Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 20

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Hey guyz thank for ur love n support but this last epi of this week as I m busy for my next exams they r not yet finished

Hope u like it


“Hey where is shona….?” Laksh asked as they finished thier lunch

“Laksh she had her lunch her phone start ringing so she excused….it half n hour she didnt come back”
Nithi said

“What nd u r telling me now” Laksh asked her tensedly…..Sanskar get tensed nd start finding her but they hear a familiar voice
who is busy in playing foot ball with little boys……Yes it was Swara

They just see nd enjoy the scene while Laksh goes in garden where they r playing

“Shona…..u have almost took my life cant u tell while leaving” He scolds her

“Oh….! my poor brother…..dont be afraid u know If someone mess with me he has to pay for that….No one can kill or harm me coz I know
how to defend my self” She frimly said

“Well u r playing that alone we ll also join u guyz” Laksh said

“Well I was not playing…..the ball came to me I just pushed it “Swara said

“I was wondering how can a girl play foot ball…thanx Swara for clearing our misunderstanding”Sanskar said with smirk

He knew this will make her angry provoke her to show him back….According to his plan it worked she fumed in anger throw a challenge
infront of him

“Excuse me Mr. Maheshwri……girls can play football….I guess I have to show u so let play” She challenged him

Teams were Vijay, Nithi, Laksh nd some children which last playing with Swara was in Swara’s team….while on the other hand
Adityar, Danny, POOja, Vivaan were in Sanskar’s….Ragini was neither with Swara nor Sanskar….she handled the score

The game started with great excitment……Everyone played hard but Sanskar was a good player so he goal first….nd looks Swara who
was highly irritated….In next round every one started……although Swara was not a good player but Sanskar made her chance nd she goaled
which made her the most happiest person…….of course who dont get happiness after scoring….Every one was looking at Swara who was acting like a child
now…….The third round start….Every one was focusig as it was last round Swara nd Sanskar was running to get the ball but it was water on the grass
She could fall so instaed he pushed the ball with force which Swara get nd he fall on the ground Every one noticed this accept Swara who goaled nd won
She was jumping nd shouting just like a child….Sanskar was totally lost in her…..forget that his legs pain due to falling
Everyone smile on Swara’s childishness nd feels bad fr Sanskar as he fell

Swara turns nd find him sitting on grass

“y r u sitting on the ground loser” She asked with excitment

“Oh plz stop calling me that” He said with irritating tone….it made her more happy

“I wonder how can a girl play football…..I thought someone was saying this to me” She immitate him

“Yeah I agree…girls can do any thing happy” He said

Swara got a call by her friends

“Hey Swara….come” She leaves with proud expression nd Sanskar get up but he felt pain in his leg

“I win ur smile by losing the game…nd I promise I ll do any thing for u….no matter what I loose for that” He smiled

“Aaah…..!” Sanskar exclaimed….Laksh who was watching the whole scene felt something


“Aaaah my leg” Sanskar exclaimed coming near to his car

“Here it is take this….ur pain will supress” Laksh said nd hands him the cream

Sanskar was loooking him surprised nd say “Thanx…..’

“My pleassure n…Thanx…I dont know y I m saying this because u made my sister laugh again which she forgotten….I was longing to see that smile on her face
So thank u…….” Laksh said hesitatley

Sanskar stared him nd Laksh leaves but stopped by him

“Laksh…..! cant I get second chance…..I want to heal her” He asked

“To give her new pain” Laksh asked sarcastically

“I know I caused her many harms but now I m repenting I want to remove her all pain….”Sanskar said

“Trusting the one who had break ur trust once is a biggest mistake of life” Laksh said

“I mnot that much bad as u think about me Laksh” Sanskar said

“Its hard to trust u back but….since u made my sister laugh smile again twice in a day….I can hope that u wont give another pain to her” said Laksh
while going away…..on the way he sees Ragini who has heared all conversation nd was smiling

“Hey y r smiling…..I just give him cream coz he has pain in leg” Laksh said in irritated tone

“What did I said……u dont need to explain me anything” Ragini said

“Yeah fine I know ur this smile….it is victory rite” Laksh said going more closser to her

“Oh wow u know my shades of smile…..good” Ragini said going more closer

“Ragini…..” Laksh whisper

“Hmmm” Ragini exclaimed

“I love u ……” Laksh said cupping her face

“I love u too laksh ” Ragini blushed…They were very close to each other can hear the heartbeat but then one voice disturbed them it of Swara nd her friend in unison

“Hey…..Lovebird…..it is public place….control ur emotions” They shouted nd Raglak embarced

they sat in their car nd jeep nd started thier journey


“oh god this journey is tireing” Laksh said while making thier tents ready

Every one was tired….they were sitting in a round with bornfire……Raglak sitting with each other while Swasan are in front of each other

“Let’s truth n dare” Adidtyr said

“good idea….” Nithi said with excitment

they placed the bottle nd spin it was first Ragini turns

“Truth or Dare” Nithi asked

“Truth…” Ragini replied

“tell us something about Laksh that we dont know” Swara asked

It was lil tough question as they childhood friends they know about him so something came in her mind

