SwaSan FF : Tu Mera Humsafar Season 2 Part 4 By Goldie the

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Heeya Guyz..Firstly Sorry fr nt Posting fr Lloonngg Time..bt Kya Karu iss Off Air ki News n Drama ne Mera Saara Mood Khrb karr rakha hai..I really dnt knw Wat wats Ryt n Wats Wrong..Is it jst Runours or Some Prank by Stars to Increase Trp..I really Clue Less..Sometimes We get A Hope n den Sometimes No Hope..Its all Soo Confusing n Irritating..Isiliye m Really Depressed thinking Hw will I Stay widout MY SWASAN ????..I really Hope OUR Show n OUR SWASAN are Safe..Plzz Guyz Do Watch da Show on Tv n Keep Trending Plzz..I dnt wanna Loose My SwaSan ??..*FingersCrossed*..Hoping fr The Best..Nw Enough..Lets Strt the Part. Hope U all will Like it :).

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Recap : SwaSan Reception..Swara Humiliated..Sanskaar n Shekhar Stand fr Swara..Swara’s FlashBak..


Tu Mera Humsafar
Part 4

The Part Strts wid Sanskaar Keeping His Hands on Lost Swara’s Shoulder n Consoling Her wid All Love n Support making Swara feel Lil Relieved n Relaxed wid Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm Her Beautiful Eyes Continously Yet Silently in Love n Overwhelmness..

Sanskar : ( Consoles ) Ssh.Bas Swara..Hw Long will U think abt Past Haa ? Jo hogaya so Hogaya Swara..U only.said na ki We shud nt Live in Past soo Deeply ki It Strts Effecting Our Present n Future..Den Y r U doing this Haa ?? Uss Din jo hua We cnt Change it Swara..Coz its Our Past bt Jo aane wala Kal hai Usku toh We cn Make Better na by Moving On..Hai Na ??

Swara : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Sanskaar Immediately ) Haa I knw Sanskaar..We cnt Change da Past bt Ppl who Taunt Me fr it .That Hurts Me alot..n Saath main They Taunt n Curse My Parents..Maine kuch nhi kiya bt Ppl along wid Me Blame My Parents Upbrining n their Love. Release da Hug n Sobs ) Uu knww Sanskaar..My Relatives alwyz Used to tell Me to Use My Papa’s Name fr College or fr anyother thing bt.My Papa Never Supported them..He alwyz Taught Me to Stand by Myself n to Earn My Name Myself..He was Alwyz Proud of Me n His Teachings..bt ( Fumbles ) Bbt Today Wen Ppl were Taunting Me na I saw His Head Down..Unki Beti ne aisa kuch nhi kiya bt still He Kept His Head Down all coz of Me..Agr main Uss Waqt Sid ke Baatoon main nhi aati toh This all wudnt have Happened .I shud have thot Wisely That Time..Y will anyone give such a Big Responsibility of taking care of His Own Relative to someone who jst Passed Out n has No Experience..Its all of Me ( Cries Bitterly ) n Today First Time I saw My Papa Clarifyong Me on front of All..He used to Ignore Everyone who used to Tease or Irritate Me n Used to Trust Me n Never Used His Name to Save Me bt Today First Time My Papa Opened His Mouth to Clarify Me n dat too Rebealws He is Hie Name to Save Me..M a Bad Daughter ( Sobs )

As Swara was Cursing Herself fr Her Parents Insult,Shekhar n Sharmistha who were Standing n Listening their Daughter were Teary Eyes n were Broken seeing their Life..their Daughter in this Broken State bt were Happy n Relieved too seeing Her in A Safe n A Protective Hands of Sanskaar making dem Overwhelmed n Happy..

