swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 31

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Hii everyone well thanks for birthday wishes can’t thank everyone but really thanks….
Guys do increase comments please neither writers will loose interest in writing and i am working on oneshot i will stop that if i get low response like this…

Lets start

2 weeks passed bringing swara back to house…

All the charm the happiness which was lost has came
Ragini and pankhuri took a great care of swara and she was recovering too well but it will get time to make her old one…

At late night
In aditya and pankhuri’s room
Pankhuri came after dressing swara
She sees adi sitting and 3ngrossed in thoughts
Pankhuri : adi where are you lost??
Adi : yaar pankhu sit na…
Pankhuri sits beside him
Pankhuri : what??
Adi : pankhu see i know sanskaar has confessed his love to swara but they haven’t came close to eachother yet na…
Pankhuri : adi seriously at midnight you are talking about this and that too about someone else..

Adi : are toh i am not talking with any other girl i am talking with my wife and its not wrong to talk something which is benefit for other..
Pankhuri : can you tell me whose benefit you are talking about
Adi : sanskaar… you know him he is so dumb that he will not start first and i have got an idea for it
Pankhuri : aah not now adi i have to sleep plz
Adi : are please once
Pankhuri : acha say
Adi says something to pankhuri
Pankhuri smiles and both gives hifi…

Next morning

Adi discussed the plan with raglak

In raglak room

Ragini : hope so sanskaar bhai agree with this
Laksh : ragini i know him better he will agree dont worry…
Ragini : see how adi bhaiya pankhuri bhabhi and sanskaar bhai and diii are romantic they love eachother so much and you who dont give a single second to me only your parients…
Laksh : accha ji if i would have dont love you then how would have been we married and how could i have that honour of staying with you whole my life…
He hugged her
Ragini melts and hugged him
Ragini : paagal…

In swasan room sanskaar was busy in checking files while swara was busy in her phone as she has nothing to do
Suddenly khushi and jhanvi comes shouting

Khushi came crying
Khushi : mumma jhanvi dii is shouting at me…
Khushi came and hugged swara
Sanskaar and aarav looks on
Jhanvi : chachi see na she tore pages of my english grammar book…  and i didnt shouted on her i only told that she wouldn’t have done this…
Swara : khushi you really did this
Khushi : mumma woh i was playing with it and it got tore by mistake.. i am sorry mumma and dii
Jhanvi : i dont want your sorry goo
Swara : khushi i always told you na that dont play with books keep them safe but you always do this things and beta jhanvi you are elder to khushi i know she did a mistake but we elders should forgive our small ones we should keep our heart big… ok so now my doll and princess common hug eachother…
Both hugs
Swara : yeah that’s like my girls love you both
She kisses their cheeks
Jhanvi : love you too chachi you are so good and i promise i will never shout on khushi or aarav
Swara : that’s like my doll good and now chalo go and get ready for school you three fast
While aarav giggles
Khushi : Buddhu why are you laughing
Aarav : dad this girls will always remain girls they always fight on small matters hey god i have got two devils in my house plz do save me…

Saying this he run and khushi and jhanvi chases him…
Sanskaar comes to her
Sanskaar : thanks….
Swara raises her eyebrows…
Swara : for what??
Sanskaar : for being there…
Swara : and will you kindly stop thanking me sanskaar… you know i dont like it… thanks we say when someone does favour…
Sanskaar : so what should i say you instead of thanks..
Swara : ummm say i love you instead of that i won’t mind
She giggles he kissed her forehead…
Sanskaar : i love you…
Swara looks at him…

Sanskaar : acha now you sit here i will tell bhabhi to bring your breakfast and she will make you do it i will return soon from office …
Swara : umm come fast without you i feel like bore… and sanakaar its been two weeks i am here on bed please take me somewhere please…
Sanskaar : swara just few more days then you will be fine.
Swara : sanskaar please today take me somehwhere please please….
Sanskaar : acha ok will come soon and will go somewhere promise…. now can i go mrs. Maheshwari
Swara : yeah go bye mr. Maheshwari love you
Sanskaar : love you too
She kisses his cheeks he smiles and moves out…

