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Chapter 14:

Next Morning:

A Big office is shown we can see hustle bustle is going there.

inside the office in a meeting room top 10 companies are sitting there impatiently waiting for something.

Maheshwari’s and gadodia’s are also present there.

Just then Announcer comes there.He wishes everyone present over there and tells them that all are waiting for this project since long time.

He announces the competitors for this project.

It includes maheshwari’s,gadodia’s and many other companies.

Announcer tells that this time they really have a tough competition because SK group of industries als involved in it.

Listening SK group each and every present there becomes shocked because everyone present there knows it is very famous company in London and has branches in many countries.

But from last 3 years the company was not actively participating.

Some people in meeting hall asks that SK group have not actively participated in anything from last 3 years all of a sudden how they are taking part in This project.

Announcer tells them any company can take part in this project.But the project goes to a company who gives the best presentation with good tender quotes.

Outside the office media is eagerly waiting to know which company will get this Project.

Announcer informs all the company’s to give presentations one by one.

Each and every company present in the hall gives the presentation.from maheshwari’s and gadodia’s companies adarsh and viren gives the presentation.

Announcer tells them that everyone have given the presentation good after SK group gives it they will decide who is the best.

He tells the new managing director of SK group will reach here shortly.

After two minutes the door gets opened swara,adi and bhavi comes inside .Announcer see them and tells them to start the presentation as they are running out of time.

Swara comes forward and introduces herself as swara singhania the new MD of SK group and bhavi as legal advisor of the company.

Everyone present there becomes shock seeing them as they are very young.

Maheshwari’s and gadodia’s are shocked to see swara there.

Swara start the presentation.she explains the details of the Project very clearly and confidently.

After completing the presentation she sat besides bhavi .

Announcer comes their and tells them results are in his hands.

Everyone have preformed their best but this project goes to SK group as their presentation and tender quotes are best among all companies.

Listening this bhavi hugs and congratulates her .

Announcer tells swara to complete remaining formalities regarding this Project.

All the remaining companies goes from there bring disappointed but they can’t do anything because they also know that swara gave best presentation than them.

In Mansion:

Laksh is watching TV in hall and changing channels in between. Hid gang is sitting beside him.

Suddenly he see the news of live coverage at office.

Ragini tells him to keep this channel and increase TV volume as their family is also present.she tells that this contract will come to our company.

Listening TV volume meera,khushi and anjali who are in kitchen comes there.

Media Announces the most awaiting project is given to SK group.

They also tells that SK group is leading company in London.But after the accident of SK group chairman it has not participated in any projects.

Media tells that they are eagerly waiting to see new MD of SK group Swara Singhania who has won this contract.

Meera,khushi and anjali gets very happy seeing this.

Sid,sam and arnav comes there.They already got to know that Swara have won the contract as adi has informed them.

Seeing the media arnav immediately calls his bodyguards and tells them to bring swara and her friends safely to home.

Sid tells him not to worry as he has already kept his team there.

After completing the formalities Swara comes outside.

Total media surround her and started asking questions to her.seeing this bhavi and adi comes there.

Within no time few police along with arnav bodyguards come there and safely rescues them from media.They brings them to the car where rohan is already waiting for them.

All of them sit in the car.The car zooms fastly from there.

Sanky and his gang are shocked to see swara as the new MD of SK group.While rest of people in the Mansion are happy.

Viren and his family reaches home.

After some time swara reaches home with her friends.

They see whole family in the hall except devyani and arnav.They goes towards them.

Sid hugs swara and congratulates her.He tells her that he was very happy for her as she has presented very well in first project itself.

Swara tells them that it became possible because of her family and friends who has supported and believed her.

Anjali and kushi hugs swara and Congratulates her.meera too congratulates her but swara doesn’t reacts at her meera gets sad seeing this she remembers her previous bonding where swara tells everything to her first meera composes herself because all are present there it is very happy moment for her as her sister got the project .

Sam congratulates his sister bhavi and kushi congratulates her brother adi for succes of their Project.

Rohan see this and jokes that No one is congratulating him as he also helped them in this project and wipes his imaginary tears.

Meera and anjali hugs him and says thanks for helping them after that everyone congratulates three of them .

Swara sees around and tells them that she will come after meeting arnav and devyani.

Swara and friends move upstairs.

After swara left viren comes to anjali and tells her that swara has given a very good presentation.although it is her first presentation she presented really well.

DP comes there and praises swara saying she has very good business skills.

Hearing this sanky gang became shocked because DP never praises anyone even if they perform well .

Lucky rubs his eyes ears and asks is he listening correct or its a dream.

Ragini pinches him and says it’s not a Dream.

Lucky says his dad will never praise anyone.

Kavya says may be he is praising swara because she really preformed well.

Sanskar says lucky not to forget swara is the topper of the class .Lucky says yes.

Sahil says swara has studied medical with them then how come she has done her MBA.

Ragini says that we should ask it from swara only.

Shekhar asks anjali that they know about SK GROUP .It is best company but after the accident of their chairman there is no active participation From them .

Listening this Sid and Meera becomes sad.

But Sid composes and say them after dad accident no one is there to look after the business .as he has many things to look after.

Sid tells them now swara has came so she will manage everything he has full confidence on her and tells them that SK group will get back to its position soon.

As I have already mentioned Singhania and Khurana are family friends.sid parents and swara parents established SK group.after swara parents death whole business is handled by Sid parents.

But unfortunately three years back Sid’s father met with an accident after that no one is their to look after their business properly as Sid has to look after his dad and his profession.

On the other side swara goes to Devayani and takes her blessings Devyani bless es her and congratulates her.

Then she goes to arnav.he congratulates her and says he is very happy and proud of her.

Later everyone comes down.Devyani tells servant to bring sweets from kitchen.

She distributes sweets to everyone.

Adi and Bhavi takes sweets and keeps it in swara and Rohan’s mouth.swara and Rohan’s also does the same.

Sanjay gets jealous seeing swara so close to look rohan.

Screen freezes on happy faces of every one and jealous face of sanky.

Precap : Anjali mehendi.

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