Shekhar : ( Enters da Room ) No Shona..Stop Blaming Urself fr da Thing wich U have nt Done..U r nt at Fault at all . Samjhi? ? ( Fake Anger )

Shomi : Haa Beta..Dnt Blame Urself ( Swara Brks da Hug n Sees SheMish wid Teary Eyes )..U r nt all A Shame on Us.. bt ( Cups Swara’s Face ) U r Still OUR PRIDE SHONA..Coz jo tune kiya is nt at all.A Easy Job..M Round of U ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly )

Shekhar : ( Goes Near Swara n Cupped Swara’s Face ) Haa B
My Princess..U took Such a Brave Decision to SAVE SANSKAAR..At the Time Wen U were Totally Heart Broken..Jiss Waqt U needed a Shoulder to Cry On U Gave Ur Shoulder to Support Sanskaar..M Proud Of U..U MARRIED SANSKAAR fr His RIGHTS..its A Big thing..n No One have Guts to do all these Wen She Herself is in Prblm..U r My Pride Shona So dnt U Ever Blame Urself..ok ??

Swara : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Shekhar ) Thnk U Papa..U r da Best.. ( Closes Her Teary Eyes )

Shekhar : ( Release da Hug n Holds Swara’s Shoulders ) Shona jo hogaya so hogaya. Nw Lets Discuss da Further Plan coz its ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Comes Near Shekhar on Wheel Chair ) No Papa..I guess.We shud Let Swara Rest nw..Aaj jo bhi kuch Function maim uske baad She is Alrdy Tired..So i think We shud let Her Rest fr nw n rahi baath Plan ki toh We cn Discuss it Later..We have ( Intrerupted )

Swara : No Sanskaar..We cnt Delay in Our Plan anymore..M Absolutely Fine..dnt worry abt Me..aaj ke baad its More Important to Proceed in Our PLAN b4 its Late..

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Bt Swara..U r nt Fine..den Hw cn We ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Sanskaar ( Bends n Holds Sanskaar’s Hands ) M Fine..Dnt Worry..n Its nt Time to Rest..Rest karne ke liye Puri Life hai bt fr Our Plan We dnt have..N U knw dat..

Sanskaar : ( Still Hesitates ) Bbt.. ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Kaha na..Dnt U Understand in One Time..Unalwyz do this..Maine Kaha We will Proceed wich means WE WILL..Ok ? ( Keeps on Scolding whilr Sanskaar Keeps A Pout )

While Both Swara n Sanskaar were having their Cute Moments n Swara was Scolding Sanskaar,SheMish who were Seeing them Laughed n Enjoyed SwaSan’s Cute Fight n Sanskaar’s Pout making both Swara n Sanskaar Embarrassed n Sanskaar..

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Shekhar see Our Shona Ordering Sanskaar like She does U ( Giggles )

Shekhar : ( Chuckles ) Off Course Mishti ( Goes n Holds Swara Bu Her Two Sides of Shoulder ) She is My Princess n She cn do anything..n apne Pati pe hi toh Hukum chala rahi hai so wats Wrong in it Haa ? ( Winks at Swara ) Kyoun hai na Shona? ?

Swara : ( Giggles ) Haa Papa..

Shomi : Ok Bas Bas..If U both Father n Daughter r Done wid Ur Masti..den Stop ( Goes towards Sanskaar ) Teasing My Son..He is jst Worried fr His Wife. Hai Na Sanskaar ?

Sanskaar : ( Pout Face ) Haa Maa..

Shekhar : Ok Ok Sorry.. ( Serious ) Jokes Apart..nw Lets Discuss Our Plan..

Shomi : Haa Swara n Sanskaar..Its High Time We Take Our Nxt Step..coz den Only U both cn Proceed ahead..

Swara : ( Determined ) Haa Maa..Kal We will Announce da HIDDEN CLAUSE of Ram Papa’s Wjll wich will Shock Sid to the Core ( Smirks Winningly ) den We cn Give Sanskaar all HIS RIGHTS…

Shekhar : ( Blessed Swara ) Haa Beta..We will..Nw Go n Sleep its Quite Late n Kal Some Foreign Delegates r too Coming na to Meet U Both n too Congratulate U both..Its really Important fr U both to Look Fresh.. ( Smiles ) Good Night. .

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Shekhar ) Haa Papa..Good Night ( Hugs Shomi ) Good Night Mumma..

SheMish : ( Smiles n Kisses Swara’s Head ) Good Night Princess..

