swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 24)

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Episode 24

Sanskar gets a big shock after knowing that the girl is none other than. Swara..

Sanskar: ” papa, where is she..?”

Ram:” in our hospital.. But Y r u asking? ”

Sanskar:” Bhai, no need to file the report .. About her..”

Lucky:”what but Y sanky.. What’s the matter? ”

Sanskar:” I’ll told u everything, later Bhai.. ” he rushes towards the hospital..

Lucky: ” where r u going “RAM and lucky too follow him..

Sujata is very much shocked to see all this..:” what happened to sanskar.. ”

Ap:” don’t know..”

Uttra:” after seeing this girl what happened to Bhai.. I think Bhai knows her.”

Sujata:” Oh my ram ji… Sanskar rapped that girl.. Now how can I face this society.. They will say look rapist mother came.. Oh..” She start crying.

Ap:”offo sujata.. Stop assuming this Bullshits… U should trust sanskar.. ”

Uttra:” ya ma.. Bhai loves another girl..
“(Oh shit what I said.?)

Sujata(shocked..?):” whose that girl.. Uttra..”

Uttra:” nothing ma.. Just my tounge slipped..?..”( I can’t tell ma about Bhai’s school’s girlfriend.. Still her nails marks is on Bhai’s back..?)

Ap:” leave all this sujata..”

As soon as sanskar rushes to the hospital he.. Directly asked the receptionist

Sanskar: ” where is that girl admitted, which dad operated last night..”

Receptionist: ” room no 293″

sanskar runs towards the room…. He opens the doors and stops. Swara is lying on the bed…. Her most of the body parts are covered with bandages.. One can hardly sees her eyes and lips.. Sanskar moves towards her.. (” I love u sanskar”.. ) the first word came in his mind.. He holds her hand:” I’m sorry shona” ?.. His eyes are filled with water.. With guit.. Just then lucky and RAM also arrives there..

Lucky: ” what happened sanky…Y u came here..”

Ram:” yes sanskar beta..”

Sanskar stands up:” papa, we can’t let her stay here, I m taking her to our house.. ”

Ram:” r u OK sanskar… Do u know her”

Sanskar: ” I’ll tell u everything.. Later but she is not save here”

Ram:” but sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” please Dad, I’m requesting u..”

Ram:” OK..” They takes swara back to Maheshwari mansion..

Sanskar picks her up, and takes her in his room.. Sujata becomes shocked seeing a girl in sanskar’s arms..but sanskar doesn’t looks at her he immediately takes swara in his room..

Sujata:” sanskar, listen..” But he leaves to his room..

Sujata:” see jeeji. Sanky neglected her mother for that girl… ”

Ap:” relax.. Sujata let’s see..”

Sanskar lays swara down to the bed. All other members also came.. Nurse arranges the required things around her..

Lucky:” now tell me sanskar do u know her..”

Sujata:” sanskar she is ur girlfriend.. U rapped her. How can u do this…. ”

Sanskar: ” mom, please… She is not my girlfriend.. And I didn’t did anything with her….”

Ram:” then Y u take her in our home..”.

Sanskar looks towards sujata she was staring him.? he knows that if he would Told her truth then she will surely kill him moreover she won’t allowed swara to stay here..:” mom I don’t know her.. Actually I’m doing this for papa”

Sujata: ” what????”

Sanskar: ” ya mom, see this girl is hit by his car and if she regains her conscious she will file complain about dad… ”

Lucky:” but sanky her parents r searching her.. ”

Sanskar:” Bhai, if her parents came to know that, it was his car which hit her then mom they will send papa behind the bars”

Sujata: ” haw?.. No ill not let anything happens to my ram ji..”

Sanskar: ” ya mom if we will take care her, then she will thinks we r good. And helping her then she will not complain against papa… And Bhai.. Her life is in danger if we inform her parents then, those goons will also get to know about it. She is safe in inspector lucky Maheshwari’s house..”

Lucky:” ya but..”

Sanskar: ” offo Bhai, don’t think to much.. It will save prestige of papa”

Sujata:” ya my sanskar is right… (She hugs RAM) I can’t let anything happens to my ram ji..”

Ram:” OK sujju dear, she can live her.. Now Happy..”

