Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _8)

Recap -sahil entry
Sahil men put guns on all head
Sahil-give me that pendrive
Swara-know who are you
Sahil-sorry for the inconvenience. .I am the one for which you are suffering
Swara-for this stupid pendrive …u send that much goons to kill me
Sahil is looking her lustly
Sahil-sorry baby but I only sent goons to kidnap u
Swara-what’s the use of kidnapping me
Sanskar -crazy women

Swara-look because of you I got married to that gorilla
Sahil -sweetie I will listen you later
Sahil comes to Ragini and touch her lustly
Laksh -keep your hands away from my wife
Sahil touch her lips Ragini struggle sahil going to touch her br**st Laksh push the goon and hitted sahil…but goons catch Laksh. ..Ragini see Laksh shockingly
Laksh -i will kill u if u touch my wife
Sahil -waooo. ….sanskar give me that pendrive
Sanskar -i won’t give you

Sahil-last chance
Shaan -no we won’t give you
Sahil comes towards swara and touch her sensually. ….swara see sanskar ..Sanskar struggling to free himself ..sahil tears swara’s sleeves
Swara-bhòotni ke. …he was tearing my sleeves give that pendrive to him I will purchase u more
Arjun -give it to him…..he can’t do anything without that chip
Helplessly sanskar gives it …..sahil take it and attached to laptop but shock that it is totally empty. …….sahil become mad in anger …take all to his villa goons beat sanskar Laksh arjun and shaan. .he bring Riya and shivam too all get happy to see them
Sahil-where is the file in pendrive
Shaan -how we know. …we have opened the locker in front of you
Swara-hey call the software engineer na
All fumes becauseof swara’s suggestions, sahil say good idea and call engineers they tell the file can’t be retrieve. ….. it’s deleted
Sahil -when

Engineer-mearly 24hrs before
Sahil shouts -from where my new enemy born
Sahil-i am giving you all 48hrs search that chip and give me or I plant a new chip in that robbo or plant a bomb in it and keep It public place or it will be best that I will kill all your parents as I killed sanjana ‘s parents
Arjun -how cruel you are u burned them alive for that chip
All -shocks
Sahil exactly in same way I will kill them……sahil goons drop them outside their hotel…
Sanskar break down
Sanskar -it’s all because of me sanjana had paid this much
All were sad…..all return to mm..tell everything to all.all where angry on Swara. .
Ragini -shame on u swara for your life u were helping. Sahil…
Swara is listening every thing
Sanskar -one side sanjana who sacrificed her life and other side u
Kavita comes and hugs shaan
Shaan -have u taken your medicine
Kavita -yes (she is 5 months pregnant )
Shaan introduce her to all in last with swara …..by seeing swara kavita takes a back
Kavita – how it’s possible. ….how could u be alive
Ragini -what are you saying
Sumi and Shekhar comes by hearing

Sumi-what you want to say by how could be she alive
Kavita -because I myself done swara’s postmortem and hand over swara’s body to Shekhar uncle in Mumbai
Ragini -what rubbish are you speaking. .she is alive standing in front of you
Kavita -uncle it’s you to whom I hand over her body….
Shaan-enough kavita
Kavita – she was in Mumbai it’s true

Sumi- yeah
Kavita- she was a gangster. ..terror of Mumbai. ..gangster malik has shooted her…
Shekhar – she is telling true swara was a gangster and she is dead
All shocks
Sumi-what nonsense are you telling. ..she is standing in front of you alive
Shekhar tells them everything. …..all were shock…suddenly they hear bullet sound and shock to see sahil
Sahil- you are right that girl is double crossing you …..
Sahil order his man to catch swara but sanskar beat them

Sanskar -you have given time then why are you troubling us
Sahil -because she is the one who deleted whole content of pendrive
Shaan – what
Sahil shows the cctv footage in which swara opens the locker and taking pendrive
All shockingly see towards swara.. sahil man’s bring the robot
Sahil- i know you know where is the chip….but u won’t tell …..so
Sahil-put gun on everyone head
Swara-i will give you the chip……
Shivam -no swara

Shaan -swara he will misuse it swara
Riya-swara he is a criminal many people have to loose their lives because of him
Goons beat them ….swara takes knife from fruit basket. ..and slightly insert above her heart
Sanskar -what are you doing? Swaraaaaaaa
Swara takes out chip….all shockingly looks toward swara…while shaan remember plane incident
Shaan -sanjanaaa(audible to Sanlak shivam Riya )
Sanskar -shaan
Shaan -she is sanjana remember I said I saw tension on sanjana face by hearing brain mapping
Shivam -so

Shaan -it’s because the machine may easily identify the chip from her body through reading her mind
Swara gives the chip to sahil…he insert it in robot and it starts
Sahil-you are really a stupid. …sanskar you invest lot in it …so I will make you all die with this robot
Robot -password
Sahil-what is the password. .
Goons beat them……
Shaan-it’s software was designed by sanjana we don’t know
Sahil put gun on kavita tammy
Sahil-tell it or I will kill them both
Shaan -I don’t know plzzz leave her
Shivam -their must be some hint
Robot -many are died in this area by British

Now one able to guess or they don’t want to
Swara -jaliyan wala baag
Robot- hello I am c413651
Sahil laugh all curse themselves. ..
Sahil- bring water for me
Robot- i am sorry I cannot accept your orders
Sahil-angrily holds kavita hairs shaan tell the robot to follow my orders
Shaan -follow his orders
Robot-sorry u are not authorised to command me

Swara-rescue kavita
Robot -command accepted
In neno seconds kavita is standing with shaan safely
Swara-for this robot u killed my innocent family. ..this robot will become reason for your death
Swara-kill him
Robot beaten sahil cruelly…..and going to kill him
All tried to stop the robot or rescue. ..but robot is much stronger than human power….swara is watching them
Shivam -it’s waste ..we can’t win
Riya-it can only be stopped by sanjana only
All tried to convince her but failed
Sumi-i know I am not your mother but I am your all these year and will …will u not listen to your mother
Swara-abort the mission

Robot-command accepted
Police comes and arrest sahil…..swara comes to sanskar my work is over …know your project is completed. ..and I given Command to it to follow your instructions

Here is the divorce papers u are free know
Sumi takes swara with her…… sanskar is fuming in anger
Recap-dhamal….swara facing sanskar anger……last episode

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