Shekhar : ( To Sanskaar ) n Sanskaar..Dnt Take Tension Everything will be Fine Kal..n Swara n Hum sab jo karrahe hai its fr U n Ur Betterment..Ram agr aaj hota toh He wud have Done da Same thing wich We r doing..Ok ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Uncle..I TRUST U ALL..Especially ( Sees Swara ) SWARA ( Realized ) Iii mean U.. ( Scared )

Shekhar : ( Laughs ) Its Ok..She is Ur Wife..n Insaan apne Biwi pe nbi toh kispe karega Trust..So No need to Hesitate.. ( Giggles )

As Shekhar Teased Sanskaar,Both Swara n Sanskaar Turned Crimson Red n were Embarrassed making SheMish to Giggle n Enjoy More..Soon SheMish somehow Composed themselves n Left the Room Closing da Door frm Out ( Guyz SheMish jst Closed da Door frm Out did nt Lock ) making Both Swara n Sanskaar Feel More Embarrassed n Awkward due to Silence between them.As both were Silent Swara went towards da Balcony to Avoid da Awkwardness wid Her Red n Blushing Face making Sanskaar to Notice n Smile Slightly Rising An Unknown Feeling in His Heart making Him too to Blush n Turn Crimson Red..

Swara : ( Diverts da Topic ) Hmm ( Frm Balcony ) Sanskaarr..Come Here na..See ( Sprds Her Hands n Turns Round n Enjoys ) na kitni Thandi Hawa hai..it feels soo Fresh n ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Comes Near Balcony ) Offo Swara. Stop it..See hw Cold it is..Sardi hojayegi..Pehle hi U r Allergic to Cold..Come In.. ( Worried )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Arrey Nhi Sanskaar..m nt Allergic to Cold..it was jst A Small Prank on U wich I did dat Time ( Chuckles ) n U Thot its Real.( Giggles Agn )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) WHAT?? Prank ?.

Swara : ( Chuckles ) Haa Prank..Nw Leave all these n ( Drags Sanskaar’s Wheel Chair in Balcony ) Come Out..its soo Pleasant Here. . ( Inhales da Cold Air )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles seeing Swara’s Antics ) It is..bt U knw na..Yeh Hawa jitni Acchi hai utni hi Buri bhi hai..After all its Cold Air of Winter..n U r Medical Student so Knw abt it V Well..bt still U r ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offo Sanskaar ( Comes Infront of Sanskaar n Keeps Her Hands on Waist ) Mana M A Medical Student bt Medical Field se hone ke Matlab it Doesnt Mean We cnt Enjoy. .Come On We also Love to Enjoy Our Lives ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ok Sorry..i was jst ( Sees Swara’s Pout ) Accha Leave all these..Sit Here ( Makes Her Sit on Chair ) n Tell Me Wats Ur Passion ?? I mean all Apart frm being A Doctor U myt have some Hidden Wish or Passion na ?,

Swara : Hmm..No Sanskaar..I Alwyz wanted to be A Doctor..jabse I Unferstoo da Meaning of Career I alwyz Dreamth of being A Doctor nthing else.. ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : Hmm Nyc..bt Y Doctor only ?? Mera matlab..Shekhar Uncle is A Big Lawyer..Sharmistha Aunty was also did Heraw Study..bt den Y U thot od being a Doctor?? Completely Different frm Ur Parents ?? Any Reason ?? ( Curious )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa.Wajeh toh Hai..tabse Woh Hadsa ( Incident ) hua hai na I Alwyz Dreamth of Being A Doctor n Cure Patients.. ( Lost in Her Own Thots wid Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Hadsa ?? Wat Incident Swara ?,

Swara : ( Realized ) Ahmm Woh.Kuch nhi..Bas ( Wipes Her Tears ) nthing Important..Jab Waqt aayega will Tell U bt nt nw..(Tries to Control Her Tears )

Sanskaar : ( Confused bt Ignores ) Accha Ok Fine..Np..Tell Me wen U Feel Like..No Force.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) Thnks ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Khair ( Wipes Her Remaining Tears ) Leave all these..U tell Me ( Sees Sanskaar wid A Naughty Smiles ) Wats Ur Passion??

