swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 27)

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Episode 27

Sanskar: ” shona.. Look at me.. I’m here na”

Swara( afraid.?.):” who r u..?”

Sanskar :” it’s me..”he tries to cups her face.. But as he comes near her she reminds only goons.. How they touched her..

Swara pushed him so hard:” leave me.. Go away …”(sanskar.. Falls down on the floor..) Don’t touch me..”

Sanskar is shocked..?

Swara starts screaming.?.: ” leave me.. Please leave me… Go away…. ( she hold her head..and starts crying..) Leave..me..?”

Ap hugs her..:” relax.. Beta we r here”

But she is crying..

Sanskar is just looking her. She is afraid of him.. Lucky made him stand up..

Uttra:” papa, Bhai.. U three go outside she is afraid of males.. ”

Ram:” OK.. Come sanskar and lucky..”

Ram orders nurse.. To give her injection…

AP:” beta, see nothing will happen to u.. We r here na..”

Swara:” who r u??? and who am I?”

Sanskar becomes shocked to hear this…

Swara holds her head..:” I don’t remember anything.. ( her head starts paining ) I don’t know anything… ( she starts screaming…) ”

AP and sujata help tries to clam her.. And nurse gives her injection.. And she becomes quite… And again sleeps..sanskar..RAM and lucky comes inside..

Sanskar: ” papa what happened to her.. ?”

Ram:” she lost her memory… ”

Sanskar: “what…?!!! ”

Lucky:” I think I should inform her parents.. ”

Sanskar: ” no.. U won’t…”

Sujata:” Y no sanskar..??”

Sanskar: ” mom if her parents came to know about her accident may be… They will send papa behind the bars..”

Sujata immediately hugs ram?:” no, I can’t let anything to u RAM ji.. She will live here untill she regains her memory.. We will behave good with her… ”

Ram:”ok sujju dear…”

Just then someone calls lucky he becomes tense?.. And goes outside…

Sanskar finds something fishy.. I think Bhai is hiding something.. I have to see it..

Sanskar: ” mom, I just come u take care of her..” He looks towards swara.. ( I’ll be right back shona.. )


Lucky: ” I m sorry mam.. Please try to understand.. “?

Mam:” shut up.. “?

Lucky:” trust me mam at once.. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai !!”

Lucky turns back..and disconnects the call..:” sanky U ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai what happened ? U r very much tense.. ”

Lucky hugs him:” sanky..? I’m sorry Bhai.. I lied..”

Sanskar: ” Y?”

Lucky: ” I lied to u, actually.. On that day.. When I find that girl.. My mam told me to do a work.. But i helped her.. So she suspended me for a month.. And lied to all that I took leave.. ”

Sanskar: ” don’t worry Bhai, I’ll not tell anyone about it.. ”

Lucky: ” sanky.. I want to ask u something..”

Sanskar: ” what Bhai…”

Lucky:” woh, when the girl was screaming u called her shona.. Do u know her.. ? ”

Sanskar thinks.. If I tell him. He will definitely tell everything to mom and then she will not let shona live here..:” no Bhai I don’t know her… I didn’t call her shona.. U r mistaken.. Ok..”

Lucky: ” oh.. My mistake.. Ok u go.. I’ll just come last time.. Try may be this time. Hope my mam will understand ”

Sanskar leaves..: ” thank God I managed this time..” He comes inside the room..

Sanskar is just staring swara..

Uttra:” Bhai, u go.. Sleep u need to take rest.. Tomorrow u have to go office.. ”

Sanskar: ” no , uttra I’m OK.. ”

Sujata:” sanskar.. U go we all r here.. ”

Sanskar: ” mom, it’s OK..”

Ap:” sanskar sujata is right.. U need to sleep.. And also she is afraid of u so u have to stay away from her..”

These words pinches him somewhere.. For swara this sanskar was everything, she trusted him more than anything.. Now the same swara is afraid of him..

Uttra:” mom, I think Bhai is liking this girl.. Since the time she came he is roaming around her..”

Sujata stares sanskar??

Sanskar: ” mom, uttra is lying.. ? I even don’t know her.. Ok I’m going.. ”

Just then lucky comes..:” ma chachi I have a question.. ”

Uttra:” what Bhai..”

Lucky:” we don’t know her.. Then what we call her.. I mean we should think a good name for her..”

Sanskar: ” swara. Her name is swara.”

Lucky: ” what, u told me u don’t know her then..”

Sanskar ( oh shit?):” woh Bhai, I heard her name in advertisement.. Her parents said that her name is swara..so..”

Lucky: ” oh.. But I didn’t listen her name.. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai, I saw that advertisement 3 time that’s y..I know..”

Ap:”swara is nice name..”

Uttra:” Bhai, u r still standing here.. Go . when swara will wake up I’ll call u..”

Sanskar leaves.. This uttra is too much..?

In hoogly…

Sahil is crying.. ?

Kavya: ” sahil.. Still u r crying for her.. U should move on.. ”

Sahil:” how can, u know kavya. I even didn’t listen I love u too sahil from her mouth..”?

