SWASAN- A hate story (16)

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Ragini: divorce!!
Swara and sanskar’s face turned blank listening it.
Ragini: yes divorce is the best idea because you both are not happy with each other and a relation ship without love is baseless. So I would suggest you to take divorce.
She knew the impact of that one word on them and so silently left the place without uttering a word.
Swara and sanskar also left to their respective officies.

Sanskar: ( to himself) divorce!! What the hell is wrong with her. She knew very well that I really have a divine feeling on marriage then how can she say that…how can I divorce my wife and end the relationship with a single sign.
“So you love your wife” asked his inner voice.
Sanskar: yes I love my wife and will always do but I don’t like the person who is in the position of my wife
“Then leave her sanskar. There is no wrong in leaving the one who doesn’t care about your feelings” said the pessimist in him..
Sanskar: no..for me marriage is a divine and sacred relationship and I will never make it a joke by marrying again and again. For this life, I must spend my life with swara and I will.
His voice was determined as his eyes were.

In swara’s office, swara kept walking along the length of the room.
Swara: divorce!! How can she think that I will apply for it. Marriage is something which is set by God and no one has a right to break it.
” but he hates you swara. How can you stay happy with him?” Said the pessimist inside her.
Swara: who said that he hates me..no and I don’t have any solid reason for applying a divorce and I won’t apply even if I had one. After all he is my life…..she paused for a minute just to recollect what she said….my life, because he is my husband.
The speed of her steps increased and so the restlessness in her. It was then she received a call from Sanskar’s PA
Swara: hmm
PA: mam sir has signed the papers and has asked you to sign as your both signs are needed for approval of…
Swara disconnected the call and fumed in anger.
Swara: how dare he applied for divorce..and on that, he.. Not his PA is asking for my signature.
In that rage , she broke many of the vases on her desk. Her eyes are evident of her pain and desire that she wants to live with him.

Same night
Swara was lying on the floor and leaned to bed. She has opened her heavy swollen eyes when her mobile vibrated flashing varun’s name about whom she has forgot long back. Her blood boiled.
Swara: what a guy you are. Your wife is crying and waiting for you here and you are calling some other girl…hmm I will see your end.
Swara: hello.
Sanskar: hello vaishu! Are you okay? I mean your voice is a bit loud
She composed herself .
Swara: sorry. Had a qurallel with my mom.
Sanskar: oh!
Swara: do you have anything to say varun?
Sanskar: actually yes. I need your suggestion
Swara’s heart concentrated on his words.

Swara: which suggestion?
Sanskar thought of lightening her mood as her voice was deep and harsh.
Sanskar: before that first tell me one thing. Why didn’t you call me after that day?
Swara closed her eyes in irritation as she was expecting some other thing to listen..
Swara: I was busy sanskar.
She realised what she called him.
Sanskar:( smiled) so you have read my last edition. Thanks for that.
Swara: you said that you want some suggestion from me!
Sanskar just ignored her words and continued.
Sanskar: anyhow our first meeting got destroyed so shall we plan for the second?
Swara: but..
Sanskar: I will ask you the advice at our meeting.
Swara: fine..so you want to meet me….we will plan but this time also, I will only inform you the date.
Sanskar: bye!

Swara: bye!
She threw the mobile on bed in anger and after about 20 minutes, sanskar came to their room probably from terrace.
He just looked at swara lying down near the bed and went to his side to sleep but was disturbed seeing her like that. He again went to her and patted her shoulder.
Sanskar: swara!
She turned to him and that one word of him lightened her face.
Sanskar: sleep on bed.
Saying this he went to study table and grabbed the file which he kept before. Swara fumed seeing the file . she lost her patience when he started walking towards her. She immediately stood up and gave a strong determined look to him.
Sanskar: sw..a..ra.
She sighed heavily and immediately pinned him to the wall.
Swara: how dare you to come to me with divorce papers.
He looked down to the file and murmured

Sanskar: but these are company papers.
Swara: stop murmuring sanskar. If you want to talk then speak loudly.
He was about to talk but again interrupted by her words.
Swara: no..enough of your speaking till now. Today..I will talk and you will listen. What’s the problem with you MAHESWARI? Once you will behave as a good friend and in the next moment as a life time hater…devil. I am also a human and please consider that. Sometimes i feel like I am staying with a person suffering from multiple personality disorder…..she closed her eyes for a moment…who gave you the right to judge my character? Have you ever stayed with me excluding these four months..then how will you get to know about me. I accept that I was egoistic during my teens but that doesn’t mean that I am proud of my wealth and beauty. I just get irritated by you because you always contour my words and qurallel with me……she took his face in her palms and the warmth of her palms made sanskar to feel her pain….just look at me sanskar! Do you find any ego in my eyes or any pride in my face. Why are you not accepting the fact that I have changed …changed for you.
Tears formed in her eyes but she still continued.