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Hmn Well..I alwyz Wanted to be A WRITER frm Childhood..I Never Wanted to be A Business Man..I jst dnt like all these Business n its Tricks..I mean these Protection..these Body Guards Etc..it feels like U r Trapped in some Cage..Writer na Alwyz r Free to Live their Own Life..I mean Jo woh Feel karte hai They cn Express it in their Writing Directly n Indirectly Both..bt Business Man cnt..He has some Limitations n Social Life wich I dnt Like..( Teary Eyes ) bt b4 I cud even Understand My Passion More..I was ( Stops in Sadness )

Swara : ( Understands ) Oh..Wow.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Awsum..Mast Passion Hai Sanskaar Tumhara..If U have A Passion of Writing den did U ever Try to write anything..I mean fr Urself..or fr Someone.. ( Curious )

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Well Swara..Ek Secret Bolu ?? Bt Promise Me U wont tell anyone abt this .Pakka ? …

Swara : ( Excited ) Wow Secret..wat Secret Sanskaar?? Plzz tell Me Pakistan I wont tell anyone.. ( Swears by Throat ) Pakka Promise..

Sanskaar : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Woh Actually I Write Poetries n Somw Small Artjcles fr A Page n A Blog by da Name of Anjaan Shayar..( Shocked seeing Swara’s Expressions ) Swara ?? ( Shakes Swara ) Kya nua ?? Y Staring like this ?? R u fine ? ( Worried n Shakes Agn )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Matlab woh Anjaan Shayar is U who Wrote A Poetry On Love on Love Blog ?? ( Blank )..

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Haa.bt ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Jumps in Happiness ) OMG..OMG..Srsly..Plzz ( Forwards Her Hands towards Sanskaar ) Sanskaarr Pinch Me..M I Dreaming?? ( Ovee Excited ) The Unknown Yet Well Knwn Writer of Love Blog is MY HUSBAND..Wow ( Hugs Sanskaar in Excitement ) M Soo Happy ( Release da Hug ) U knw wat Sanskaar..I jst Love those Poetries n da Writer alot..I mean Kya Mast likhte ho Sanskaar..Its jst Amzing..I jst Love it..U knw wat..I Sometimes felt n Wished ki Kash I wud Marry that Anjaan Shayar coz den He wud all the Time Praise n Write Poetries on Me..I was Literally MAD fr that Anjaan Shayar.bt ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) Nw Super Duper Haply coz Its U..My Anjaan Shayar is My OWN HUSBAND ..Wow..Isnt it Amzing ( Excited n Hugs Agn )

While Swara Hugged Sanskaar n Expressed All Her Excitement n Happiness to Sanskaar,He was All Shocked n Blank seeing Swara’s Madness fr An Unknown Shayar..Even though its Him bt Some Unknown Jealousy Rised in His Heart thinking wat wud have Happened if Unknown Shayar was nt Him..As Sanskaar was Lost in His Own Thots of Jealousy Swara Realized Her Position n Immediately Parted Herself n Composes Herself n felt Embarrassed n Blushed Slightly making Sanskaar to Come Bak to Senses n Smile Slightly Yet Unknowingly seeing Swara’s Blushness n Smiled Bak Normally..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Woh..Mm Sorry..I was jst..Mm Sorry ( Worried )

Sanskaar : Its Ok..Np..Swara..I Understand..Ur Reaction is Expected One..agr tumhare Jagah koi aur Ladki bhi hoti toh She wud have Reacted da Same..So No need to get Embarrassed..( Smiles )

Swara : ( Jealous in Mind ) Koi aur Hoti toh Matlab ?? What does He Mean ?? Hw cn He jst Tell like that..Huh.. ( To Sanskaar wid Fake Smile ) Hmmm ( Feels Cold ) Ahm Sanskaar..Lagta hai Sardi badh rshi hai..We shud go inside..b4 We Catch Cold..ok na ?

Sanskaar : Haa Swara Ryt..This Really Gettjng Cold..

Swara : ..Ha..Ok..Wait..First Let Me Move this ( Goes towards da Balcony Curtains ) Curtains warna it will get Stuck in Ur Wheel Chair..( Walks towards Sanskaar Agn ) Nw Come. .