“He sings well….” Ragini answered

Laksh n everyone was looking in shocked expression……Laksh was like why did u tell this…..Ragini was looking him
it was a question

“Laksh u cheater….u didnt tell me that u sing…how secretive” Swara said in anger

“Shona I m not a singer…..its just that when Ragini was practicing….I try it sometimes…..” Laksh answeres in embracement

Everyone start laughing to see the whole scenario…nd Swara smiled

“Well apology granted” Swara said

They spin the bottle again nd it was Laksh turn….Swara got a call due to improper signal she get up nd attends the call

“Truth or Dare” Adityr asked

“Well we r daring people so….dare” Laksh said proudly

“Oh really…..then kiss a anyone here exccept Ragini” Vijay said

“What…” Laksh exclaimed in tension……He looks Ragini who curious to see Laksh nd then everyone

“Hey….Dude u can kiss boy too” Adityr joked…Just then Swara enter nd Laksh get up nd kissed her forehead

“I m done…” Laksh said with a victory smile…..while Swara was lil shocked felt weired like what was happening

“Hey this is cheating…..u kissed ur own sister”Vijay objected

“U didnt mentioned Swara….u said exccept Ragini ” Laksh said smirking

“Fine this time u r safe but not next time” Vijay said

Swara who analyzed what was going on came near to her brother nd put her right arm on his neck nd said

“When I m with him…no one can do any thing to him” Swara said…..Laksh looks her emotionally….Every one smiled including Sanskar who was enjoying this

Swara looks her brother

“U wont kiss me again…..” Swara joked

“BUT I ll hug u ” with that they hug each other

“Do u want us to cry as well” Nithi joked…they sat on thier places nd game begins

Now it was Sanskar turns…..He takes dare nd he asked to sing a song

He sung on kya tughe aye dil bataye from Sanam re

During this song Swasan were staring each other remebering thier every sweet, bitter moment
The songs end nd he came back to sense

The bottle spin again nd now it was Swara turns

“Truth or dare” Adityr asked

“Is this question neccesary to be asked……of course Dare” Swara said

“Thats the spirit nd now let think harder what can u do ” Vijay said

“Give something intersted plz…..Swara like dangerous things” Swara said

“Hann okay….. u have to take two round nd at every interval u will get eating nd drinking stuff “Vivan said

“No she cant go all alone its jungle nd it is almost nigt” Laksh n Sanskar said in unison

Everyone looked them nd Vijaye said

“Calm down Laksh n Sanskar she is not going alone…..”

“Its my dare I ll do it alone i dont need anyone” Swara cuts him

“Swara we trust u…….u surely can…..but we dont turst ur brother…he willl surely kill us by giving torture…if u get late ” Adityr said

“So who is my partner ” Swara asked

“Here is the bowl u have to choose one nd give it to us” Vivan said

“Hmm ok” Swara said….She picked one nd Sanskar was curious to know as he cant let her go in this dangerous jungle but
seems like destiny was favouring him…..It was his name on chit

“Sanskar” Vivan said

Laksh was lil relieved to hear this as he know that Sanskar wont let her in any trouble…..as her friends are lil careless in this matter he can trust him

Swara was irritated to hear this but it was a dare…..she has to do that….They left


“So bossy if u r scared of dark u may hold my hand” Sanskar said while Swara stared him in anger

“The one whose life is in dark……doesnt frighten from this darkness” She taunted

“Darkness can be removed by ones life if he or she smiles constanly” He advised

Suddenly Swara’s lef hit a stone nd she was about to fall….but two protective arms hold her…..She tightly closed her both the eys nd slowly opens nd find
Sanskar is holding her nd looking in to her eyes…he make her stand but her leg was paining so he picked her….make her sit on big stone

He touches her foot but she jerks

“Swara plz let me see” Sanskar said nd place the light towards her leg

“I can do my self……just leave” Swara jerk her leg again

“Swara……let me do this” He argues back nd hold her leg while she jerks nd stand……Yeah her leg is paining but she had beared so many pain in her life she beared

“Stop sympathizing me….”She said angrily

“Sympathy…..Swara what r u saying ” Sanskar asked

“I dont know what I said that day……but it is evident that I have said something which is making u doing this sympathy act” Swara said

“What sympathy have I done to u….can u explain” Sanskar asked

“oh plz I know very well…..I m not blind to see that u loose to make me win…..this cheesy behaiviour of urs……stop this Swara Gadodia doesnot want any sympathy specially
from u ” Swara said

“I mnot sympathizing u first is that…..nd secondly I want u to become old smiling Swara as u were” Sanskar said coming closer to her

“To give another pain……..I dont have anything to loose….I only have my family plz stop this” Swara taunted him

He hold her nd confess his feeling

“Swara I love u……I cant see u in pain….I know I hurt u nd dont deserve u but I m trying ti make thing back to normal”Sanskar said

“Plz dont call it love……it doesnt siut u……Its ur giult thats i…..if u loved me u would have once turned to see me….but u walked away” Swara said

“I know I cant win that trust back……of urs or anyone” He said while leaving her stepping back…He continues

“But I promise Ill make thing on its perfect place” His determination was evident in this sentence but Swara looked away nd thier whole journey went in silence

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