swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 29

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Hii everyone how are youll… well youll must be very angry as i am posting only sad episodes thats why some of you stopped commenting… but guys it was the need of the story i really cant help…. and i am uplaoding early also not so late and i am also not giving short updates then why comments are decreaing plz do comment dont decrease it….


Episode starts with swara was sleeping peacefully by clutching sanskaar’s hand but sleep was far away from sanskaar he was engrossed in deep thoughts….

Sanskaar pov
She has started to feel insecure… maybe it happens but why does she believes that i will leave her in this stage…. maybe she is not swara like before but i dont care… i love her purity her heart not her body… i have do something i have to clear her mind out…. yeah i should talk with doctor and take her to house… then she will not think like this and i can look after her more… yeah i will talk with laksh tomorrow….
Pov ends
He sees her sleeping peacefully clutching his hand…
He kissed her knuckles and sleeps beside her keeping his head on bed…

Next day
He has messaged laksh to come hospital with aditya bhai ragini and pankhuri bhabhi as he wanted to discuss something important…

Swara had woken she felt something strong on her right hand she sees it was his sanskaar…

Swara’s eyes swyamed up on seeing his true love for her…she has prayed for his love so much and now he is loving her more than she does….
She slowly kissed his forehead he wakes up by her kiss
Sanskaar : Good morning love!!
Swara : good morning but why you slept here you should slept on couch na… your back must be paining…
Sanskaar : swara am fine and it feels so good to sleel beside you than to sleep on that couch….
Swara : unbelievable
Sanskaar : acha i will call nurses they will do the dressing am just coming…
Swara : where are you going??
Sanskaar : well am going to prepare a surprise for you and just going to check if that is done…
Swara : what really surprise what is it say na
Sanskaar : if i would tell you then why would it call surprise….
Swara : how mean
Sanskaar : am mean but for you acha now be careful i will return soon…
He was about to go
Swara : but i love you
Sanskaar smiles
Sanskaar : i love you too

Sanskaar then calls nurse and tells them to do swara’s dressing and make her wear appropriate clothes so that he can take her…. to which she nodded and went….

Sanskaar then stretched his arms and legs as it was paining a little by last night sleep…

He was searching for doctor but he was busy in operation theatre so he waited for some minutes….

At that time raglak and adri(aditya and pankhuri) entered hospital
While pankhuri says to adi
Pankhuri : adi swara was asking for you yesterday you should go and meet her…
Adi : but sanskaar called us…
Pankhuri : as if you are in talking terms with him…
Adi : yeah right i should go to swara better not to see him…
He moves towards swara’s ward while raglak and pankhuri saw sanskaar they goes to him

Adi knocked swara’s ward at that time nurse completed her dressing and she was sitting on bed her legs stretched whole body was covered with bandages but she wearing light blue maxi which normally patients wear..

Swara asks adi to come in

Swara : hello bhai
Adi : hii swara how are you feeling now…
Swara : am good but am upset today and you made me upset..
Adi : what but how??
Swara : yes bhai you made me upset while not talking with sanskaar while blaming him for everything… why bhai??
Adi : swara you better know he always blamed you that you are mixed with kavita… you were trying to make him good and he always hurted you and then he left you… and because he left you… you were caught in fire and this all happened if he would havent put false allegations on you and accepted you long back this all wouldnt happened??
Swara : bhai just tell me one thing if pankhuri bhabhi does something and hudes from you… no matter its good or bad but she hides a really big thing from what will you do…
Adi : i would be upset
Swara : exactly bhai sanskaar was upset angry on me that why i hided that thing.. and bhai who told you that he left me bhai i only made desicion to leave him he didn’t told me to leave…
Adi : but swara he crossed his limits..
Swara : bhai we all cross limits but our elders only show us path and you are elder to him so you should have told him… but you only left him when he need your support… i know bhai you love him very much and always supported him but bhai forgive him he isn’t at fault…. gor me you have stopped talking so for me only forgive hima nd start to talk he really needs you bhai…
Adi smiles
Adi : i dont know what good sanskaar have done that he got you… and you have asked something and how can i decline that i will surely forgive him…
Swara : thanks bhai you are the best bro…
Screen shifts to sanskaar laksh pnkhuri and ragini
Sanskaar : so i have called you’ll to discuss on something serious… actually i wanted to take swara back home…
Pankhuri : what you serious
Sanskaar : yeah bhabhi actually yesterday
He narrates whole yesterday story
Sanskaar : so dont want her to be here then she wi feel more unsecure so just needed you’ll help and ragini its fine you can share your opinion i know you hate me and its fine too
Ragini : how can a sister hates his bhai
Sanskaar looks on
Ragini : yeah sanskaar i was not angry on you… i gorgived you long back and i was so happy to see ypur care towards dii and am totally with you in this plan…
Sanskaar : thanks rago so much so see main point is dressing that pankhuri bhabhi or you will do just get instructions from nurse and it will be great that she stays at home…
Pankhuri : yeah nice idea
Laksh : come bhai will talk with doc abut this matter
Ragini : and bhabhi come will talk with nurse about dressing…
Sanskaar and laksh goes to doctor’s ward and ragini and pankhiri goes to nurse to seek instructions of dressing…
At that time adi came out of cabin and was.searching for everyone but he couldnt find anyone then he heard familiar voice like sanakaar and laksh so he peeks through the door..