As Swara was Walking towards Sanskaar,Her Foot gets Twisted n As a Result She Falls on Sanskaar’s Arms Burrying Her Face in His Chest Feeling His Warmth making Both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Numb due to Sudden Incident n were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes wid Sanskaar’s Hands on Her Waist Forgetting abt their Awkwardness n Situation..

Hey Humnava Mujhe Apna Bana Le
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De

Hmm..Hoon Akela, Zara Haath Badha De
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De

Kab Se Main Dar Dar Phir Raha
Musaafir Dil Ko Panaah De
Tu Awaargi Ko Meri Aaj Thehra De
Ho Sake Toh Thoda Pyaar Jataa De
Sookhi Padi Iss Dil Ki Zameen Ko Bhiga De..

While Both were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes,Swara Came in Senses n Tried to Get Up bt due to Sudden Fall Her Mangalsutra gets Stuck in Sanskaar’s Shirt Button making Her to Fall in His Arm Agn bringing dem More Closer..As Swara Fell in His Arms Agn Sanskaar Somehow Composed Himself n Tried to Remove da Mangalsutra bt Failed n as a Result Sabskaar Made Swara Sit in His Lap V Close to His Chest n Moved Towards da Room Feeling Her Constant Gaze On Him making Him Feel Awkward n Nervous..While Swara Stared Sanskaar Lovingly,She too Feels His Gaze on Her bt at the Time Felt His Hot Breath on Her Nape giving A Ticklish Feeling in Her Stomach making Her Blush n Enjoy His Closeness..

Murjhaayi Si Shaakh Pe Dil Ki
Phool Khilte Hain Kyun
Baat Gulon Ki Zikr Mehak Ka
Acha Lagta Hai Kyun
Un Rango Se Tune Milaaya
Jinse Kabhi Main Mill Na Paaya

Dil Karta Hai Tera Shukriya
Phir Se Bahaare Tu Laa De
Dil Ka Soona Banjar Mehka De
Sukhi Padi Dil Ki Is Zameen Ko Bhiga De…

Soon Swara n Sanskaar Reached inside their Room n Freed themselves by Removing Swara’s Mangalsutra frm Sanskaar’s Shirt n Both Headed towards Their Respective Bed Sites wid An Unknown Smile on their Faces n Drifted into A Peacefull n A Pleasant Sleep Remembering their Recent Incident wid a Peaceful Smile on their Faces..

Hmm..Hoon Akela, Zara Haath Badha De
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De

Waise Toh Mausam Guzre Hain
Zindagi Mein Kayi
Par Ab Naa Jaane Kyun Mujhe Wo
Lag Rahe Hain Haseen

Tere Aane Par Jaana Maine
Kahin Na Kahin Zinda Hoon Main
Jeene Lagaa Ab Ye Fizaayein
Chehre Ko Chhooti Hawaayein

Inki Tarah Do Kadam Toh Badha Le
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De
O..Hoon Akela, Zara Haath Badha De
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De…


Next Day

Afternoon 4pm

Time Passed n its 4 in da Afternoon
n its Time fr the Foreign Clients to Come..n Both Swara n Sanskaar were getting Ready in their Own Dresses making dem Look Really Magical n Heavenly..Swara Wore A Black Simple Blue Kurti wid White Plazo wid Minim Make Up n wid A Pinch of Red Sindoor in Her Hair Line n A Mangalsutra Around Her Neck making Her Look Simole Yet Stunning n Gorgeous where Sanskaar Wore A Black Suit n White Shirt Looking Simply Dashing n Handsome..Soon Both came Down Sanskaar Attended da Foreign Clients wid Shekhar n Siddhant while Swara n Shomi Went to Kitchen see Preparations of Meals n Snacks..

Mr Gill : ( Shakes Hands wid Sanskaar ) Congratulate Mr Maheshwari..Wish U A Very Happy Married Life.. ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands Nak ) Thnk U Mr Gill..M Glad U Especially Came Here to Wish Us..It means alot..

Mr Gill : ( Laughs ) Ohh Come On Mr Maheshwari I knw We Never Met Frequently coz all da Deals r Done wid Mr Siddhant bt It doesnt Mean We cn Ignore U..After all Ur Dad Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari is My Old Client n We r doing Business Together Since Yrs..So this much I cn do..U r Like My Son..

