Swasan ff- Your unconditional love (Episode- 8)

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now after many struggles both swasan life was going smoothly. Both finished their college and now both opened a company named S&S. That company was the no 1 company of india

As the time passed, swasan started to love each other more
One day, at afternoon
Ragini- Laksh, Swara, Sanskar! Come down fast. Lunch Is ready!
Laksh- Achha Jhansi ki ragini
Ragini ran to beat him but suddenly felt dizzy and was going to fall but at the nick of time laksh caught her.
Laksh while patting her face- Ragu, my baby, pls open your eyes. Pls na ragu. Sanskar pls call the doctor
Sanskar- ji bhai
Sanskar went to call the doctor meanwhile laksh and swara took her to room
Doctor arrived.
Laksh- doctor see na ragu she is not opening her eyes
Doctor- Sure mr maheshwari

Doctor checked her and came outside. All bombard her with questions
Laksh- Doctor she is fine na. Nothing serious na
Swara- doctor she was fine till now. What happened to her suddenly?
Doctor- Nothing to worry, infact it is a very happy news. Mr mahehwari u r going to become father
Laksh’s happiness had no boundaries. He immediately hugged the doctor very tightly. Doctor was shocked but she got more shocked when swara pushed laksh and hugged that doctor so tightly that she fell on ground
Swara biting her tongue- aa Sorry doctor. I was just a little excited
Doctor laughed at her craziness and went from there

Like this the days passed. Noone allows ragini to work. All take care of her to the core. In that time period laksh became a child. He was not able to enjoy his childhood but destiny made him enjoy that in his child‘s time.
Now almost 8 months passed and it was time for Ragini’s delivery
Ragini was shouting in pain and she was been taken to the operation theatre. Laksh also went with her. During her delivery she slapped Laksh hard
Ragini- U idiot!! All this pain is because of u
Laksh- hawww, even u cooperated
Ragini- just shut up
With that she delivers a baby boy and named him Arnav

Now almost one month passed.

Unknown person- No Sanskar! You can’t do this with me. How can you love that Swara??
Second person- Don’t worry my dear. I will destroy that Swara. She snatched my laddu from me. I hate her to the core. I will kill her.
Unknown person- Yes and ——– will help us in this plan.
Both laugh evilly

Swara and Sanskar were sitting in their cabin. Suddenly someone knock on the door.
Sanky- Yess come in.
Sanskar’s new PA came there.
PA- Goodmorning sir and mam. My name is Uttara and I am your new PA.
Sanskar was tearyeyed listening to Uttara’s name
Swara very well knew what he might be feeling and she was equally hurt but she stayed strong in front of him
Swara- Goodmorning miss Uttara.
PA- Mam here is the file of Sankar sir and your next meeting.
Swara- Thankyou. Now you may leave
After she goes, Swara hugs Sanskar tightly.
Sanskar- Swara our Uttu will be fine na
Swara- yes sanky. She would be fine. We will find her at any cost.

Sanskar was chasing two girls.
Sanskar- Swara!! Uttara!! Please stop. I cant bear this anymore. Please give me back my chocolate,
Uttara- bhaiyu Promise me that you will teach me ri de a cycle
Sanskar- Promise
Uttara hugs him in excitement
Uttara- Thanq bhaiya. You are the best
Swara- Hawww Uttu you forgot me. I only gave you this idea.
Uttara- Are swara didi how can I forget you. You both are my life and I cant ever forget you. All share a group hug.

Sanskar- Swara who might have kidnapped her?
Swara said I don’t know.
While Uttara was listening to their talks emotionally. Bhaiya I know that how difficult it is for both of you to live like this. ( Agar unhe aise dekha ni jara to jakar bata kyun nahi deti??) I will surely save u both from both of them.
Days passed like this and Sanskar didn’t like uttara a bit because she always reminds him of his sister Uttara.

Swara was getting ready in her room. Suddenly someone backhugged her.
Swara- Sanskar
Sanskar- Swara
Swara- What are u doing here?
Sanskar- I came here to meet my beautiful to be wifey
Swara- Sanskar have some shame
Sanskar- achha Swara I came to tell you that today all our college friends will come in our engagement except tanu, fruity, manu
Swara- hmm I understand. They are ias officer and they didn’t got holiday
Sanskar- yeah
Swara- Is that chipkali also coming
Sanskar- kavita?
Swara make faces- yes. Chipkali kahi ki. She is always behind you
Sanskar- hahaha swara. Ok tell that is that Chipku also coming?
Swara- no. He said that he cant see me getting engaged to someone else
Sanskar- thankgod
Swara- Sanskar. Uttara is also coming
Sanskar- oh no. This girl na. She always irritates me as if I m her brother rather than boss.
Swara- hmmm
Sanskar- ok now let me help you in getting ready.
He took some jewelleries and made her ready while doing romance.

Now Swara and Sanskar were were waiting for their friends.
Sanskar- Swrara look. Mishti, Sahil, Rahul, Siddhant, Mohit, Kavita, Satvik all came
Swara – yess
They both greeted them and hugged them one by one
Swara was about to hug Sanskar in excitement but Kavita came in between and she hugged Sanskar. Swara felt hurt. Sanskar saw all this and was feeling angry on Kavita but controlled himself. He departed from kavita and hugged Swara. Kavita was burning in jealousy.

Swasan went to stage and kavita was badmouthing about Swara to old ladies guests.
When marriage ceremony started, Swara inserted ring in sanskar’s hand and when Sanskar was going to insert, suddenly the ring fell nd it fell in front of Kavita.
All guest started talking bad about Swara
One lady- Look at this chori. How shameless. Ate up her parents now planning to destroy this boy’s life
Kavita gave a winning smile towards a lady

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    awesome part fruityy.. huh! this never ending chipkali… btw, maybe we can call true love of Kavita toward Sanskar 😀

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