Kavya wipes his tears.. And hugs him:” I’m with u sahil “.. Sahil hugs her back.. And kavya feels something good her heart..

Sahil:” thanks kavya.. For being with me..”

Kavya: ” anything for u..” After some time sahil sleeps in kavya’s arms..???

Kavya is just caressing his hair…with love??

Ragini is talking to Mr Roy

Mr Roy: “tomorrow they r going to submit property paper..”

Ragini: ” OK, then we will file case against them….”

Mr Roy: ” OK also call sahil.. I think after this he have to look after shona’s property.. ”

Ragini: ” OK ” she calls him.. But kavya cuts the call..

Ragini goes sahil’s home but she see kavya and sahil.. She feels weird .. ? :”kavya, ”

Kavya: ” sßsßssh, sahil is sleeping.. ”

Ragini ( oh another love story…?):” OK tell him to come court on time..”

Kavya:” ragini in midnight Y u came to meet him…Do u ”

Ragini: “oh please… Kavya.. U had already created misunderstanding in sahil’s mind that swara loved him.. Stop ur guessing game.. Tell him truth..”

Kavya:” I can’t , after this he will not talk to me.. ”

Ragini: ” u love him.. Na…”

Kavya:” how?? How did u know”

Ragini:” I’m ur friend.. U lied him about swara’s.. Feelings and u yourself falls for him.. Tell him the truth.. He will forgive U..” She leaves…

In Maheshwari mansion..

Sanskar is not getting sleep.. The only thing he reminds is the way swara pushed him..( ” who r u..?? leave me.. Go away … Don’t touch me..”)

Sanskar: ” shona, did u really forget me.. Sanskar it’s good now she forget her worst past.. And with this she also forget her love for u.. So what I don’t love her at all it doesn’t affect me.. ”

He stands before mirror..

Illusion..: ” sanky it’s hurted u when she said don’t touch me.. To u..? Ur heart pained when she pushed u away from her.. Now she don’t want u in her life..”

Sanskar: ” no it’s doesn’t effect me… I’m happy she forget her love… ”

Illusion: ” lair…”

Sanskar: ” no, it’s truth.. This LOVE IS WASTE OF TIME..” He moves towards windows and looks outside..

Sanskar he looks towards moon.. He reminds his first kiss.. And how swara pushed him.. ” is it true.. Shona, now u don’t want me in ur life.. This sanskar whom U love most.. Now u r telling him.. Don’t touch u.. Uff sanky sleep.. This is just infatuation.. Not love.. ?”

He again tries to sleep… No use..?

Swara:” sanku ”

Sanskar: ” shona, see na.. What is happening I’m not getting sleep..”

Swara:” sanku I told u, but u didn’t listen me.. Now I going away from u..” Sanskar hold her hand..

Sanskar: ” shona, don’t go… ” she sits beside him.

Swara:” u r again ignoring? It.. ( she places her head on his chest..) U don’t like when I’m near u..”

Sanskar: ” shona, I have no answer..”

Swara:” u r escaping from truth.. But till how long..”

Sanskar: ” it’s attraction.. ”

Swara smiles..:” sanku did ur medicine did their work.. ”

Sanskar: ” no.. Shona, enough I want to sleep.. ” he places his head on her lap.. She starts caressing his hairs..

Swara:” u like it..”

Sanskar: ” hmm ( he holds her hand.. ) don’t go anywhere.. Shona.. I didn’t like when u pushed me..”

Swara:” I know.. Now sleep.. I m here..” He sleeps…

Next morning…?

Swara gains conscious.. She looks towards everyone..

AP: ” hello beta how’s u feeling ” she helps her to sit.

Swara:” I’m good.. But my head is little paining aunty.. But who r u..and who am I”

AP: ” relax.. Don’t give too much stress to ur little head. Actually u met with an accident.. ” she tells her how she got hit by ram’s car and how sanskar bring her here..

Sujata:” please, beta don’t complain against my ram ji.. I love him soo much.. I’m begging u..”?

Swara:” don’t cry.. I’ll not complain against anyone.. It’s just an accident.. ” just then RAM comes..

Ram:” beta, sorry..”

Swara:” it’s OK uncle..”

Ram:” acha, beta did u remember anything.. ”

Swara tries to recall.. She only recalls how that goons molest her.. This much she tells them.. :” uncle I don’t know anything else.. My head is paining badly when I trying to recall anything.. ”

Ram:” beta u just take rest… Don’t take too much stress.. If u need anything call us.. Be clam..”

Swara smiles:” thanks uncle..” Lucky also comes.. With uttra..

Lucky:” hello miss I’m lucky.. AK lakshaya Maheshwari.. ”

Swara :” hi..” They shakes hand.

Lucky introduces everyone.. :” she is my mom.. AP.. Means Anapurna Maheshwari.., sujju chachi.. Ram Chacha.. My sister uttra..”

Swara :” where is sanskar..?? ”

Lucky:” u know him..”

Swara:” no, sujju aunty told me that he bring me here.. So..”

