But beta for our son, you are ready bear all those tantrums again.”

(Nandini) “Don’t worry uncle, he wouldn’t be alone we are all there to support him. He is brave and intellingent.”

(Swara) “I wanted to tell all this because I want you all to be kept in loop and Sanskar must not know about this at all. Laksh, Sahil and RP Uncle, it would be your duty to see if he is alright or not. I am worried that he is going to have nightmares and disturbed sleep.”

(RP) “Thank you Swara for being with him and don’t worry we will take care of him”

(Swara) “In college you don’t have to worry because DP sir, Sahil and I will be there. Once we start executing the plan, I will keep you all in loop.”

(RP) “Thank you very much, all you three kids are helping us through our tough times”

(Nandini) “Thank us when the mission is successful”

(Swara) “Ok Uncle we have taken enough of your time. So all four of you behave normal in front of Sanskar and please take care of yourselves too. Welcome Uttara Di with big smile. Bye and take care”

The video conferencing got over. Still Adi and Nandu didn’t move from their place.

(Swara) “Why are you guys still sitting here? Discussion is done.”

(Aditya) “Di do you think we are mad. We know there is another part of the plan and it is only running in your brains, so spill it”

Swara was shocked by the intelligence both her young siblings were pouring out. She didn’t know that they understood her so much.

(Nandini) “Di, do your self-thinking later. Spill out the beans”

Swara then told them the other part of the plan. Aditya and Nandini were really excited with the second part and they were up for it. There was only one difficulty as how will they send Adi to Gadodia Mansion with Shomi here. Adi told her that he would manage. He told them to take a chill.

(Precap) : Diary talking, Adi and nandini’s exam results and Plan


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