SwaSan Five Shots -Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens…(Part 3)

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Thank u all of u for supporting Piyali and my joint work.

Her Eyes Speak…His Heart Listens… Part 3
Sanskar was still in shock that Swara was blind.
“How can her beautiful eyes not see anything?
How can her starry eyes be lifeless?”
He felt pain inside.Swara’s innocent smile made him more sad.
He thought:How can she smile like this even when her condition is like this?

After breakfast they stood up and moved to the drawing room.Sanskar’s eyes were on Swara…her movements..how she walked without seeing anything…
Varun:Swara…meet Sanskar..you know..we will be working together for the project.
Swara smiled:Hi Sanskar..
Sanskar’s lips shivered:Hi..
Suddenly Varun’s phone rang:Excuse me!
Varun left the room.
Swara:You are the one who came into my room.Right?
Sanskar was shocked.
Sans:How…I mean how did you recognize me without seeing me?
Swara smiled:Your scent made me doubt…your voice made me confirm that you are the same guy.
Sanskar was embarrassed:I am really sorry.I did’nt purposefully enter your room.Amit , my friend wanted to meet Shreya , your sister secretly.I just accompanied him.He had’nt returned on time.So I got inside in search of him.But by mistake I got inside your room.And…I am really sorry.
Hearing his voice itself Swara could imagine how tensed he was.
Suddenly hiding her usual nature and pain behind layers of happiness , she started laughing , .
Slowly Sanskar smiled in relief.
Swara:You are so scared.Chill Sanskar..I am not going to eat you up.

Sanskar smiled shyly.
Swara kept on laughing.Sanskar got lost in her sweet smile.

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere
Falak Tak Chal Saath Chal

He thought:How cute she looks when she smiles.Why did’nt God give her eye sight?

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere
Falak Tak Chal Saath Chal

Sanskar always felt pity for Swara.But that pity turned into likeness and slowly into Love.
After frequent meetings they both became comfortable with each other.
They started working on a project together.
Swara ordered the attender: A tea and a horlicks please.
Sanskar:Tea and Horlicks?For whom?

Swara:Obviously for us.Are you not tired?Don’t you think that we need to have some thing to relax?
Sans:Of course yes.But horlicks…?
Swara:Don’t worry.For you it is the tea.
Sans:Then Horlicks?
Swara:Horlicks is for the cat who wanders around in our building.
Sans:What?Seriously?This cat drinks Horlicks?
Swara started laughing.
Swara:Oh Sanskar..you are so funny.I was just joking and you really believed it.
Sanskar was embarrassed and smiled shyly.

Swara:When the tea is for you definitely the Horlicks will be for me.Right?
Sans:Still you drink Horlicks?
Swara:Yes.Since childhood my mother was giving me Horlicks telling that it gives good energy.I continued that.But now some difference is there.Earlier I was drinking kids’ horlicks and now I am drinking women’s Horlicks.
They both laughed.
Sans:Then please order Horlicks for me also.I don’t want tea.
Swa:But why?
Sans:Just curious to know how Horlicks tastes like.

Swa:Crazy,You have not tasted Horlicks yet?
Sans:No.In childhood I was given plain milk.It was yuck.I hated it and then I noticed elders drinking tea.It was colourful unlike the milk I was drinking and requested my mother to give me tea instead of milk.Because of my constant cry my mother fulfilled my wish and till now I drank only tea.
Swara giggled:That’s so funny.Anyways I will order Horlicks for you also.
Swara ordered for one more Horlicks.
They both sipped Horlicks.
Sans:Wow…it really tastes good.Guess now onwards I should also drink Horlicks like you.
They both giggled.

Yeh Badal Ki Chaadar
Yeh Taaro Ke Anchal
Mein Chup Jaye Hum, Pal Do Pal

After the work got done Swara and Sanskar got out of the building.
It started raining…
Rain drops fell upon them.
Swara closed her eyes and felt the beauty of rain on her skin.

Sanskar opened the umbrella.
Sans:Swara…I will hold the umbrella for you.
Swara:No need Sanskar.I want to enjoy the rain..I want to feel it.It is my best friend.
Swara twirled around in rain.She was very happy.

Sanskar smiled cutely seeing her happy in rain.
Sanskar thought:She looks so innocent,cute and pure in rain.

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere
Falak Tak Chal Saath Chal

The umbrella fell off his hand without his knowledge while he was lost in her.

Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere
Falak Tak Chal Saath Chal (Tashan).

Swara:Sanskar…you too enjoy the rain.It does’nt come always.
He smiled.He stretched his hands to feel the rain and smiled.
Sans:You are right Swara…Rain is wonderful.
Swara smiled:Yes Sanskar…
Sanskar thought:Though Swara can’t see anything she can feel things more than us…Her heart is not blind like our hearts who are blind to the beautiful things of world.

