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Chapter 18 :

Next morning:

Today is anjali and viren’s marriage.

The mansion was decorated beautifully and there was hustle bustle in the house.

In swara’s room:

Swara is lost in her thoughts .Bhavi comes there and started talking to her regarding their costumes for marriage but she is not at all listening her.

Bhavi observes this .She taps on swara’s shoulder and asks her what happenned.

Swara says nothing.

Bhavi asks her not to lie and asks where are you lost.Today is anjali’s marriage you are most excited for it before but seems like you are not now.

Swara : I am excited about marriage but after marriage we should leave from here so i will miss everyone.I am just thinking about that.

At the same time adi and rohan comes there.They listen everything.

Rohan says that’s why i have told you be here for some more days.

Adi says still they have time if swara want we will stay here for 1 or 2 days.

But swara says no because she don’t want her friends to postpone their wok because of her.So she tells she will be ok within sometime.

Trio at the sametime asks are you sure shona.

Shona says yes.Adi and rohan hugs her and say them to get ready and come down.

In anjali’s room:

Today after marriage she should go to kolkata so she is keeping necessary and important things in her bag.But she doesn’t found some legal documents related to SK group.

So she thought to check with SID or MEERA .

She goes to their room and finds noone so she started cheking for documents.But she saw a bag there she sees the bag, opens it and founds something whick shocked her.

Sam comes there in search of sid and shocked to see anjali with his bag.

He immediately goes near her and says what she is doing here with his bag and about to take the bag but shocked to see anjali angry.He looks down and sees the papers in anjali’s hands.

Anjali with anger asks him what is this.

Sam immediately takes the papers and tells it is all nonsense and asks her not beleive it.

Anjali holds his collar and asks her why he hided this much big thing from them and scolds him very much.She tells him not to show his face until he explain about this.

Sam closes the door and tells her something.

Anjali cries listening this and tells him she will say everything to family.

Sam stops her by keeping his swear.

On listening this anjali cries very much by hugging him.Sam too cries by hugging her.

Suddenly someone knocks the door both composes themselves and sam opens the door.

It was sid .Sid sees both of them and asks what happenned why anjali face is looking dull.

Sam tells him that today after marriage she will leave us that’s why she is sad thinking about it.

Sid tells her that not to think about this .After marriage our friendship will not change and they will team up and irritate sam and meera like before.

To lighten the mood sam says to anjali that if viren sees her like this he will run away without doing marriage.He says she is looking like dayan.

She smiles listening this.

Kushi comes there and sees them.She says to anjali she was not ready till now we are getting late for marriage .She takes her from there.

In anjali’s room meera and kushi are helping her to get ready.

After sometime anjali gets ready as bride but something is missing in her face that is her smile.

Meera observes this and asks her what happenned why is she so dull.

Kushi tells meera that may be she is nervous because after marriage she has to go to new house and should adjust there.

Meera tells anjali not to think anything like that and says everything will be good.

In sanskar’s room:

He is all ready for the marriage and thinking ideas to express his feeling to swara.Lucky is also in his room.

He asks lucky to give some ideas to propose her.

Lucky says sanky to tell to swara what is in heart.

Sanky asks him will swara accept him.

Lucky says don’t know but asks him to try his level best.

After sometime guests are started arriving and arnav is checking last minute arrangements for marriage.

He sees that everything is good so he went to get ready for marriage.

After half and hour viren comes there getting ready in red colour sherwani.

After few minutes anjali comes there in red saree matching with viren and both are looking as a perfect couple.

All ladies comes their in traditional outfits and gents in sherwani’s.

All gents are mesmerised to see there respective partners.

While sanskar is just looking at swara with his mouth open and without blinking his eyes.

Lucky asks him to close his mouth and stop staring swara if arnav or sid sees this then he will not be alive.

Sanky asks lucky not to scare him.

Sid and arnav complements swara.

Swara smiles looking at them.

Panditji starts the rituals .viren keeps sindoor in anjali’s forehead and ties mangalsutra around her neck.

Finally marriage is completed.Panditji asks them to take blessing from elders.

At the sametime swara got hicupps and she went inside to drink water.

Sanskar observes her and follows her.After drinking water swara was about to go back but sanskar holds her by closing her mouth and takes her to a room and locks it.

After locking the door sanskar removes his hand from her mouth.

Swara sees sanskar and starts scolding him.She goes to open the door.

Sanskar stops her and requests her to listen to him once.

She tells him what he will do now is there anything remaining that she should listen now.

He hold her hand and tell her that what he has done in the past is not forgotable and forgiven.

Now he realised his mistake and tells swara that he is in love with her truly and asks her to forgive him and accept him.

After telling this he looks into swara’s face for response.

Swara listen’s everything and Asks him now with whom he had kept bet??

Sanskar says that he loves her truly .There is no bet nothing.

Swara says she will not come to his words and will not let her heart break again.

Sanskar gets hurt listening this.

She tells to sanskar that if he do these things again then she will tell everything to sid and he will take action.

She was about to go but sanskar again holds her hand and asks her to forgive him once.

She removes his hand from her and tells him that she will never forgive him and goes from there.

On the way she thinks about sanskar words but her heart says not to trust him because now she can’t bear another heart break.

After swara left sanskar thinks about swara’s words and the moments they have spent together.

He thinks after whatever he did no one will accept him if anyone else is there in swara’s place also.

He cries thinking about this he now understood what swara felt when she got to know he is cheating her.

Swara comes to marriage hall and silently stands there.

After taking blessing from elders anjali comes to her gang and hugs them and cries.

After that she goes to arnav and tells him to take care of himself,kushi and dadi.

Then she comes to Swara and tells her to take care of her self and eat on time.

After that she goes to swara’s friends and tells same.

In the meantime lucky calls sanky and asks him to comes soon as they are leaving now.

Sanky wipes his tears and comes there.

After bidaai anjali ,viren with his family moves to kolkata.

After they left devyani,arnav and sid are talking with swara as she will leave in sometime.

Bhavi and adi are packing all of their bags while talking with their respective siblings.

Rohan is standing in garden meera comes there.

Sensing some one presencerohan turns and see meera.

Meera asks rohan to take care of swara.she knows they will take care of each other but still she tells him that as a sister she is woried for swara.

Rohan tells her not to worry as he will not let anything happen to swara.

After some time swara and her friends bid bye to every one and leaves to canada.

Next day meera,sid and sam leaves from there.

After 2 days arnav with kushi and devyani goes to US.

Is this the end of love story??

will swara and sanskar meets each other again??

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