Sanskaar : Thnk Once Agn Mr Gill..Plzz Come n Have A Seat..( Welcomes wid A Smile )

Soon Mr Gill n Other Foreign Clients Came In Sat while Swara wid Shomo came wid Snacks n Other Food Stuffs Impressing n Making The Clients Happy n Impressed..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hello Sir.. ( Serves da Snacks ) Have this … ( n abt to Serve Other Snacks bt Stopped )

Mr Gill : No Mrs Maheshwari..Plzz Have a Seat..Stop Serving..Dnt Stress Uself..We will Take Ourselves..Relax ( Smiles n Sips A Tea )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnks Sir.. ( Sits besides Sanskaar )

Mr Gill : Well Mr Mark must say Ur Wife is Really Beautiful n Talented too.. ( Sips A Tea Agn ) Tea is Really Amzing.. ( Praises Swara )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Keeps His Palm on Swara ) Thnks Mr Gill..Its My Luck dat I got ( Sees Swara ) Swara as My Wife..

Mr Fernandas : Yes Indeed its Ur Luck ( Smirks Evilly ) Otherwise A Handicapped getting A Beautiful n A Talented Wife is Nt more dan A Miracle or Luck ( Sees Smirking Siddhant n Smirks too Secretly )

As The Other Foreign Client Insulted Sanskaar,Swara n SheMish who Heard Him Fumed in Anger while Sanskaar Felt Embarrassed n Loosen His Grip frm Swara’s Hands making Siddhant to Smirk Evilly n Winningly..

Swara : ( Feels da Loosen Grip ) Sanskaarr. ( Fumes in Anger ) Well Mr Fernandas..Yes U r Right..Its Mere His Luck dat I came in His Life bt at da same time its MY LUCK too dat ( Nw Swara Golds Sanskaar’s Palms ) HE CAME in MY LIFE..Its Both of Our Luck dat We both came in Eachother’s Life..We both Myt be Opposite n Totally Different frm Eachother bt We doo Share a Spcl Relationship b/w..He myt Be Handicapped m nt Medically Fit like Us bt He Never Became a Burden on Us like Ppl like Us become on others sometimes ( Confidently ) He is MY HUSBAND n If anyone Speaking agnst My Husband I wont Forgive.. ( Stares Angrily )

While Swara Stood fr Sanskaar Confidently,SheMish n Mr Gill who Heard Swara Felt Proud n were Impressed by While Mr Fernandas n Siddhant Fumed n Swara Angrily making Mr Gill to Divert the Topic..

Mr Gill : ( To Mr Fernandas ) Ohh Comeon Fernandas..Dnt be Soo Narrow Minded..Frm wen U Strtd Believing this Nonsense Haa?? Its all jst Simply Nonsense..Being Handicapped or Medically Unfit is nt A Fault..its all on Fate..n dnt Forget U were also A Handicapped b4.( Fires Bak )

Listening Mr Gill,Mr Fernandas who Taunted Sanskaar was Nw Embarrassed n Felt Guilty making Siddhant More Angry n Frustrated while Swara Smirked Winningly at Siddhant..Soon Time Passes n its Dinner Time All the Men were Sitting on Dining Table while Swara n Sharmistha Sat wid their Respective Partners n were Having their Dinner wen Siddhant made An Excuse of A Phone Call n Went towards da Kitchen making Shekhar n Swara Feel Doubtfull n Fishy..

Siddhant : Excuse Me Mr Gill..If U dnt mind will U Excuse Me fr Few Minutes..Actually have an Important Call to Make..So if U dnt Mind..I will be Bak in Sometime.. ( Smiles )

Mr Gill : Off Course Mr Siddhant..U r Excused..No need to be Gornal Plzz..Its Ur Hours Only ( Laughs )

Siddhant : ( Laughs too ) Thnks..U ( To Sanskaar ) Guyz Carry On I will be Bak..Ok Bhai ?

Sanskaar : Haa Sure Sid..Take ur Time ( Smiles )

Siddhant : Thnks Bhai.. ( Leaves )

As soon as Siddhant Left Swara Singalled Shekhar n Left Behind Siddhant making An Excuse too to the Foreign Clients making Sanskaar Confused n Worried..Soon Swara Reached da Kitchen behind Siddhant n was shocked seeing Siddhant Mixing A Powder like thing in Sanskaar’s Juice wid A Winning Smirk making Swara feel Disgusted n Angry..

