swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 44

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Hello guys extremely sorry for late….
Coming to story i have no early plans to sperate swasan as i just read a story on wattpad in swasan only and it was so touching it literally brought tears in my eyes….. the way destiny seperated them and all and i learned alot i know my writing skills suck but we all here to learn so am learning and i know i will learn and present something good to you……

Just be with my side always…..

How good it feels when your morning starts in the arms of those who is your life……
The same was with swasan they were just happy….they just got what was their’s……

Swara woke first……it was quite morning….then she saw sanskaar clutching her even more tightly….she looked at him and smiled and just glanced over herself…..
Her body was filled woth love bites and all…..
She just love the way how he loved her and claims her his……

She was staring at him….when she heard his voice

Sanskaar : well staring is bad……
Swara got surprised as he was awake…..
Till now sanskaar has opened his eyes and was watching her with a smirk……
Swara : hmm well its not bad till i am not watching anyother guy…..its my husband and i have that right……

Sanskaar : hmm well it seems that you are little bit possessive for your husband…..

Swara : well i am…
And why shouldn’t i my hubby is the most handsome man in the world…..then i would be possessive……
Sanskaar : ahaaa is it so well in that case i should be more possessive than you coz my wife is damn beautiful…..and i wont tolerate any guy staring at her…..
Swara : oh my cute chubby maheshwari!!!
Sanskaar : impossible…..
Swara turned then she felt pain in her body she winced…..
Swara : aah owch….
Sanskaar : swara what happened u fine???
Swara : hmm body is paining….
She blushes….coz its all beacause of their love making sessions…..
Sanskaar understood it….
Sanskaar : shit am damn sorry swara…..its all because of me am really really sorry i should have been gentle to you…. am sorry
He was blaberring when swar kissed him to sshh him…..
She was kissing him while he was in shock….he didnt get the time to reciprocate when she departs …..

Swara : will you now be quiet……
Sanskaar : it is good way to stop me….when you will do this to stop me then i am ready to blabber all my life……
While swara blushes more….
Sanskaar : oh swara damn i forgot swara today we are going in a party….all the bussiness man have arrived there and they want me to come along with you….
Swara : oh great….and sanskaar havent you forgot so laksh and ragini are coming tomorrow we have to catch tomorrow’s flight for India…..
Sanskaar : hmm good days end so fast…now in there you will be busy in home i will in business we wont get much time for us….
Swara : so what we are together na and till we are us how will good days end….and i am so exited coz i will see them after so many days and ut khushi was missing you so much i called them yesterday…
Sanskaar : oh noo i missed it yr…chalo koi nahi will buy many things for them today chalo now come we have to leave for house…..
They both wear their clothes…..
And sanskaar got out from tent but he didnt let swara to come out he took her in his arms and started walking….
Swara : sanskaar what are you doing put me down…..
Sanskaar : hmm no you are in pain coz of me and i wont let anything which increases you pain….
Swara : unbelievable!!!
While sanskaar chuckled….

They both reached home and changed their clothes and goes for shopping……

While sanskaar bought many things for khushi and jhanvi like clothes dolls and all while swara was buying for aarav some tshirt and all….

They did much shopping for them……

In India…..

Pankhuri and adi were discussing something……
Pankhuri : chalo am happy after one day they are coming and tomorrow maa papa are also coming from from kolkatta….
Adi : yeah warna i toh started feel bore without all of them especially sanskaar he use to give me company on office its really irritating to work alone thank god he is coming……
Pankhuri : mee too but i have kids and anjali so i dont feel bore…..
She was folding the clothes when he back hugged her
Adi : my wife do so much of work without any complaint…..why is she so understanding????
Pankhuri : coz she has got hubby like you….now leave me kids will come….
Adi : are they wont acha listen wanna go on honeymoon again…..
He nuzzles his nose in her neck while she was lost when they heard anjali’s voice….
Anjali : shit damn sorry but dont worry i haven’t seen anything….
Adi : the door is kept there so that you can come while knocking….
Anjali : ha so we usually knocks close doors but the door was open so its directly us fault….
Adi : my fault its urs…
Pankhuri : sshhh quiet……say anjali why you came???
Anjali : hmm bhabhi actually am going to boutique so came to inform you….
Pankhuri : oh acha ok come soon ok….
Adi : and listen take driver with you and i suggest you to stop your work now coz your wedding is coming near after wedding again you can continue i have talked with karan he dont have any problem with your work….
Anjali : he wont have also if he would have problem with it i would have burnt him alive…..chalo bhai bhabhi am going bye and bhai listen please close the door before doing something…..
Saying this she ran while pankhuri blushes and adi scratches his head…..

Anjali goes to her boutique and asked for one month leave feom them….thry granted……
She did her last day work and was gappily packing her stuffs when someone came in front of her
To which she became angry…..

Anjali : mohit not again leave my way….
Guys imagine mohit as samrat of doli armaano ki……

Mohit : oh common anju from past one month i am trying to win your heart and you are ignoring me…..
Anjali : that’s because i am not intrested iñ a jerk like you….and second my marraige has been fixed so kindly leave neither have to call my fiancee to make you understand now…..
Mohit : what really omg you are going to marry…..acha ok never mind chalo will make a deal
He came more close to her….
spend one night with me and i will give you whatever you want and dont worry i will not let this news out…..
She slapped him hard on the face while all people present there were looking at him….
Anjali : dare to say that words again i promise you wont be alive…..what you think of yourself haa i am intrested in you or your money….you dont know actually i am anjali maheshwari…..like you i have servants in my house and my fiancee would you like to hear his name….he is karan gadodia that karan gadodia only who is ruling with maheshwari’s ok……so i dont need money like you think….. i am not like other girls to sleep with you for your money huh…..and if i found you again infront of me my brothers and my fiancee whose names are famous in newspapers will destroy you and your family so better dont show your face…..

