Swasan : Happy Ending ( Episode 16 )

Sorry guys fr short update.. next will be long.. pakka promise..

Recap : SanLak n AdiRaj confrontation.. Swara to get violent..

SanLak entered in house and got shock seeing all things messed up.. They move ahead and Sanskar shouts seeing swara..

Sanskar : SWARA!!!

Swara was screaming n throwing things.. Ragini was trying to control her bt she was jerking her.. she hold her head with both hands n was screaming….

Swara : Leave meeeee….. leaveeeee… aaaaaahhhh… sanskaarrrrrrr…. noooooo… stay away… dont… dont touch me…. sanskaarrrrr… aahhhh…

Tears started to flow from sanskar's eyes. He ran to her n held her tightly..

Sanskar : Swaraaa… swaraa.. ssshhh.. see.. no one is here.. relax plz.. see ur sanskar is here.. relax shonaa.. plz.. no one can touch u.. see m here na.. haa..

Swara : Nooo.. they.. they r.. touching me.. here.. ( showing her hands n all body parts ) here, here… they tied…my..my sanskar… no no… they'll. .. take me.. they..w..i..l.lll.. ( she faints )

Sanskar : ( holds her ) Swaraa… hey.. open ur eyes.. swaraa.. ( pats her cheeks ) Swaraa.. ragini, bring water fast.. lucky.. call her doctor..

RagLak : Yeah..

Ragini brings water.. Sanskar takes swara in their room n placed her on bed.. He sprinkled water on her.. bt she dint open her eyes.. Sanskar was all panicked. N she was wounded too.. bcz of throwing things she hurted her hand, legs.. her hairs were all messy.. eyes were swollen due to crying.. Sanskar couldn't see her in this condition n he rushed out of room n cried his heart out..

Sanskar : Y she has to bear all this!! Y? N till when.. now I can't take this anymore.. I can't.

Lucky cm there with doc n doc started checking swara.. Sanskar hugged Lucky..

Sanskar : Laksh! Tell that God to show sm mercy on her.. tell him Laksh.. I'm sick of this Laksh.. plz.. I can't see her like this.. I'm dieing laksh.. I'm dieing.. plz make her fine.. plz…

Laksh was consoling him.. Ragini was crying too.. Doc cm out..

Sanskar : ( ran to her ) Doc..doctor.. how..How’s she?? Is she fine?? No..nothing serious na??

Doc : Relax Mr. Maheshwari! She's fine.. I dressed her wounds.. thankfully that weren't deep..

Sanskar : bt doc.. suddenly. ..y she got violent?

Doc : Mr. Maheshwari! She must had seen smthng related to her past which hurted her.. thats y..

Ragini : Yeah doc.. actually she was changing tv channels when she saw 1.. r. A..pe.. scene..

Sanskar was shocked..

Doc : So this was the reason.. see Mr. Maheshwari! There are 2 possibilities. After gaining consciousness she'll bcm normal like b4 or…

Sanskar : Or..???

Doc : Or she'll bcm more violent n mentally sick.. take care..

Sanskar stumbled back.. Lucky holds him.. Ragini keep her hand on her mouth n cries.. Doc leaves..

Suddenly they heard swara's scream. All ran inside..

Swara : SANSKAARRRRR!!!!!!!!

Sanskar : ( ran to her n sat bside her ) Swaraa.. swaraaa.. open ur eyes.. m here only.. Swaraa..

Swara slowly opened her eyes n looked at sanskar. . A lone tear escaped from her eyes.

Swara : ( whispered ) Sanskaarrrr…

Sanskar : ( happily cries ) Swaraa…

He hugged her tightly crying his heart out.. Swara too hugged him back.. it was a long, passionate hug.. RagLak were seeing this having tears in their eyes.. both broke the hug n looked at each other..

Sanskar cupped her face n kisses everywhere lovingly..

Sanskar : You.. do u.. even.. have.. any..idea how.. how much.. I missed u? Haa.. u.. just.. ( couldn't continue.. n cries )

Swara : I'm..sorry..san skaarrr.. plz.. forgive me.. m..very..bad I.. ( sobs ) troubled u.. alot.. m sorry.. ( cries )

Sanskar : Sshhh.. bass.. now.. no more tears.. ( sniffs ) Jaan ho tum meri, swara… agar uss din tumhe kuch ho jata toh.. I would've been died.. Sanskar marr jata swara.. I can't live without u. Plz dont ever do that again.. plz..

Swara : Neverr… ( sniffs ) by the way.. u look cute in this beard.. ( giggles )

Sanskar : ( gets happy seeing her smile ) M not cute ok? ( pouts.. )

Swara : u r.. u r my cuteshwari!!

Sanskar laughs shaking his head : Impossible!

Episode ends..


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