Swasan: I love you but am not in love with you (Part 18)

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San:ms. Mehra get lost before I fire u.
Rag: swara how can u insult lakshji. He is elder than u. so he is well matured than u.
Sw: I dint insult laksh sir…..
Laksh: can both plz go out.i need to talk to bhai in personal.
Swaragini goes out.

Raglaksan are in sanskars cabin and waiting for lunch.
Lak: bhai I will go n call swara.
Rag: no need laksh ji. Here swara is also a normal employ. If u give her much importance then she will fly high as she did today.
Listening ragini sanskar too felt she is correct and kept quite.

Soon ramu kaka came with lunch n serves them.
Rag: kaka what is there in that box.
Ramu: ji woo sujatha bhabi kept this box for swara ji. Where is swara………
San : wait kaka I’ll call swara to cabin.
Sw:yes sir , y did u call me.
Ramu: ji woo sujatha bhabi kept this specially for u.
Sw:thank u kaka…… saying this she goes….

Here sanskar is feeling jelous of swara. His mother who loves him the most now started caring n pampering swara. Seeing sanskar getting swara feels happy as her plan worked. Sujatha never expressed her, but she is always craving for sanskars love. It is not that sanskar don’t love sujatha but he don’t know how to show his love n affection. It doesn’t mean swara is not angry on sanskar. She is hell angry on him. Still is doing all these to c her suju mumma smiling from her heart. The way sanskar insulted her status n family……. No way she is not gona forgive him nor leave him. She remember how her family was happy during her marriage. She will never let that smile fade away. She remembers her promise……..remembering all those a lone tear escapes from her eyes. Soon she wipes her tears n starts eating. After tasting the food she is having a satisfactory smile on her face. Seeing swara wiping tears he felt little pain in his heart, but he ignored n continued his work.

Evening by the time he reached no one was at home except swara. He went to his room after seeing a box in swaras hand he roared in anger…….
touch huh?????? How did this bracelet broke…..
Sw: sanskar trust me I don’t know. I just came now from office. N this box was out so just now I took it n u came.
San: trust n u ????? y should I trust u? who r u to me?
Sw:…….. teary….. sanskar don’t talk like that I hurts……
San: wah swara…..
Suju: swara where r u…..

Swara controls her tears n replies: coming mumma.
Suju: swara u know am happy so much…. Today sanskar called me n asked me to make his fav. Curry. I don’t know what magic u did on him. U know before u came this mansion was lifeless. After u came it became colorful. U are like angel in my life from now I’ll call u angel when we both are together. Swara nods in yes with teary eyes.

All are having their dinner,
Ram: sujatha ramu [ramu kaka] said u made some special curry. But I dint anything special here.
Suju…. Scared…..ji wooo nothing like that….
Ap: sujatha are u alright I mean u dint even allow me to kitchen.

Dp: what ever u made go n get it.
Sujatha slowly goes n gets it . she already knows their reaction . so she closed her eyes tightly.
Ap: sujatha. Did u understand what u did?
Sw: aunty plz don’t scold mumma. I forced her to make paneer tikka. I love it .
Dp: [sternly] ramu throw it out.

Sw: uncle for some one y did u all stoped eating it. We no need to change for any1.there are so many people who are hungry, we must be thankful to god rather than being angry on food…….
San: here no one needs ur lecture… ramu kaka throw it.
Dp: no all are eating it. swara is right.

Dp rp also eats paneer. Laksh don’t like it. So he dint eat it. But our sanskar situation was different. He loves paneer tikka. Especially his dadi hand made ones. But due to situations he stopped eating.
Now he is very much angry on swara n slept.
He wokeup in mid-night to drink water. He found jug empty…so he went to kitchen to drink water.after coming back he dint find swara….he searched n found talking to some one n doing something in laptop…..he was about to go but after hearing his rival name he became shocked n quickly went from there. In room he was waiting for her. After 1 hour she returned n slept…………..

Precap: sanskar to slap swara in office.

Note: hlo guys I decided one thing iam discontinuing something…something….. for now. Ill continue it after this story completes. Sorry guys but now am in a new place , so it takes time to adjust for me. Hope u will understand. Thank you everyone who supported for Something…Something…..

  1. Mars

    I’m not liking this sanskar at all what he think of himself and he behave so rudely with swara as if she don’t feel anything and what’s the reason that he behave like this what she has done to him????? And precap is disgusting. I love swasan and want them happy but if Sanskar cross his limits then swara should never forgive him….waiting
    You can continue your stories as you feel comfortable.

    1. Shreny

      Even I don’t like this sanskar……. But what to do , the environment which he grown is like that……but don’t worry his hate is Gona end soon……….but I don’t know swara will accept him or not.lets see..

  2. nice episode, post regularly

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  6. nyc dear
    sanskar anger is reaching high day by day
    lets see how much swara will bear it
    one day she will pay him with interest

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      Thank u dear…… Let’s c to what limit swara will bare him.

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  10. Der is limit for everything… Sanskar is doing too much..better swara leave him n go…n this nagini is talking too much… Feel like to cut her tongue… Irritating woman..

    1. Shreny

      Yes he is exceeding his limit…… Let’s c till when swara will tolerate him…

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  12. I just hate this sanskar…. Don’t mind dear… But I don’t like this… Why swara is not replying back to sanskar…. I seriously don’t like the way sanskar behave wid swara….. I hope soon I will see a bold swara… Replying with much attitude to sanskar…..

    1. Shreny

      Swara will reply him for sure….. Don’t worry….n plz don’t hate sanskar too much…

  13. Adishu

    what the hell how can he do all this things with Swara… how can he slap her… how can he misbehaved so badly… he should get the punishment for all this things… I too want a bold Swara who will reply him with some attitude….

    1. Shreny

      Let’s c y sanskar will slap swara, n till when she will bare all these calmly….

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  15. awesome ….. precap… not liking this sanskar hope he changes soon and try to gain trust from swara and small leap you can show its just i told you thats it.. and take care dear. update next part soon

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    Y sanskar is behaving like this yaar. My poor shona is getting hurt. Someone realize that dumbo her importance yaar. I must say ur story is now one of my fav ones.loved it.

  18. Shreny

    Thank you so much dear…….. N sanskar is intensionally Hurting her…..so that she must hate him n leave…I already mentioned it in sanskars pov…let’s c what will happen to their lives…will sanskar birthday bring any changes?????

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