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“Why are you both doing this to me? I am not a blo*dy trophy which you have to win; I am a freaking human which has emotions… You just can’t stop my feeling for anyone” she yelled at him, but all her yelling was fallen on dumb ears; he stood there with that s*xy smirk on his handsome face not caring a bit about her words

” Always feisty one” he said with his usual smirk and leaned forward near her earlobe bitting it and then sucking at the bitten place spoke huskily “That’s the thing that attracts me towards you; Your Feistiness ” she inhales deeply ” It makes me impatient and increases my urge to pound in you so deep that you even forget the name of that bastard of my brother” and then says with a sly smile “soon kitten soon you will be begging for me ”  says with a wink while she takes in a much needed breath


What happens when a sweet little yet bold and beautiful Swara; an ordinary girl become the possession of two Hot as Hell and s*xy billionaires.. non other than the famous IVANOV TWINS!!!

SANKY IVANOV and SANSKAR IVANOV : The heir of the great IVANOV Aircraft Industry , most eligible bachelor of PARIS ‘hot as hell’ Greek Gods; they were very close as siblings but due to an incident they separated and now always are at each other’s neck… They can’t even tolerate each other’s presence… Both had a fair share of the inheritance and now are struggling to be the number one while making the other loose..

Despite the differences they both are same in nature i.e the biggest Man Whores uses girls as tissue paper.. But what happens when both of their heart struck a over this Russian beauty SWARA RuSSO..

She has became their possession. It’s like there Cold War has even more agitated and both of them will give anything to have their winning trophy; Swara

One Girl Two Brothers
Let’s see what happens
Who wins and who losses
So guys in which team are you
#teamsanky or #teamsanskar

Hey guy it’s my sisters story she is writing it on Wattpad with other characters but I begged her to let me have the story as SWASAN plzz give your reviews… it might end as sanky-Swara or Sanskar-swara or no couple even I don’t know as it’s her story that’s the reason I let both the brothers almost same name

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  1. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Awesome amazing love it
    Eagerly waiting fr the nxt prt

  2. nice..continue soon..

  3. Arshaanya


  4. Interesting continue soon

  5. Really interesting… Well I m glad u choose both name sanskar only can’t see swara with anybody else.

  6. Good one.. Sanskar and swara as always.. Love swasan

  7. interesting!!

  8. Hmmm loved it..Awsome

  9. Wow… its sound different and amazing concept??

  10. AnuAnn

    Really interesting deardear

  11. Simi

    Swasan plz

  12. Poota u r back…gdd
    it’s nice….
    Plz continue ur other ffs like HM nd BMHM nd other

  13. Nice concept.
    Make true love win over lust.
    Whether it is sanky or sanskar.

  14. Zelena81196

    Awesome…. so different as well…. you have to update ASAP…….

  15. Nice can u tell me name of ir sis story

    1. Poota

      It’s same on wattpad too IVANOV TWINS

  16. Niku

    Interesting ….I can’t able to choose d team ….may be in future

  17. Interesting…..

  18. Interesting… But poota plz update your other stories too.. I’m waiting to read them.

  19. different concept .very much excited ,

  20. Hey dear Poota sorry for late…. I’ve one of your previous FF but can’t remember it’s name….. Must say you’re a really talented writer???? I became your fan now…… Please say thanks to your sister from my side for this amazing concept……. I always wanted such story only to read but non writer had got such concept, love you????? waiting for next part…… Can you contact me if you are on FB (My profile is Tooba Khalid with Katrina Kaif dp)

    1. Poota

      Hey dear I really appreciate your words I have seen your comment on my previous works too and am glade you liked them.. well this concept even I too luved dearly both I and my sis were planning this story from certain tym at last when we figured out she penned it down And am glad seeing all your appreciation on her work.. well am sorry I am not on fb my sis is we can connect through wattpad tellyupdates India forums or gmail

  21. Super interesting

  22. Anshupriya

    Really interesting glad 2 know both r Sanskar/sanky only. ….
    BTW what’s ur sissy wattpad name / her story name….
    Do reply… Plzzz
    Having curiosity 2 know d story…..

    1. Poota

      She post it from my I’d only it’s poota1234 and the story is IVANOV TWINS

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