Sujata:” thank you RAM ji.. Love u ?”

Ap:” sujata we r also here..it’s not ur bedroom..?”

Sanskar: thank God u I handled everything, now what about ragini. Shall I inform her or not.. No I can’t put shona’s life in danger.. (He looks towards her) shona it’s ur sanku’s promise. I’ll make u like before.. Forgive me this time.. I’ll not leave those who tried to touch u.. It’s my promise..

Lucky shakes him:” sanky where u lost.. ”

Sanskar: ” nothing Bhai.. ☺. ”

Sujata: ” now come na eats something.. I’m feeling hungry RAM ji..”

Sanskar: ” mom send my food here, ”

Lucky:” why???”

Sanskar: ” woh Bhai, if she need anything.. And if papa stays here then who will feed mom and u also have do important work.. So..”

Lucky :” OK.. ” he gives strange look to sanskar and he leaves

Sanskar: ” thank God.. Everything is OK… ( he sits near swara and holds her hand ) shona, when will u open ur eyes.. Ur sanku is waiting.. I’ll bring lots of chocolates and rasgullas.. U like it na. I know u r angry on me.. But I know how to handle ur angry.. shona I told u na u r special for me… It’s true.. (He is about to kiss her. Hand just then uttra comes)

Uttra:” Bhai, ur food..(she notices that sanskar is holding her hand..) Bhai what r u doing.. ”

Sanskar immediately leaves her hand..:” nothing…?”

Uttra:” don’t lie bhai u were kissing her hand..”

Sanskar: ” no uttra dear.. I was removing the mosquito.. Hhehe nothing else..”?

Uttra:” OK OK.. ” she keeps the food in table and left…

Sanskar: ” my house is full of villains..” After taking lunch sanskar sleeps there.. ?

On the other side.. Goons r tense…

Guy2:” bhai, we missed her now what will we tell to boss..he will kill us..”

Guy1:” I’ll manage it..”

Guy2:” what manage Bhai.. It’s all happening because of..u.. U can’t control on ur lust. Huh.?”

Guy1:” shut r mouth..” Just then their boss calls them

Boss:” when, my jaan is coming to me..?. I’m ready to taste her.. ”

Guy1:” Bhai woh.. ”

Boss:” woh. What..??”?

Guy1:” Bhai, she died..”

Boss:” what? how can she died without.. Satisfying me..?.. U..”

Guy1:” Bhai, we were coming here.. But in the way.. We went for our important work.. And she jumped in the river and died..”

Boss:” stupid idiots can’t u control ur important work for sometime..”

Guy1:” sorry Bhai…”

Boss:” u spoiled my mood.. Now no need to give money to shekhar.. Bye..” He disconnects the call..

They also inform shekhar that swara is dead..

In Gadodia house..

Shomi:” what?? Swara died..?.. Shekhar what about money…?”

Shekhar: ” no swara no money… “Just then kavita calls shomi..

Kavita:” ma, come on Skype na.. I’m marrying to adarsh… And ma please call shona too it’s so many days I didn’t talk to her..”

Shomi: ” offo kavi dear, shona is with ragini.. As ragini is not feeling well. ”

Kavita: “but ma.. How can I marry without shona.. U forced me to marry here… ”

Shomi: ” kavi don’t worry when u wil returned back to India.. U will again marry to adarsh then. Shona will also here and she will also..dance..in ur wedding.. ”

Shekhar opens the Skype ….:” kavita beta, don’t miss this opportunity.. Adarsh is a good guy.. Shona told us.. That Di not worry I’m always with u.. Now don’t waste time.. ”

Kavita becomes emotional..?.. Adrash hugs her..

Adarsh:” kavi, I know u r missing shona. But she will return back u scold her.. Ok.. Now come.. ”

Shomi: ” our blessings is also with u…” And kavita agrees..

Kavita: “I wish shona.. Would also see my marriage..?”

In Maheshwari mansion..

Lucky:” hey, sanky come na.. Adarsh is going to marry kavita…. Come let’s see it..”

Sanskar: ” but Bhai, how I leave Swa…. I mean this girl..”

Lucky:” offo so little problem.. I’ll solve it..” Lucky brings laptop in the room.. And other members also comes there. To see their marriage..

