swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 25

Hello everyone today what should i write youll…your comments are so cute that make me smile…and rabia am gonna miss u come soon yr…..and all the lovely reader who read and write so beautiful comments and messages i will take one episode to thank you as there are many whom i have to thanks…and guys am so happy i have completed 25 EPISODES pata nahi kaise kat gaye 25 episodes am so happy its all because of yours love love youll so much


Ambulance reached hospital

A patient was taken out from ambulance her whole bosy was covered only face was visible…
She was swara..
After that railing fall on her back….sanskaar and firebrigade have escaped her from that….but her back was burnt totally…
She got unconsiuess at that moment..the moment how sanskaar felt was he only knowing…he was seeing his wife in this stage which normally people pray that they dont come to this situation…his mind was blank nothing was happening he was blank….
At that time adi called ambulance and all took her to hospital….

They were taking stretcher inside the hospital
Sanskaar have gripped swara’s hand..swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskaar..her visions was not clear as such..sanskaar saw her and smile in tears….swara blinks her eyes and again got unconsiuess….
They took her to icu of burns care
But sanskaar was not ready to leave her
Doctor : sir let me take her she will be fine
Sanskaar : no let me also come i am her husband plz she needs me plz
Doctor : sir we will call you when the need will come…mr. laksh plz tell your brother
At that time all maheshwari’s and gadodia’s came
Laksh : bhai leave them see bhai am there na i will not let anything happen to bhabhi but plz bhai leave her for now…
Sanskaar leaves her they take her inside…
Adi was standing there blankly as he loved swara as his sister…tears made out his way
All got tensed seeing sanskaar and adi this way…on one hand sanskaar was not ready to believe what just happened and on other adi was broken
Maheshwari’s were knowing what happened how incident took place…
Gadodia’s were knowing only that swara burnt while saving a baby they dont know anything about sanskaar and their fights….
All were shattered as swara was close to everyone but more hurt were two more souls aarav and khushi the pure kids were just praying
Pankhuri and ragini goes to them
Pankhuri : aarav khushi sshh why are youll crying
Khushi : badi maa what happened to mumma she is fine na
Aarav : chachi tell na she is fine na we will never disturb her bas godji make our mumma fine

They were crying like hell
Pankhuri and ragini were having tears in their eyes they hugged them and made them quite
Anjali was holding jhanvi when she saw karan sitting upset she goes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder
Anjali : nothing will happen to bhabhi
Karan : anjali am just scared what if…
Anjali : sshh my bhabhi is a fighter and you know your sister better so keep hope everything is gonna fine…
Anu and sharmishta were just praying to god and crying while dp and shekhar were consoling them to keep hope..
While sanskaar was far away from all this..he very well knows what swara means to him…and she is in this stage only because of him…he will die without her..
He was sitting alone…..alone from everyone
Pankhuri comes to adi who was upset sad
Pankhuri : adi you have to keep hope..you just cant break like this…
Adi : pankhu you are saying me this..you know i have seen her in that state it was so hard to see my sister like that you cant even imagine…
He started crying

Pankhuri hugged and she too cried
Pankhuri in tears : adi i know it was hard for you but adi we have to keep hope i know my swara is a fighter just keep hope for maa papa aunty uncle its difficult for them too but we have to be strong for them and specially aarav khushi the kids are really broken…and just see what is sanskaar going through i know he did a mistake but adi he love her he too is going through the same pain..more than that…. and he is alone
Adi : he deserves it pankhuri he deserves this… you know if swara in this state it is only because of him…
Pankhuri : and adi he also dont want this… am not taking his side he deserves a punsihment but adi…swara…he will die
Adi giving cold look : where are aarav khushi and jhanvi
Pankhuri : aarav and khushi are with ragini and jhanvi is with anjali
Adi : am going to them
Pankhuri : but adi at last go to sanskaar
Adi : no i wont go and it would be better you also dont go he should be alone…
Saying this adi left pankhuri all sad

After 1 hour laksh and doctor came

All goes to them running sanskaar went toi fast to laksh
Sanskaar : laksh how is swara she is fine na….
Laksh : bhai bhai is not fine..
Ragini : what do you mean laksh
Laksh : bhabhi is in very critical stage her 50% of body has burnt its god grace that her face has saved….
All gets surprised listening this
Doctor : we need to do an operation within 4 hours to save her asap but…
Pankhuri : but what
Doctor : if that operation takes place there are only some chances of her survival as this operation may get sucessful or not…
Sanskaar got furious and holds his collor
Sanakaar : how dare you to day that it will get successful or not swara cant leave me understand…
All stops sanskaar