Siddhant : ( Mixes Powder ) Nw let Me see My Dear Handicapped Bhai hw wi U be able to Save Ur Self Respect..( Stirs ds Juice n Smirks Evilly ) abb Yeh Nashe ki Dawa in Ur Juice will Make U totally Mad n Loose ur Senses jisse U Urself will nt knw ki Wat U r Doing..n Ur Poor Newly Weddded Wife SWARA who Supports U n Takes Ur Stand na will be Embarrassed n Feel Low infront of Everyone coz of U fr the Very First Time..Amzing na ( Laughs Evilly )

While Siddhant Blurted Out His Plan to Himself Unaware of Swara Hearing it Enjoyed Hie Plan while Swara Fumed in Anger n Felt Disgusted..Soon Siddhant Made a Mark on Sanskaar’s Juice n Ordered da Servant n to give da Marked Juice to Sanskaar n Left frm thr Happily making Swara feel more Disgusted Went inside da Kitchen n Exchanged da Glasses n came Out Smirking Winningly making da Servants Happy n Relieved abt Sanskaar’s Health..


Maheshwari Mansion Hall

Night 8pm

Time Flew n its 8 in da Night n Foreign Clients were Still Present n n having their Night Tea n other Drinks wen Siddhant all of A Sudden Stood n Strtd Behaving like A Mad All Lost His Senses making Sanskaar n Foreign Clients Confused n Shocked while Swara n SheMish Smirked Winningly n Controlled their Laugh making Sanskaar to Understand n Shocked..

Siddhant : ( Drunk ) La..La..La.. ( Turns Around Like Mad ) Bhai..I Won..Yahoo..See I Topped My Maths Exams.. ( Giggles ) Hai na Amzing..I never Passed My Maths Exams bt see Today I Passed ( Goes towards Sanskaar n Whisper Slowly ) U Knw Y ?? ( Turns Round Agn ) Coz I CHEATED..m A CHEATER ( Laughs Madly ) Hai na Amzing Baath.. ( Laughs n On Blabbering in Drunk State )

As Siddhant was Blabberojg Himself Madly,The Foreign Clients who were Present thr were Shocked n Surprised seeig Siddhant while Swara Smirked Winningly bt Gulped in Fear seeing Sanskaar’s Angry Glare n Told the Truth naking Sanskaar more Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Swara..What’s all this ?? I knw Siddhant is doing all these coz of U..tell Me Kya kiya tumhe Iske saath ?? N that too wen Our Spcl Guests r Here..I knw U Hate Siddhant bt iska matlab yeh bilkul bhi nhi hai ki U Insult Someone soo Badly..Never Expected this frm U..U Disappointed Me Swara..srsly.. ( Angrily )

Swara : ( Angry too ) Ohh Is it soo ?? I Disappointed U ?? De Let Me Tell U Mr Maheshwari agr maine yeh nhi kiya hota na toh Instead of Siddhant U wud have been doing all these infront of Ur Spcl Guests..U shud Thnks Me fr Saving U bt U ?? Huh.. Srsly Unbelievable ( Makes Faces )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Main ?? N Siddhant ke Jagah ?? Matlab ?

Swara : Matlab yeh ki Siddhant ko koi Call nhi aaya tha aur na koi Important Call karna tha..it was all His Plan to go to Kitchen n Mix some Powder in yr Juice jisse U wud Behave like A Mad n Urself Insult Urself..Samjhe ??

Shekhar : Haa Sanskaar..Swara is Right..Woh toh Accha hua Swara Followed Siddhant n Bak Fired His Plan on Himself only..Warna Ram ki jo itni Saalo ki Mehnat tni wid Mr Gill wud have been Destroyed..