Doctor : oh so mr. Maheshwari and laksh what’s the matter you both looking tensed
Sanskaar : woh actually doctor since its been one and a half week post swara’s operation so i was thinking of taking her to home…
Doctor : but she has to stay here till 1 month
Laksh : doctor its ok she will be fine there as she will stay in family her kids she will be more fine… and dont worry i am there na i am taking the gurantee
Doctor : well laksh its ok youll are taking her i can trust youll but mr. Sanskaar you know what’s your wife going through she needs extra attention of yours as you are her hisband she may feel that she is not appropriate for you but you have to take care of that because wounds will be healed but marks will go slowly…
Sanskaar : i agree with you thats why i am taking her and dont worry her i know it will take time to burn marks to go but am ready for whole life i just want her to be fit and fine…. plz let me take her
Doctor : well i know how much you loves her and laksh is also involved very much in this case… and you can take care just make her medicines properly change her bandages from time to time
Sanskaar : yeah you shouldnt take tension i will do it all..
While adi listens he was feeling so happy that his brother is in true love and finally he has got her
Laksh and sanskaar came out of ward and saw adi sanskaar wanted to talk with him but he too kept quite
Then at that time
Adi : oh so my small sa sanskara is now so big that he is ignoring his adi bhai…
Sanskaar immediately rushed to him…
Sanskaar : no bhaii its not like thatt i thought you might hate me now and you wouldnt like to talk to me…
Adi slightly slaps him
Adi ; how can you think so stupid… say me have i been angry on you in these years then how would i today… i was just upset with you… sanskaar remember once in childhood i slaped ypu because you were teasing laksh and you got that much angry that didnt talked with ne
Sanakaar : but you still came to make my mood..
Adi : so jow can you loose easily i agree i was angry but i also love you i know i have done a big wromg thing i was not there when you needed me i am teally sorry
Sanskaar : bhai plz just stop saying sorry i am sorry it was not your fault i am just happy that you talked with me bhai
Theu both hugged eachother
Adi : waise thank one more peron and she is swara she only told to forgive you she is really nice and she loves you alot… because there are few people in world who will hide your wrong things that you may not get wrong infront of others…
Sanskaar : i know bhai i am indeed lucky to have her
While laksh says
Laksh : this isn’t fair i am also there yr
He too joins hug
Soon trio goes to swara’s ward where they see pankhuri and ragini talking with swara
All trio gets surprised seeing adi’s one hand on sanskaar’s shoulder
Pankhuri : adi am i not dreaming??
Sanskaar : bhabhi its real adi bhai forgived me all thanks to swara
He goes to her
Sanskaar : you have given me such a beautiful surprise now let me too give you one…

Episode ends

Precap : swara back to maheshwari mansion… adri raglak attempt to make swasan close….

Uff guys am very much sleepy cant write more sorry if it was bad lets hope good in next till then bye…

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