Sujata:”adarsh ur wife is very beautiful..?”

Adarsh: “thanks aunty ji…” Adarsh introduces everyone to kavita.. ” see kavita he is sanskar Lucky’s brother.. ”

Kavita: “hello sanskar..”

Sanskar: “hello bhabhi” I think I have seen her before but where…

Lucky:”what r u thinking sanky..”

Sanskar: “nothing Bhai.. ”

Kavita: “sanskar.. Whose this girl.. In the bed.. With lots of bandages..”

Sanskar: “who, bhabi she is …”

Lucky:”she is my future wife.. (Everyone looks towards the lucky.. ) woh.. Yesterday we both went to watch movie and she slipped in the stairs.. So she is resting.. ”

Kavita:”oh.. What’s her name..”

Adarsh: “kavi. Stop ur questions session.. We r getting late..” After this both of them get marry..

In the night..

Sanskar:”Bhai, Y lied.. That she is ur future wife..”

Lucky:”sanky then what will we say to her that… We hit this girl.. And all that.. U didn’t see adrash wife is a question Bank..”

Sanskar: “it’s OK Bhai.. ”

Lucky:”sanky Y r u so much worried for that girl.. U even didn’t went office today..”

Sanskar: “Bhai it’s nothing like that… Today I don’t have any important work…”

Lucky: “but she is pretty sanky.. ”

Sanskar?:”so what..”

Lucky: “nothing, if u r tried, then I can stay with her..”?

Sanskar: “no Bhai I’ll manage…”?

Lucky: “but sanky… Now it’s my turn.. “?

Sanskar: “but I took her home..”?

Lucky:”but I saved her..”?

Uttra:”stop it… ?… Badi ma said I’ll stay with her.. Lucky Bhai u go to ur room and sanskar Bhai u go to guest room…?.. (They leaves for their respective rooms..) Stupid fellows fighting for a girl..?”

In Gadodia house…

Shekhar: “we can understand Mr Roy..ur pain..”

Roy:”if my shona, loves that guy.. Why she didn’t tell us..”

Shomi: “I don’t know.. (She starts shedding tears…) I hope.. Soon..We will find her..” Just then..someone calls shekhar.. He keeps phone in speaker….

Shekhar: “hello..”

Man:”hhaha shekhar.. Don’t wait for ur daughter.. She is dead…”

Roy:”who r u … ? How can u say this… ” he disconnects the call…

Shekhar (cries)?:”my shona is dead.. Now how can I live..”

Shomi hugs shekhar..?:”now who will call me ma.. Who will handle this property…???”..

Mr Roy leaves from there in grief..

Shomi: “did he trusted us..”

Shekhar: “ya… Now just wait shomi.. Swara’s whole property will transfer to our name..” They laugh…

Precap: swasan hug..?

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    1. NDSG

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      SorrySorry I was busy… And happy u liked it

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  9. Apurva

    I waited badly for ur ff.. i checked it every hour from the last the day u posted the 23rd epi.. and abt the epi that was marvellous superb and awesome. Beautifully written… sad for swara but i think sanskar should inform ragini abt swara being wid him. And eagerly waiting for ur next epi but i also know that ur exams r also on ur head so take ur time but not so much ???

    1. NDSG

      I’m soooooooooooo happy someone like my story that much… ????

      My practical ended there is gap of some day between exams so I’ll post next part soo ..???

  10. Soujanya


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  12. Niku

    Goodie goodie chapter…..but don’t forgive sanskar easily….swara must do some nakhre ….

    1. NDSG

      Swara will not do any nakhre but still sanky will get his punishment….

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Huhh,horrible shemish and coward sanky????.. Just wanna kill them*taking gun and knife…loved the chappy… It’s mind blowing… Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..

    And yeah, you asked me that how sanky became bechara…Sorry,there was a little mistake,he is would be bechara bcz jab shona usse baath nehi karegi tab toh vo becharai feel karega na??…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. NDSG

      Hehehehehehe bechara sanky pyar k mara sanky??????

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    Huhhhh sanky??????

    1. NDSG

      Clever sanky…. But zidddi bhi bahut h… Manta nahi h k pyar karta h… Huh.. Always wants to be mature.. Huh.. Don’t know what love is????????

  20. Vyshu10

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