The next day…

Swara was climbing downstairs.Suddenly she slipped.
Swara screamed:Ah…
Suddenly Sanskar held her by her waist.She felt secure in his arms.
Sans:Swara…don’t get scared.I have caught you.You won’t fall down.

Dhaage Tod Laao Chaanadani Se Noor Ke
Ghoonghat Hi Bana Lo Roshani Se Noor Ke )… (2)

Swara was reminded of Laksh saving her from falling into the river in their first meeting.
Sanskar looked at her face deeply.Swara too looked at his face unknowingly.

Sharm Aa Gayi Toh Aaghosh Mein Lo
Ho Saanson Se Ulajhi Rahein Meri Saansein

Swara thought:Why Sanskar is reminding me of Laksh , that day his heartbeat and today too?
She wiped off these thoughts from her mind.
Swara:Thank you Sanskar.
Sans:That means I am not your friend.If you had considered me as your friend would you have thanked me?After all there is no thank you in friendship.
Swara:Sanskar…the day we talked and laughed together for the first time itself I considered you as my friend.
Sanskar realized that Swara was getting emotional.
He looked at her emotionally.

( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2)

After some moments they broke their eye lock.
Sans:I am sorry Swara.I was only joking that you have not considered you as my friend.
Swara:I feel you don’t consider me as your friend.Otherwise why would you say sorry to me?
They both laughed together.
Sans:Swara…don’t go down alone.I will take you down.
Swa:No need Sanskar.I will manage it by myself.Till now I was managing it alone.Right?
Sans:But for my peace of mind I don’t want you to go down alone.I can’t take any risk.
Swa:But Sanskar…
Sans:Don’t say no.
Swara remained silent.
Sanskar held her hand and slowly walked downstairs.
Swara felt nice holding Sanskar’s hand and felt like she was holding her Laksh’s hand.She did not know why but a sweet smile appeared on her face automatically.
Sans:Now I feel peaceful that you have reached down safely.
Swara smiled:You care for me so much Sanskar.You are a real friend.
Sanskar smiled.
Sans:Can I ask you some thing Swara?

Sans:That day when we first met each other why did you call me Laksh?
Swara’s eyes got filled up with tears.
Sans:Who is Laksh?
Swara was reminded of her moments with Laksh and she ran away crying.
Sanskar became upset:Swara!
Sans:Oh no..by mistake I hurt Swara.But why was she hurt like this?

The next day…
Sanskar was doing his work in the room.He was not able to concentrate.
Sans:Swara did’nt reach yet.How will I face her?Is she angry with me?
Suddenly Swara stepped in.He was relieved.
Sans:Swara…are you ok?
Swara nodded.

Sans:I was so upset when you just walked away without saying a word.I know that there is no sorry in friendship.But I really need to say sorry for asking you that question.I am really sorry Swara.
Swa:No need of saying sorry Sanskar.You did’nt ask anything wrong.I just lost control over my emotions.That’s why I…I have to say sorry to you.
Sanskar did not know what to say.
Swa:You want to know who Laksh is.Right?

Laksh was my husband.
Sanskar was shocked:You are married?
Sanskar did not know why..but he felt hurt knowing that she was married.
Sans:Then where is Laksh?
Swara burst into tears:He is no more.
Sanskar again got a shock.
Swara explained their past to him.Sanskar really felt sad for them.
Swara:That day when you came near me I felt you were my Laksh.I felt that my Laksh came back to me , your heart , your heartbeat , it made me remember my Laksh.But no…I lost my Laksh forever..it’s because I am a jinx.I was a bad luck to him.It”s because of that my Laksh lost his life.
Swara was crying.Sanskar caressed her shoulders.
Sans:Swara!No..don’t think that you are a jinx or it’s because of you being bad luck to Laksh that he passed away.No one is a bad luck to anyone.Don’t cry.
Suddenly Swara embraced him crying.
He caressed her softly.

He wiped her tears:These tears do not suit your beautiful eyes Swara.
Swara was silent.

Suddenly something struck Sanskar’s mind.
Sans:Swara…how can the brakes suddenly fail?Don’t you find it mysterious?
Swara:What do you mean Sanskar?
Sans:I find something fishy.What if somebody made the brakes fail purposefully?
Swara asked curiously:Means?
Sans:I mean..what if it was a planned accident?I mean a well planned murder?
Swara was shocked.
He thought of the moments of accident.
Swa:Sanskar…now I also feel that some facts regarding the accident are unknown to us..what if your doubt is right?
Sans:We need to find out the truth Swara.

Swa:But how?
Sans:Don’t worry about that when I am with you.We will join hands together to find out the truth.
They discussed about their plans to reach the truth.
Swara said something to work out their plan.
Sans:Great..it will surely work.
Sanskar and Swara joined their hands together while Swara smiled knowing that she may find the truth and Sanskar smiled seeing her smile.

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