Swasan – gaathbandhan (episode _3)

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Recap -sanskar warning swara
In Washington dc
A man holding gun on a scientist head
Man-warning you repair this robot again Dr shivam
Shivam -how many times I will tell u i can do it
Man- then get ready to die
Shivam wife Riya and she is also a scientist
Riya- please don’t kill him …because we three are not the one who
Shivam shout shut up Riya. ..be quite
Man shoot on shivam’s shoulder…Shivam shouts in pain
Man-know I only shoot on his shoulder tell what was you telling …….
Shivam shake his head in negative so goons kick him

Riya-don’t kill him their was 4 scientists
Man-who was the forth scientist …third scientists shaan I have killed what forth scientist has done
Riya -I don’t know much but I know only I have done it’s field test and shivam has designed it’s moduler and shaan has designed it’s software but forth scientist has feeded software in it and designed it’s chip cpu
Man-means main one is still remaining …what’s his name
Shivam – no Riyaaaaa
Man-beating him till she didn’t say the name
Riya control herself but can’t anymore
Riya-doctor s
Riya-as doctor shaan always have this threat so he hide forth scientist involvement from everyone even from us we only know his name as doctor s
Man-are u making me fool
Riya-i am saying truth
Man-find who is this s

In mm
Ap-today is your bhagphera and evening muhdikhai
Uttra-maa swara bhabhi is here only where are rest
Ap-they all have gone to office their is special meeting with shivay singh obieroy
Uttra-then what about rituals
Ap-it will take place after they return
After sometimes dp calls Ap say that he forget the file so to send it to office. .but ap worries because driver is not their so she remember about swara….send her to office
In mm office
Conferences room
(Ragini is sanskar pa)
Sanskar -Ragini after your marriage you become careless
Dp-sanskar called Ap she will send it
Sanskar – before file if shivay comes then
Laksh -then we will see it then
Sanskar – oh I shout at Ragini it hurts you..I am missing my queen
Dp get call from swara

Swara-papa ji….I have came to give file…but I don’t know your cabin and all were busy no one to inform me
Dp- beta come to conference hall …take left from reception and comes straight you will see the board
Swara-okay papa ji
After 5 mints both shivay and swara comes at a time
Swara gives file to dp and moves towards gate but dp made her sit …because of no more sit remaining Swara has to sit with Laksh …..as lite get off swara holds Laksh hand because she fears from dark and presentation goes on when light on all see Swara holding Laksh hands
Ragini -swara fears from dark
Shivay-it’s okay…
And they left. ..sanskar comes towards swara and take her from their
Sanskar cabin
Sanskar through her on couch
Sanskar -how dare you to go against me
Swara-papa ji made me sit with him
Sanskar -why you didn’t oppos
Swara-because clients has came na
Sanskar -really. ..and comes on her. ..you will get punishment. ..press his rough lips on her soft lips …
Swara tried to push him away but he is more strong …then after sometimes he broke the kiss……
Sanskar -know second punishment …you have fear from darkness na then we should solve your problem
Sanskar switch off lights …Swara started screaming. .
sanskar -shout as much u want. ..but no one will here u because it’s sound proof…goes by locking the cabin
Swara shouts but no use swara in fear sit adjusting to door
In conference
Dp ask about sanskar says he send her home Back as meeting continued for long time. ..sanskar forget about swara and he told he has send her back so no one ask
In mm
Ap-how’s meeting
Dp-all good we got the project. ..it’s all became of u
Dp-if you didn’t send swara on time then we would has lost the project
Ragini -where is swara
Sanskar remember about swara so he runs towards office

In mm office
Swara -teary eye di where are you. …mjhe Darlag rha h di…didi. ..come to save me
Swara cry by lying on the floor and remember Ragini ‘s word
Ragini -shona. ..it’s not important I will always with you …u have to learn to fight with fear
Swara -di but I have fear from darkness na
Ragini -swaru Darna galat ni h but dar ko apne upr haabi hone dena galat h…bus ek himat krke aapne dar ka samna karoo
Flashback ends
Swara wipes her tear and remembering Ragini’s word swara moves slowly and search for switch and find it and switch on it ..and see window …with help of window swara comes down and run away in this process she hit with someone
In Mumbai
Gangster -it contains the photo of a girl we want her in any cost
Goons -okay
Gangster -remember no scratch should be happen in her body
Goons -who is she.????
Gangster -only friend of Dr shaan who can help to find doctor s
Goons see the photo
Gangster -her name is swara

Friends sorry for short update

Precap-swara became drunk….Ragini first blast on sanskar

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  2. Its nice and intresting but plz swara should never ever forgive laksh n ragini beacuse some mistakes cnt be forgiven n they commited sin by making her lyf joke plzplzplz

  3. Dont say swara is a scientifist becoz according to your fiction it doesn’t suit. U r showing her too much timid, fergile, innocent girl.

    1. Soujanya


  4. But not getting wat is concept of your ff

  5. Ayonti(swasan)

    awesome yr

  6. Vyshu10

    awesome….s is sanky or swara? Want sanky searching and getting worried for swara. Yaar…..i dont want swara to forgive raglak easily….how can they knowingly ruin her life. Upload soon

  7. Rosey

    Wow it’s so mysteriouse

  8. Arshaanya

    Plz dun show ragini z imprtnce in swara z life aftr wat she has done… n plzz dun make swara frgve laskh n ragini…
    How can swara b a scientist coz of d way u ve shown her in ur ff…
    S for sanky it suits him more ?

    1. I agree with u, sanky suit for scientist

  9. Chinna


  10. Wow loved itv❤️

  11. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Confusing but interesting…. Keep it up dear… Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  12. Nice, Previous episode link please.

  13. Awesome
    I think sansksar is the scientist

  14. KrsytleS

    supebb dr… waiting for next part

  15. Super amazing

  16. Khushiii


  17. Awesome…!!loved it…!! It’s soo interesting…!!waiting for next part…!!

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