Shomi : N Beta dnt worry Siddhant ko Zaada Dose nhi diya gaya..its jst A Small Dose jo Half n Hour main Uther jayega.. ( Assures )

Soon wen Sanskaar came to knw the Truth He was Guitly n was abt to Apologies Swara wen all of a Sudden Siddhant who all Drunk n Mad Fell on SANSKAAR’S FEET n Rubbed His Nose Madly on Ground in Madness Widout Realizing His Deeds making Sanskaar Shocked n Numb..

Siddhant : ( Madly ) Bhai..Plzx dnt tell Ram Uncle abt tnis na Plzz ( Holds Sanskaar’s Feet ) I Request U..Plzz ( Blabbers Madly )

As Siddhant was Behaving Mad n was Holding Sanskaar’s Feet Unknowingly in Drunken State,
Swara Who saw all these Laughed Secretly n Enjoy the Scn Full Heartedly Yet Secretly making Sanskaar to Fall fr Swara Even More seeing Her Cute Yet Funny Expressions giving SheMish a Reason to Smile n Bless Swara n Sanskaar Both wid Tears of Happiness Flowing frm their Eyes Continously Yet Silently..Soon Somehow Siddhant was Brought into Senses n was Made Him Drink Water n made Him feel Better n da Situation was Normal Yet Agn making Everyone Normal n Causual..As Everyone was Normal Shekhar Came wid A File n Handed to Mr Gill making Siddhant Confused while SwaSan n SheMish Smirked Winningly Yet Secretly..

Shekhar : Ahm Mr Gill..I hope U Remember abt A Matter n abt His WILL I told U Yrs bak on Ram’s Death ?,

Mr Gill : Yes Mr Gadodia I do remember..n I also Remember U told U will Disclose it wen Time comes..So Y nw ? ( Confused ). .

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Coz Right Time has Come Mr Gill.. ( Hands A File ) n Here is da WILL of Ram wich has A HIDDEN CLAUSE in it wich Only Me n Ram knew abt it..bt Nw I feel its Right Time to Reveal da Clause to Everyone Especially to Swara n Sanskaar..

Mr Gill : ( Still Confused ) Bt Whats in it ?? Wat Hidden Clause ??

Shekhar : U Urself Open n see it Mr Gill..Coz its Equally important fr U to knw da Clause as U r Our Business Partner since Yrs..n being A Legal Advisor n A Honest Lawyer its My Duty to Inform U..

Soon Mr Gill Opens da File n Reads Ram’s Will Loudly Making Siddhant Shocked n Surprised while SheMish n SwaSan Smirked Winningly seeing Siddhant’s Sweaty n Blank Face wid Tears of Blankness n Anger Flowing frm His Eyes Continously making Him to Fume in Anger n Frustration Even More wid A Feelings of Revenge Arising in Hie Heart Showing all His Hatred n Revenge..


Precap : Hidden Clause Revealed..


Tadaa..Finally..Phew !!

Done wid Another Part of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2..Hope U Liked It..I knw its Quite Boring Yet A Suspense Filled Epi..U all Myt Feel Like Throwing Draggers on Me fr Leaving da Part at Suspense n at Cliff ??..N U wont feel like Commenting to Scold Me bt still Hoping U Liked it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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  1. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear loved it Post soon dear

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      Thanks. .will Continue soon 🙂

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        awesme..post next episode?

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    Awesome dear loved it 🙂

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  3. Simin

    Sid deserves this
    Good to see swasan supporting eo

  4. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm yr .loved it ….

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    Awesome dear.. Continue soon..

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    yeesss,,, payback time…bravo Swara….

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  9. Scooby

    Swasan scenes wr aeesome and chapie too… hey sid plan bckfired haha..
    post nct part soon.. interesting

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  10. Hi goldie….
    Am biggest fan of ur all ff stories…i gave cmt u in fb…but i dnt get response…i felt bit disappointed….but no problem..i always read and cmt ur stories….

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Firstly Thnks alot Dear fr Liking My Wrk..It means alot..n Secondly Thnks agn fr Commenting on FB n as well as Here..N Sorry fr nt Replying U..I do Read all da Comments Dear bt dnt reply to anyone..coz Replying to each n every comment is nt possible on fb..hope u understand bt i do reply bak Here on Tellyupdates..So I will Reply u Here..

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    awesome….uff a cliffhanger! Sid should get insulted more….how dare he mess with swasan

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