She goes from there angrily while mohit stands there keeping his hand on his cheek…..he sees everyone staring staring him
Mohit thinks : the cost of this slap you will pay Miss anjali you have so much aatittude na on your name Maheshwari i will destroy it and will see how that karan will marry you…..
He smirks….

In london both swasan gets ready…..
Swara got ready wearing golden type full length gown full sleeves with bright makeup…..
Sanskaar was wearing white tuxedo….
Sanskaar looks at swara
Sanskaar : does it always compulsory to look breathtaking…..i cant take my eyes off you….
She hits his chest….
Swara : shut up and move neither the great business man will be late…..

They both smiled and move towards their car…..

They reached the mr.clarke’s bunglow where the party was held…..
All the famous business man were present there….outside all media…..

Swasan car reached there and swara got nervous seeing all the media persons…..

Sanskaar : dont worry he calm am there….
He assures her while she smiles…..

They got down and all media gathered around them…..and started firing their questions…..

Media : so mr. sanskaar how you feel after getting award….
Sanskaar : it feels really really good……my hardwork has succeded today…..
Media : mr. sanskaar the news of your second marraige was came like a storm in business so sudden and that too with swara gadodia one of the famous business woman of india and you kept it all in a family so would you like to tell about your live life???
Sanskaar looks at her
Sanskaar : well yeah it was all of a sudden and though it was arranged marraige…..but i must say i am very lucky to have her in my life she always support in my work and though she knows about my work she never makes me take whole load she sometimes help me too this really good about her…..
Media : mam we have heard that before marrying him who were a single parent can you tell us about your ex husband….

While swara clutched his hand tightly sanskaar got little angry on them to drag this topic….
Swara : hmm he died in an accident and it was difficult to be a single parent but now when sanskaar is with me i dobt have any difficulties in my life he is a good husband but more good father so our remarraige has worked out….
Both smiles…..
And came inside the house ignoring other questions…..
Mr. clarke welcome them
Mr. clarke : oh sanskaar you came
Sanskaar : mr. clarke my wife swara maheshwari
Mr. Clarke : oh hii mrs maheshwari…..
They both shake hands….
Mr. Clarke : well sanskaar i must say You have got a beautiful wife….
While swara blushes and sanskaar smiles…..
While then sanskaar got busy with some business man and swara too got company with mrs clarke…. they both talked for a while….in between swasan were exchanging glances
While swara felt thirsty she goes to take some juice…..
She saw a shadow in a corner…..
She then saw someone was facing his back towards her…..
She felt something unknown to her heart…..
She then suddenly saw SAHIL’S FACE….
She got hell scared….she then goes near but he wasnt there….
But she was sure she has seen him she was hell scared her face was full of sweat when she felt a tap on shoulder…..

Sanskaar : swara you fine….
Swara : hmm yes….
She tries to make his mood off while she was too not confirm about it….
Sanskaar : swara say me what’s wrong you are swearing badly and you got scared seeing me….
Swara : hmm nothing sanskaar its all bew people and then am tired too that’s why…..
Sanskaar didn’t find her answet much convincing but sooñ they were off to their house…..
Swara was still lost in that scene that she slept in sanskaar’s arms….
Sanskaar thought : maybe she was really tired thats why she was behaving like that……this girl na always worries me…..

They reached to house…..
While swara was so in deep sleep that sanskaar didnt like to disturb her sleep so he only changed her clothes and made her lie softly on bed and slept beside her changing his clothes….

Swara was seen in dark room where one man is shown with a belt……
It was sahil
Sahil : so what you thought haa i am dead…..no i am not i have came back to take my revenge how dare you marry him you are mine only mine…..

Swara was pleading not to beat her…..
While sanskaar was tied to a rope on chair he was bleeding badly…..
sahil : so its ur fault that you married him now he will be punished
He took out his gun and

Swara open her eyes in shock and shouted…..
Swara : NOOOOO……….
She shouted so loudly that sanskaar got up from his sleep and switched on the lights…..
Sanskaar : swara swara what happened???
Swara looks at him she then realises it was a dream she kissed his forhead….
Swara : thank god you are safe…
And hugged him and cried…
While sanskaar pats her back
Sanskaar : sshhh swara it happenes it was just a dream…
Swara : sanskaar that sahil he has come again sanskaar…..
Sanskaar : swara it was dream dont worry he is dead
Swara : no sanskaar he has came i have seen his face in the party….trust me sanskaar he has came to seperate us….i dont want to sperate from you sanskaar no……
Sanskaar : swara shhhh its because you are thinking of him that media person asked you about him thats why you started thinking its all coz of that ok….and if he is back then too….he will be dead now from my hands coz i wont spare him near you…..

Swara : i am scared sanskaar please dont leave me…..
Sanskaar : sshh am here only dont be scared……
Sanskaar switches off the light…..
And made swara lye on bed…..
Swara hugged him while he put his arm around her to make her feel him……
He was patting her back to make her sleep she clutched him tightly to never let him ho away……

Sleep took over them…..

Precap : back to India

So how was the episode omg two villians on the time mohit and sahil…..
What will mohit do to seek revenge from her
Do sahil is really back or swara was dreaming his face……
Does all happy days have really ended…..

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