While he searches for adi he found dp and ap sitting
He goes to there and touches their feet but no response
He smiles and takes wishes and goes from there…
Ap : till when you will punish him forgive him na…
Dp : everything has a time anu i know i should forgive him but it’s not correct time…. i want he to be a perfect man and he should never forget his this mistake which he has done…

While sanskaar was going to pankhuri
All four attacks him and grabs him in adi’s room…

Sanskaar : guys what happened
Adi : actually sanskaar you have done so much work in office so i was thinking to give you holiday of some days
Sanskaar : bhai please dont start your jokes in morning i am getting late bhabhi please serve swara breakfast…
Pankhuri : i will not do that coz you are gonna do that…
Laksh : yeah bhai take some leave from office every time you only work now give some time to bhabhi too yr….
Ragini : yeah bhai laksh is right you should do this…
Sanskaar : bhaiya but dad he won’t agree…
Adi : uff sanskaar i have handled him now you just be with swara take good care of swara and make her fine with your love…
Pankhuri : so sanskaar from today swara’s breakfast lunch dinner everything is in your hand and even her dressing you will do it…
Sanskaar : yeah ok… wait what dressing bhabhi you serious common…
Pankhuri : yeah you will do it coz i won’t
Sanskaar : bhabhi yr ok dont ragini will do it… right rago
Ragini : no i also won’t do it..
Sanskaar : what has happened to you’ll yr
Laksh : bhai what’s wrong in that you are her husband…
Ragini : and you hve right on her so what’s the big deal
Sanskaar : guys youll are not getting me dressing and all i can’t please
He was about to go when raglak blocks his way then adi and pankhuri make him turn
Adi : sanskaar what’ s the problem share with us
Sanskaar : bhai i know we both love eachother but bhai am i will be able to handle such a responsibility… its not that i am afraid but i can’t see her in that state…
Pankhuri : sanskaar you have always supported her and in this situation a girl always needs her husband support… you can do it sanskaar… all the best
Sanskaar : ok will try my best…
Both adi and laksh hugs him…
Then after that

Adi had explained dp about this
Dp had silently agreed then both have left for office
Laksh has gone to drop kids home and then to his clinic…
Anjali is out of town in case of her some boutique work…
While pankhuri ragini and anu were busy in kitchen…
Swara was reading newspaper when sanskaar entered…
Swarra : sanskaar you back need anything…
Sanskaar : woh kya hai na… mrs. Maheshwari i thought you might feel bore without me so why don’t take a leave of some days from office…
Swara : what you serious…
Sanskaar came close to her
Sanskaar : yeah any doubt…
He came so close that she was having difficulty in speaking she was just looking in his eyes…
Their lips were just few inches apart..
Sanskaar : so dont you like my plan of staying with you….
He whispers
Swara : i thought you love your work so much why you would take leave for me..
Sanskaar : really swara.. you think so… swara only you are important to me nothing else understand i love you more than anything…
Swara : i know that
She closes her eyes
While sanskaar just kissed her cheeks
She opened it
Sanskaar : I’ll change then will have breakfast and many more things to do just few minutes…
He rushes to baathroom

To change formals to informals…
After sometime he was back with a tray of breakfast in his hand…
He places near bed and made swara sit properly…
Sanskaar : chalo come have breakfast…
Swara : you too haven’t ate na come we both will have together…
Sanskaar sits and feed her with his hand
She smiles…
Swara : i am becoming problem na for everyone… all are doing work and here i am sitting like this… and i disturb everyone….
Sanskaar : swara what are you thinking you are not problem to anyone infact bhabhi will listen this she will kill you for this statement… all loves to pamper you swara so never dare to say problem word…
Swara : oh so everyone loves me but you don’t
Sanskaar : umm what do you think…
Swara keeps her fingeron her head and acts like thinking
Sanskaar : oh common swara what are you thinking so much of course i do love you yr
Swara : and it feel so good to hear it feom you that’s why i do always this things
Sanskaar : you know you are actually mad…
Swara : yeah i know but am all yours…
Both smiles
After breakfast sanskaar starts tv and he puts swara’s favourite cartoon show tom and jerry while swara was so happy…
He sits beside swara and tom and jerry starts..
Both were laughing while watching it ..
Swara has clutched his hand and was laughing like mad…
Both dont know after how many days they were so happy….
While after some hours after watching tom and jerry
Sanskaar got an call so swara got busy in her mobile playing subway surfer…

