Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-2)

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Hello all

here we go with epi. 2

enjoy it…

Note: the edit say “i have found in you love, passion, dovetail that novels didn’t tell”


previously: swalak at night and laksh hurt swara by words

Laksh: swara pls bas listen to me I really didn’t mean to hurt, I’m…I’m…sorry (his eyes reflex his guilt and his hurt to see her that way)

Swara: it;s ok laksh no problem but pls let me go, I’m tired and need sleep

Laksh let her go and before leave he say slowly: nice shirt swara, it’s cute on u.

Swara paused and her tear trail down her cheek and go to her room without looking at him at all and close his room door, laksh off his shirt and throw angrily on floor then sit on bed catching his head and lost, he really hate to hurt swara, thinking in mind (y? y? y I treat her that way each time? i hurt her, Y I cant tell her all i really want.) Swara was no better as soon she enter her room she close door and sit on floor crying silently

Swara: haan laksh I know very well what I am, i know i have never fall in love, how could I and I love u so much, but u don’t! right?, every couple months having new neibour girlfriend and I see u give them all love and care while fighting only with me, calling me man of the house, like u never see that I’m no girl, like I became very good hiding my eyes love to you, haan I never fall with anyone coz they r not laksh, mera laksh. (she picked herself and stood in front of mirror, crazy idea crossed her mind that laksh is kissing her like he just did with that girl, but in a mint she jerks it away wept her tears and go sleep, she fallen her curtains that relax her and fall by her thoughts in no time)

Next morning family gathers for breakfast, laksh down first and meets his uncle

Shekhar: when u back yesterday laksh?

Laksh: dad actually…

Swara while down on stairs: 11:45 pm Shekhar sir

Laksh look her while coming in her red outfit with light jeans jacket on and hair tied n simply way with her colorful bag and books in her hand, she came close to Shekhar and give him one cheek kiss

Swara: good morning papa, oh sorry Shekhar sir (and stood as solider, Shekhar smile at her attitude and her mom also while laksh keep look at his food)

Shekhar: good morning shonna, com on sit

Swara; haan haan sir, good morning ma, morning lucky bhai

Laksh: I hate when u call me that. stop it!!!?

Swara out her tongue

Sharmeshta: good morning shonny

Shekhar: so 11:45 Na??

Laksh look at swara while reply: yes sir, I kept watching carefully sir

Laksh: no kidding, man of the house.?

Swara: someone must play that rule since Ur not here?

Laksh: see papa, what that mean? I’m not man?

Swara: I said when u not here not Ur no man, u who said that??

Laksh: maaaaa???

Sharmeshta: shonna what u say, bas

Swara: ok ma I shush?, and leaving too

Shekhar and laksh: finish Ur bf

Swara look at laksh with hurt ( like as u care) then to her dad smiling: I’m late I must go now, u know ragini ll skin me alive. See u all (she said while going and laksh pressing his fork so hard that almost bends it)

Swara ride her sweet bike that she love and adore a lot to her sweet clg, she was riding happily with headphones listening to music, that’s her life, most her work she do with music, even when she most sad and hurt she cry yea but then put headphones and forget all about herself. She reached clg and park its sweet bike and go inside to their gather place. She waited little till two classmates pass by

Swara: hai somer, Avenash, hw r ya guyz. (girls imagine somer is punit pathak and avenash as thaqib saleem)

Both reply; we r fine hw ya?

Swara: fyn, where is ragini?

Avenash: not here yet.

Swara: aaari she ll b late on class.

Somer; don’t worry she ll b here in mint or two,


Three friends chitchat, until girl shown up wearing black jeans, red girls chemise, light black cut jeans jacket, red nick shoes, tying her hair as bony tail and few hairs on her face sides, books in her hand.

Somer: aaari ragini came, (three friends look at ragini side, she was amazing)

Three friends shout: aaayiaa, aayiaa, aayiaaaa, aayiaaaaaaaa ragini.

Ragini laughing: bas karo, chup chap, all clg looking.

Swara: sure my dear look at u.

Ragini: thanks swara but it think they look at u, and both hugged.

Somer: when u ll marry me ragini?

Ragini: in ur mom dreams

Avenash: what about me ragini? I’m better Na!!

Ragini: yea sure once u start using the brain u left in ur motor engine

Then all laugh

Somer: really swara r u gonna do that tonight?

Swara: haan, just to see what ll happen yaar, everything has a first time na, just hope to be ok.

Avenash: sure it ll be girl, don’t worry, if he not fall for u then he is fool

Avenash: when he ll pick u today? And from where?

Swara: about 6 from my home.

Somer: what about ur family?

Swara: they have some business party tonight outside and wont b there.

Ragini: why u don’t tell Ur family about it?

Swara: simply they ll take it so serious, they won’t mind but if boy done anything wrong dad is ready to kill. So I keep it like that when I prove boy is good I ll tell them, beside after date is over I ll tell mom everything. so peace.

Ragini: hmm, now to class com on.

They walk together normally toward the building, then small voices reached their ears saying “aaaaaah” and “cuty hoot boy” words, they looked toward source and it wasn’t good for swara. attt alllllllllllllll


soooo how it was?

i think its easy to guess how is the cuty naaa

i know also many confuse about swalak relationship. swalak were raised togther, he call shkhar and sharmeshta as mom and dad, but swara never tied rakhi to laksh or call him bhai for serious. so its ok if swara love laksh as couples love…

hope its clarify

expect awsome things in next part

till then allah hafiz

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    But Swara love laksh??

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    swara loves laksh here..
    update next part soon

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