Laksh : bhai leave him
Sanskaar leaves him
Sanskaar : i am sorry doctor but plz doctor there are some chances na save her whatever you will need i will give you plz save her laksh save her plz
He bends on his knees cryingly
All gets teary eye to see him
Laksh goes to him and hugged hm he too hugged him back
Laksh : bhai calm down
He was too crying
Doctor : will try our best mr. Maheshwari india’s all best surgeon will be present here in some hours…till then we are shifting her to normal ward youll can meet her then..
Doctor goes
Laksh make sanskaar sit on chair
Sanskaar : laksh why all this happened to her…it shoukd happen to me why she is to suffer everytime why laksh??
Laksh : bhai relax she will be fine doctor said na all best surgeon will be present nothing will happen to her…i promise you i will bring your swara back to you
Sanskaar hugged him and cried his heart out…

Later two hours swara was shifted to normal wards all members went inside…
Sanskaar gathered some courage to face her and went inside…and he broke one again to see her like that nostrils around her nose a white big colth on her…she was now consiuess but he cant see her like that…
He stand on corner
All were shattered seeing her condition
Swara slowly : are why are youll sad pllzzz dont be sad if youll be sad how will i die??
All gets shocked
Sharmishta : shona what are you saying
Swara : maa i know how much this operation successful chances are??
Ragini : dii just shut up you will be fine
Swara : and ragini what if i dont…
Anu : plz beta dont say like this you have to recover for us for your kids aarava nd khushi and for ur sanskaar
She sees sanakaar who was standing at corner without any feelings
Swara : where are aarav amd jhanvi
Dp : they felt asleep swara karan and anjali took them to home they were also crying for you swara just for them dont loose hope…
All were goving her so much love she was so happy that all were loving her so much
She glances at sanskaar

Swara : maa i wanna talk with sanskaar alone can i ??
All agrees and leaves swasan alone in the room
Swara : sanskaar wont you see mee one last time…
Her words pierced his heart…
He saw her and sat beside her
Sanskaar : swara why are you saying like this…you are not going anywhere swara…ate you listening i will not let you go anywhere..
Swara : sshhh sanskaar am not leaving you i will be there when you will need me…when winds will blow and kiss your cheeks just imagine it is me…when you will go in rain imagine i am hugging you…when you will feel alone just feel my presence my soul will always be there with you…just be happy
Sanskaar couldnt take her words her all words were stabbing his heart

He slightly goes to her and kisses her to sshhh her to make her quiet…tears were flowing from his eyes..it felt on her eyes…she was to sad she cant leave him….but she has to..she too kissed him back..it was slow kiss no force nothing..
He parted away from her
Sanskaar : swara just listen to me..you arent going anywhere..because if you leave me i wont be happy never i will never take care of aarav and khushi…because you will do all this things….i have got you after so many struggles plz dont go please dont leave your sanskaar….please….
He was crying keeping his head on bed
She too cried seeing him
Swara : mehfil me teri hum na rage jo gham toh nahi hai….gham toh nahi hai…kisse hamare nazdeekiyon ke kam toh nahi hai kam toh hai…..kitni dafa subah ko meri tere aangaan me baithe baithe shaam kiye….channa mereya mereya channa mereya channa mereya bailiya ooo piyaa….
She sung so slowly only it was audilbe to sanskaar as she cant raise her voice…
Sanakaar : swara i know i did a mistake but plz dont give me this big punsihment plz swara come back for your aarav and khushi for family who is shedding tears for their daughter…
Swara : i will fight sanskaar but if it wont get successful thenn just be happy and keep others too happy…
Sanskaar got angry : why dont you listen swara where that brave swara gone who use to fight for her love..where is your bravery now just listen swara if somethings happens to you I WILL TOO DIE because now where you will go i will follow you
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : no swara not this time you have to fight promise me you will come back to me promise…
Swara blinks her eyes : i promise i will fight
Sanskaar gets happy and kisses her forhead….

Precap : sanskaar goes to mandir…

Guys finally finished hope i got passed in this emotional one chalo see youll soon bye take care love youll

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