Sanskaar returned after call
Swara : sanskaar just call na bhabhi its dressing time…
Sanskaar looks on and nodded

He goes out and comes again with dressing trolly… and he closes the door
Swara : sanskaar you where’s bhabhi
Sanskaar : swara from today i will do your dressing
Swara : what sanskaar stop kidding no you cant
Sanskaar comes to her
Sanskaar : swara yeah i will do this i am not joking…
Swara : sanskaar you won’t have that much power of seeing me like this please understand….
Sanskaar : swara just look at me my love won’t decrease after seeing you in that state…. you will be the most beautiful woman for me in the world… just trust me
Swara : i trust you but
Sanskaar : swara i have that right na….
Swara looks at him and nodded tearfully…
Sanskaar kissed her forehead
And made her turnback…
She was wearing a white long maxy type dress
Sanskaar closed his eyes and with his shivering hands he removed the stings of her dress…
Then he was slowly putting it down
Swara whispers
Swara : think once again sanskaar
Sanskaar : i have decided it swara and i will do it…

He was removing her clothes in eyes closed
When he finally sensed that her clothes had been removed he opened his eyes….
He was surprised to see her back
The white milky back is now filled with burn marks all over her back and arms…
He touched her and became teary eye…
Swara closed her eyes
Swara : i told you… you won’t be able to see me like that… got satisfaction now just leave…
She was tears in her eyes…
While sanskaar kissed her back at her burn marks…
She was half naked but sanskaar could only see her back as she was facing him her back….
Sanskaar : i have never seen any beautiful woman like you…
He slowly kissed her all ove her burn marks…
While swara cried….

He then applied cream
It was painful for both of them but sanskaar was really a patient man he was doing all slow….
He applied bandage on her back
But she was having some burn marks on her chest and stomach too…
and now both were shy…
Sanskaar : swara if you wont have any problem so may i??
Swara was still facing him her back…
Swara : sanskaar you are my husband no need of asking anything…
Both thier heartbeat were raising so high as if it will come out..
Sanskaar made her turn around but he closed his eyes…
He was not seeing anything
Swara sees him and smiled happily at his husband
Swara : sanskaar you can open your eyes…
Sanskaar : umm no swara its ok i will do this like this no worry
His shivering hands came to her belly
Swara catched his hand
and made him apply cream on her marks…
Both were higly shy… but they were loving this feeling
Sanskaar : done

Swara : yeah
Sanskaar made her turn around and opened his eyes
And made her wear clothes…
He slowly made her lay on bed
Swara : sanskaar you will not leave me na after seeing me like this…
She was teary eye
Sanskaar cubs her face
Sanskaar : princess you still think that i will leave you… swara i am adamant to my side that no matter what happened i will not leave your side and this is just some scars which will go in some more days but my love have incresed for you after seeing you with so much bravery…
Swara : what should i say to you
Sanskaar : just kiss me all problems will be healed
He smirks
While she really kissed him on his lips shocking him…
Both kissed eachother softly…

Swara : dont challenge me
Sanskaar : wow yr now life is gonna more intresting it will be so much interest to give you more bold challenges just once you be fine i will never let you go from my arms…
She blushes hard… and hits him playfully..
Both higged eachother. .

Precap : dp forgives sanskaar….

So guys how was the episode do drp comments bye see yaa

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