Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-3)

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hello all

here we go with epi.3 …. enjoy it…

perviously: swara and her group in clg


Swara, Ragini, Somer and avenash walk together normally toward the building, then small aaaaaah and cuty hoot boy words catch their ears, they looked and it wasn’t good for swara.

Boy in jeans, white nick, white shirt and pink jacket, and expensive glasses around his eye and perfect hair style

He was crossing to classes building, and girls were falling for him, but he stopped at swara and her friends, (hai swara) that’s what he said, but none reply, boy say again (no no no, what this behavior swara? Is This how you treats wealthy people??)

Swara said with a yellow smile: this is how I treat people behaving as u Sanskar Maheshwary, now excuse us we have classes to go to.

Sanskar block her and ragini: leave it yaar, come with me in a ride, I’m sure u ll like my car.

Swara again with a yellow smile; I don’t ride with people like u, go with Ur….. fans

Sanskar: but u can ride with these two Na (pointing Avenash and somer), they r safer no!

Avenash come to front with somer and challenge, threat in their eyes: Sanskar its may better to go or else, rumors ll spread that son of great family is irrating girls

Sanskar: rumors spread here too.

Somer: that is what u do Sanskar, but media is else.

Each of three men understand the hidden threat in the words, and Sanskar stood back giving swara a look (c ya later swara, Sanskar never takes a no) then take a leave.

Ragini: what an a*sh*le!!

Swara: that is even little, but what he was talking about boys?

Avenash: any nuances, u know wealthy boys, challo.

And four continue their way

Classes over and ragini went home with swara coz swara trust her fashion type more than herself, it was 5 when ragini and swara sitting in hall and laksh came in

Laksh: oh ragini whassup girl?

Ragini; hai laksh, hw r u?

Laksh: I’m k. hw r u swara?

Swara emotionless: fine.

Laksh thinks (she still angry uff), waaw ragini u look beautiful today

Ragini: I’m always beautiful laksh, but thanks for ur good eyes

Laksh: can u please teach our Man some of ur skills?

Ragini: Man???

Swara get broken from inside but challenged; ya she is here for that, challo ragini one hour left.

Laksh: hour for what?

Ragini: later laksh.

Girls went upstairs while laksh kept watch tv n hall.

After 50 mints ragini is down and sit with laksh: fffuu nothing better than girls gather for fashion

Laksh: what does all about ra….. interrupted by swara coming in red anarkali and open hairs, accessories that fit simply and perfectly with it.

Ragini: is he here?

Swara: haan

Ragini stand and give her a hug: u look great.

Laksh: what is going on here?

Ragini looked at swara and say: I think its ok swara, laksh wouldn’t mind, also he won’t go ruthless or any.

Laksh : mind what?

Ragini: swara is going on a date!

Laksh: huh! What?

Swara was not comfort with his reaction

Ragini: haan, boy is outside, when u ll b back swara?

Swara: after two hours.

Laksh in worry smile: hai u two, stop the joke, not funny!!

Swara look at him with challenge: y joke laksh? Did u thought I ll b alone forever. (laksh was frozen), it seem u must visit the public register and look in files for swara Gadodia, they ll show u that I was informed at birth as girl, since that u forgot that totally, and as girl with emotions I have all rights to date.

Laksh: no u cant, ur young for that. No date swara, cancel that!!

Ragini laugh and swara managed to laugh a lot which make laksh head vein pulse from angry

Ragini: what young laksh?? She is mature yaar.

Laksh: so what? Still small for these!! And What is this swara? Hw u betray our parents like this?

Swara: mind urself laksh, I don’t betray any, I simply fear on them which is something u don’t do and…. (swara phone rang) haan, haan, I’m coming.

Ragini: u out… I ll make laksh understand

Swara looked at laksh who was pale as no blood in his face and then turn to go

Ragini look at laksh: laksh what’s with u? did u thought swara ll b here forever? Then what when she get marry?

Laksh: marry??? Hw?

Ragini laugh: kya hw? Normally. She just didnt tell about that coz she don’t know the guy is serious or no, and Shekhar ji care a lot for her and ll take it seriously so she don’t tell immediately, but later she ll tell ur mom and f it turn out the boy is not serious we keep it down, bas.

Ragini: I don’t deny its swara first time and might be nervous but don’t worry on swara, she is very selective about boys, she choose good study boys only, also famous with good manner. I dated also once.

Laksh jaw drop: whaaaat? U too ragini?

Laksh: y u that way? U also date girls na! in our age and less sometimes?

Laksh: swara tell u na?

Ragini: I’m her besti, sure she will (then she stand up) now I also have to go. C ya laksh. (she looked at him nicely and left with smile, leaving laksh in thoughts and pale face and heart that beat in bad way)

The boy swara dating is called Aman, he rented a car and picked swara, all way little chitchat about clg and all till they arrived good restaurant, he open car door for her, lead her inside then waiter lead them to their table, it was calm and romantic to say, not best swara type but she liked it, they sat.

Aman: hope u don’t consider it late, but I wait for right moment, u look awesome.

Swara blushed: thank you.

Aman: its true, actually swara, ur indeed differ from all clg girls, something in u is just, attracting.

Swara keep blush more and more and silent but in her mind her crazy self imagined only laksh say these words, Aman reached for her hand and hold it but all she see is laksh tattoed arm reaching hers, his smiling sweet face flirting her but jerks her mind to stop.

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  1. Mica

    uuggghhhh… love it Nour…..

  2. Kakali

    Waaaa! it’s sooo nice Nour..!! Continue soon dear.!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  3. what is this its swasan or swalak

    1. Rajkumari

      Swalak to swasan

  4. Simi

    Nice dear

  5. Scooby

    Nyc ??

  6. My exams got over . Today only I read all the remaining episodes of absolute darkness . It’s really awesome marvelous fantastic with happy ending.
    And this new FF is also very superb . But sanky is doing business na & then how can he follow swara or he is also studying in same college & he is broken person na in promo , ok Continue soon . Surely in few parts u will clear my daubts.

    1. Rajkumari

      Welcome back from your exams .. i hope you done well my dear… as for absolute darkness thanks alot im happy u say so… as for this ff ys u ll get doupts clear soon… and if u like only i uave another ff here (swasan-love forever) if u like to read.. any more doubts pls tell me

  7. Nice……

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