Swasan ff: importance of family and friends in life….!!!!! Promos

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Hloo everyone……I am posting 2 updates today only because right now I am having complete free time and moreover I am really excited too and am waiting for your response….

Note to readers:guys..I’ve already said you that swara is a Telugu girl so in
some places I’ll use some Telugu dialougues for her and ya I’ll give translation too but if you are not comfortable with it then plz don’t hesitate to tell me I am specially mentioning it only because many of you all have got used with some malayali words for nandini in manan ff’s ……

And also in CS I’ve given you all some info that the set will be in the backdrop of Hyderabad if any of have any complaint with it then please
tell me because I’ve said you that I am completely new to writing then please do cooperate with me……

Promo 1:

A girl is shown getting ready in traditional attire….from her back a voice i
s heard calling her..
“Swara……come down soon,Boy’s family will be here in 10 min….so be quick”
Yes that girl was swara.

Swara:ha amma….I will be there in 5 min….amma plz do a help for me……you prepare chain for as I don’t have time na…plz amma.

Swara’s POV:
Today I am going to meet him…..I don’t know who he is….in fact I
didn’t even seen his pic when amma and nanna showed to me…..

Am I really ready to get married!!!????

I said to Anna about my confusion but he said I’ve to tell this thing to amma and nanna but how could I???this alliance is bought by pedananna (bade papa) and now it is the qstn of his prestige……

When swara was in her thoughts someone knocked the door of her room…then she instantly came out of her thoughts…and seen back….

A guy between mid 20’s is shown with an affectionate and assuring smile to swara,then swara went to him and hugged him….

He too responded to her hug and said my chelli(lil sis) is the best and never backs off……everything will be fine dear don’t worry just talk to him if you like him then only your marriage will be fixed with him…I am assuring you this….

Swara: Anna….you are the great manik so you’ll say like that only…you really don’t know how much nervous I am….

Yes he is manik only……
Manik:’exactly….you are the only sister of manik so you should be confident…..OK now we’ve to stop our talks….as Boy’s family is waiting for you downstairs…so come we’ll see them….

Manik and swara came down……

Swara straightly went to kitchen and brought the chai and other eatazbles….and kept them on the table….and lift her head and shocked to see the boy…then she uttered to herself…

Swara: SANSKAR!!!!!?????????

Promo 2:

A guy is shown dragging a girl with him into a house while that girl is shouting at him and asking him to leave her…

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  1. CrazyGirlz

    I love it but is it incomplete?

    1. Madhuag

      It is not incomplete,I left it to keep the suspense of story…which makes it more and more intresting

      1. CrazyGirlz

        Oh kayy

  2. Interesting….
    u can write Telugu dialogs but dont forget to give translation
    I don’t know any other language than Hindi and english

  3. Kakali

    Soooo Nice..!! Loved it dear..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  4. Simi

    Good one…

  5. Manasvi

    Its interesting..☺

  6. Madhu.r

    plz continue look interesting

  7. Phoniex

    nice dear

  8. Sus

    nyc dear

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