Swara: does the swara you know dressed traditionally..did she cook something at least for herself, did she obey your likes and dislikes and ….have you ever seen her walking bare feet.
His heart was able to feel the coldness of her words as everything she mentioned was true.
Swara: no..but the girl standing in front of you is doing all these. Even on that day, I ironed your clothes, increased the AC Temperature etc. just to make you feel that I was really feeling sorry to spill the hot tea over you but..silence was the only response I got and oh God! What a day dreamer you are.. How did you ever think that I will just do all these things because we got intimate which never happened!

Sanskar gulped listening her words. It means he didn’t do anything that day and that thought brought a smile on his face. she leaned to him and placed her head on his chest.
Swara: you had always considered me wrong and you are continuing the same but the fact is that this girl has changed a lot because of you but you are such a dumbo that you need confession for everything…
His heart stopped for a beat to listen the three magical words from her mouth but to his surprise, she lifted her head from his chest to make an eye contact.
Swara: what! Are you expecting me to say I love you?
Sanskar closed his eyes as he was unable to face the intensity of her love filled gaze.
Sanskar:( to himself) no…actually yes!

He opened his eyes when he heard her scream.
Swara: no!! I won’t confess you. Will any child says I love you to their parents at birth? I won’t say you anything . my hate for you will never change but today it was dominated by love.
She moved back leaving sanskar shocked behind. She started walking out of the room but stood for a second expecting him to stop her but left the place when she didn’t find any signs as such.
Sanskar leaned to the wall and looked at the papers in his hand
Sanskar: I am sorry for hurting you swara. I know that my words will hurt you but not to this extent.
A smile came on his face.
Sanskar: so you bursted out thinking that I came here for your signature on these…divorce papers..such a dumb girl you are!!

He closed his eyes and saw swara’s innocent face when she closed her eyes asking him to drape the saree.
” your wife needs you sanskar. Don’t do a mistake of leaving her” said his inner voice. He immediately ran out of the room and searched the whole Manison for her but of no use. He then went out and saw her walking alone on foot path.
Sanskar: swara!
She paused for a while and he saw her shoulders moving probably wiping her tears. He immediately ran to her and held her wrist.
Swara looked at him with tears in her eyes.
Swara: why is it affecting you sanskar? Who am I for you to bother.
Sanskar didn’t utter anything but simply gulped.
Swara: why did you come here?

Sanskar looked down and said in a low voice.
Sanskar: you are walking in bare feet!
She looked down and now her emotions over flowed. She immediately hugged him and started crying.
Swara: please don’t leave me sanskar. Never think you taking divorce from me. That thought itself is killing me.
He didn’t had any words to say to her as those were the words which he want to say to her even. He was about to wrap his arms around her but jerked feeling a vibration in his back pocket. It was some message but it reminded him ‘vaishu’. He then slowly parted swara from him.
Sanskar: it is too cool here. Let’s go home.
These were the only words which she heard from him for the last time.
Sanskar sat on the bed and stared at sleeping swara. Laksh’s words echoed in his ears.
” you both love each other while hating”

After three days
Swara: what should I do to get his attention?
She said to her friend while sipping orange juice in a restaurant.
Ananya: why are you so tensed?
Swara: it has been three days that he stopped talking to me. ‘Let’s go home’ was the last sentence I heard from him.
Ananya sighed.

Ananya: why don’t you encounter him.
Swara: you think that I didn’t do that. He just ignored me when our eyes met and escaped from the room when we were alone and on that he is not receiving calls from my other number.
Annaya: vaishali!
Swara noded in yes but her face is showing her desire to listen his voice.
Ananya: i have an idea!
Swara’s eyes widened in hope.
Swara: what!
Ananya: how strong be a man but he will always fall for a girl as it is a natural process. You are a girl in twenties and he is a guy of the same age in which the hormones work at their maximum. Show him that you are a girl.
Ananya’s voice was double meaning and swara understood it clearly. she crossed her arms.
Swara: so what are you expecting me to do?
Ananya: SEDUCE HIM!!

To be continued…

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