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Hi guys, sorry for updating the story late but i promise to be regular pakka. So this episode is
So here is the 3rd episode…….

Swara goes to her hostle and was shocked seeing her small family a litle angry( u all might be thinking how come a family so they are her hostle frnds who are really close to each other and can do anything for each other so let me introduce U all to them)

There are 4 room mates including swara……they are milli, riya, sanjana
Milli- (younger in whole family) swara dii wht is this why r u so late. Was the boss two strict.
Riya and sanjana are same as swara.
Riya- yeah swara whts the matter ha…
Sanjana- aab bolo bhi ku itni late Ho..
swara- guys plz relax abhi to aayi aur kaam zyada tha so late ho gayi now chill….ok

Next mrng at office work was going on in same way…..(i wont drag this part a lot)

Evng time……
All were forcing swara to come with her to the park but was not interested……after a long time she Agreed to it

Here even sanskar came along her daughter siya( actually raglak daughter) siya was more close to sanskar than raglak….
Siya- chachu plz mujhe park jana hai
Sanskar- baby i am busy mera baccha take ur mammy k
Siya- (making swwet innocent face) chachu plz plz
Sanskar – (melts seeing this) ok Chalo
Both reach there siya is ice cream and shouts for it and sanskar while hurring forgot his wallet in the car only
sanskar- siya baby wait here only i am coming back ok dont go anywhere ok
Siya nodes and waits

She seeingwas so ice cream exicted that she forgot sanskar warning and run behind the ice cream man as he was going and Siya got lost and started crying, at that time swara was there she saw her crying and went to her…
swara- hello beta aap ro ku rahe ho kya hua aapke mami papa kaha hai
siya- vo mai chachu ke saat aayi hu vo pata nai kaha chale gaye
And she again started crying
Swara- arrre dont cry koi baat nai hum mill kar apke cahchu ko dhundte hai ok chale
Siya- par mama keheti hai kisi Stranger ke saat naj jana
Swara- oh to ye baat hai to aap mujhese dosti karogi, bolo
Siya- ok par tumhe mujhe pehele ice cream khilani hogi ok
Swara- (smiling) ok done chale.
Siya- ha

And they both have ice cream
And then siya sees sanskar and towards him shouting chachu
Sanskar- siya kaha thi tum kab se dhund raha hu tumhe pata hai kitna darr gaya tha mai. Mene Bola tha na nai janae ke leye
Then he saw an ice cream
Sanskar- siya ye ice cream kaha se mili, mama ne bola tha na kisi bhi strange se kuch lena nai
Siya- chachu vo aunty meri frnd hai
Sanskar- koun hai wo kaha hai vo
Siya- vo rahi
While swara was shocked to see sanskar and same with sanskar
Sanskar- thank you miss swara for taking care of her

Swara- no problem sir she is very sweet. I think i should leave now
Turning to siya
Swara- so next time take care ok and dont go alone anywhere ok
Siya noded and says
Siya- thank you but plz stay for some more time wr will play together plz
Siya forced her and she agreed
All three of them kept playing and it was night as siya was tired so slept on swara arms Der was now silence
Sanskar- thank you miss swara for your help aab mai siya ko sambhal lunga
Swara- no sir siya just slept now agar hilaya to neend tuth jayegi i will handle dont worry and plz call me swara its a humble request
Sanskar- ok and come i will drop you

Swara- ok thank you
They sat in car just then there was acall from milli

Milli- swara dii whr r u were searching for got tired so returns we even tried your phonebut was not reachable come soon ok
Swara- ha milli i am coming just on the way.
Sanskar- miss swara i mean swara it was nice spending time with you
Swara- my pleasure sir
Sanskar stopped the car
Swara looked at him, sanskar said
Sanskar- ur…ur home came

Swara- Oh k thank you sir
Sanskar- good night swara
Swara good night sir giving siya to him.
Swara went home….

So thats it for today hope you like it and again sorry for updating late and next time as i promise it wont happen next time

Precap- siya to bring both close. So lets see will they be able to Come close or not. So lets see

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