SwaSan FF-A Love Story (Episode 13)

While going to college ***

Swara:(to herself)WTH…Why is he so silent…There’s half n hour to reach college this silence is gonna kill me
Sanskar:Did u say something??
Swara:No(does he read minds)
Sanskar:Then please do…R u the silent type like people who find peace in silence n all or are u so engrossed in my charming face that you’re not speaking
Swara:Sanskar actually I I…..
Sanskar:What happened speak na..don’t hesitate (worried)
Swara:(holds him tightly)Sanskar see I know mistakes happen n it’s all right all of us are humans but this one is not a mistake it’s it’s a blunder
Sanskar:Swara I’m not understanding anything just say it clearly
Swara:Who told u that you’re charming (starts laughing)
Sanskar:Very funny now get off we’ve reached
Swara:Ok bye..thanks for the ride it was fun(walks away)
Sanskar:If u need a ride back home don’t u dare ask me
Swara:Like I had plans to

Both go away
***Dance class
Sir: Swara n Sanskar I have to tell you that there is a small cultural thing in the parade ground next weekend…Yeah I know it’s a small thing and it won’t give you much experience but I need u guys work together and make your team work together for starters ok ??
Both:Ofcourse sir
Sir:Very well then discuss your plans and brief me tomorrow about the setup,costumes etc etc …Ok then see you tomorrow
Both:Sure sir,Thankyou
****Sir leaves

Swara:(to everyone)Ok guys u know that we have something on hand so we’ll begin with the practices tomorrow
Sanskar:And tomorrow evening 4 u all should be here…We don’t have a lot of time and it’s our first performance so we need to put up a great show
Everyone:Sure we’ll be there
***Bell rings
***Everyone starts to leave
Sanskar:Swara um we need to discuss about the performance
Swara:Yeah…do you have any free class right now
Sanskar:Yeah next period I’m free
Swara:But I’m not….Can we meet after college
Swara:Would u mind coming over to my place…I mean it’ll be comfortable our parents also won’t be worried and if we have to think of some ideas then we need space so
Sanskar:Ok then 5 at ur place??
Sanskar:Ok I’ll go I have a class(walks away)

Swara:(in mind) Wow I never knew I could have had a normal conversation with this chipmunk he’s not that bad

Sanskar:She’s not what I thought of her

Screen freezes

PRECAP-Sanskar and Swara fight

Yay!!Done pls tell me how u like it in the comments below and stay tuned for the next episode

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