Swasan FS Made For Each Other S2 – Prologue

Scene 1:

A girl is running in a road. Some goons are following her.  She hided in bush Near the temple . At that time someone calls her. She takes the phone

G: hello Ragini.. (she tells her something)

Rag: don’t worry Swara .. I’ll send Laksh there.. Take care of urself and be safe..

Swara cuts the call and looks upward and shocked..

Scene 2 :

2 boys came near the temple and starts to search in the bushes.. But they didn’t get succeeded.. They looks tensed.. At that time they heard a scream.. They went to temple and the scenario shocked both of them.. A man is trying to rape a girl infront of God. B1 is looking shocked seeing the girl with moist eyes… B2 went towards them angrily

Scene 3

A marriage venue is shown..  B2 is also there and looking so tensed.. Bride is crying vigorously. At that time someone came there and says something. Everyone stood there shocked.. Then they went towards a room and shocked seeing B1 and Swara sleeping on bed..


B1: Ragini pls listen to me.. Me and Swara didn’t do anything.. (so bride is Ragini)

Rag: she is calling you a nickname u don’t say anything.. (both of them looks at her hurt.. B2 fists his hand angrily. Someone is smirking at them) I wanted to believe u Laksh but my eyes…



Ragini and Laksh is going to Mandap. But a lady stopped her.

L: dear don’t marry him. She will become hurdle in your life. No one will marry an impu…. (stopped seeing the scene.. Everyone else also looks shocked)

B2 is filling swara’s forehead with a handful sindoor… Swara is looking at him shocked

Rag: Sanskar ??

Scene 4:

Swa: how can you do this? How can u marry me? I don’t want ur sympathy..

San: I didn’t do this because of sympathy. I did this because… (he looks at her intensely)  because I love you..

Swa looks at him shocked…

Scene 5:

Rag is crying vigorously in her room. She is murmuring sorry in between sobs..  Laksh is walking through the street lifelessly..

Lak: why are you doing this? (cried)

Sanskar is also sitting in a room lifelessly..

San: how can you do this.. We have sort everything naa then why did you do this?

Scene 6:

San: I loved you.. I trusted you.. But you have betrayed me.   You have broken me like hell.. I hate you.. I hate you so much (the person looks at him painfully. He and others left from there leaving the person alone)

Scene 7:

Swa: do you think I’m characterless?

San: (fists his hand and gritted his teeth,) Isn’t that obvious in my words?

A girl is looking at them smirking evilly

Lak: Sanskar….(angrily)

Swa: so you want me to go from your life.. OK then.. (she went towards her room)

Then the camera focused that she is cutting her vein….

Hope you will like this.. If you like it then let me know.. I will soon update epilogue of S1 and next part of Always Swasan FF

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