Lucky:” he is still sleeping.. ? . now u know our name.. My father durgaparsad Maheshwari is went out of county.. This much is my family.. ”

Swara:” I know all of u names.. But what about.. Me..”

Lucky:” u r swara..”

Swara:” swara.. It’s seems familiar to me.. ”

Uttra:” sanskar Bhai gave u this name.. ”

Swara:” where is he..”

Uttra:” I’ll call him.. ” uttra goes..

Sanskar is sleeping in his room..

Swara:” sanku wake up, I have to go ”

Sanskar holds her hand:” shona, don’t go na.. I want to sleep more.. ”

Swara:” no, no.. Get up.. See I’m calling u.. ”

Sanskar: ” shona don’t leave me.. If u want I’m ready to kiss u.. But don’t go..” Just then someone slaps her..

Sanskar wakes up.

Uttra:” ? Bhai, r u mad in shona’s love..leave my hand..”

Sanskar comes to know it’s all dream..:” sorry..”?

Uttra:” Bhai, I too want to meet shona… Even in ur sleep ur Calling her.. Shona, it’s attraction.. And all that..”

Sanskar:”what rubbish… ? huh.. I didn’t said this.. U tell Y u came here.. ”

Uttra:” Bhai, swara is calling u..”

Sanskar (happy)?:”really.. “He runs towards his room.. But stops at door remembering last night incident.. How she pushed him..

Swara looks towards him :” sanskar.. ”

Sanskar becomes happy listening his name.. From her mouth.. (Shona didn’t forget me..)

Swara:” sanskar come inside ..”

Sanskar comes inside and sit near her..

Swara:” sanskar thank u . sujju aunty told me how u helped me..”

Sanskar: ” it’s OK sho… I mean swara..”

Swara:” u did so much for a stranger.. U gave me sweet name swara.. ”

Sanskar.. Shona U didn’t remember me.. I’m not stranger for u..

Swara waves her hand before him..:”where u lost.. ”

Lucky :”leave him swara.. Sanky U go.. Get ready for ur office.. ”

Sanskar: ” I’ll go after sometime ..”

Sujata:”Y?? Sanskar… What is ur work in home..”

Sanskar:”nothing mom … Woh sho.. Swara just wake up.. So..”

Lucky:” so what… Ur work is important.. Swara is here only..”

Swara:” sanskar U go.. Work is important I also need rest . ”

Sanskar doesn’t want to go but still he has to go..:” OK..”

Swara :” sanskar nice to meet u” she extends her hand.. As soon as sanskar shakes hand she feels some current in his hand.. She reminds blur vision when they first time shake hand. She jerks his hand..

She looks towards him … What is in his hand..

Sanskar: ” r u OK swara..”

Lucky: ” u go sanky.. Swara doesn’t like ur touch… Hahahahaahahahahah.. Who will like a person who doesn’t take bath.. ” lucky sit beside swara.. Sanskar doesn’t like it..

Swara:” sorry..”

Sanskar: ” swara.. ”

Lucky:” sanky U go… Na.. See chachi ji he is wasting his time..”

Suajta:” sanskar ” sanskar leaves..and swara looks towards her hand..

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  1. Awesome ?Yaar it is getting interesting day by day

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      Thank you.. Dear????

  2. Simin

    Ab maza aayega

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      Thank uuuuuuuuuu?????

  3. Awesome dear

  4. Superb…..

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  5. Marvelous

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  6. Vyshu10

    Aww..this is painful. Shona doesn’t remember her sanky. When will this idiot understand his love? When will she remember everything? When will that stupid laksh stop loiter along swara?

    1. NDSG

      Hahahahaahahahahah… Everything will happen at correct time..???????

  7. Soujanya


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    awesome dear..when will u post next part?????

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      Soon…. Actually.. I’m also busy due to my exams..

  9. Awesome

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  10. I thought she will remember everything but ignores sanky… But here you made her to forget everything… But anyways it’s nice..

    1. NDSG

      I just wanted sanskar to realise her importance that’s why I made her forget everything

  11. Apurva

    Awesome epi!!! must say u r on time… i like that… and abt sanky its nice that swara couldnt recognize him so he ll understand her importance… and abt lucky he is nice keep him like this only.. means sanky ll b always jelous of him… love the track..
    Post soon

    1. NDSG

      Thank uuuuuuuuu.. So much..

      I’ll try my best to post soon..
      Thanks for liking story..?????

  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Lol,I am laughing like mad… Tch tch tch, sankyyyy you are gone dude???..Abb aayega mazaa sanky ke halat dikne mein??.. Loved the chappy dear.. It’s amazing…Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. NDSG

      Thanks… Me too laughing.. While writing the chappy… ????

      I’ll try to post soon

  13. Sweeta

    Great episode

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  14. Mica

    Sanskaarrr.. karma is a b*tch dear!,, muahahhahhah *devil laugh

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      Devil laugh for sanky ..Y???

      1. Mica

        don’t ask me why…. i just too happy to see his misery state.. muahahaha

  15. Sanky deserves this , now also he is fooling himself stubborn sanky????

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