SwaSan FF- Humdard.. part 5 sammy and hadi (Samadi)

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Episode 5
Next Morning
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace ………. rays of sun fell on swara n she woke …….. she looked at sanskar n remember last night
Flash back
sanskar lens towards her n made her lye on bed ………. swara was feeling shy ……..he removed her hairs 4rom her neck n kissed her neck …… swara tightly hold the sheet ……. sanskar moved towards her n kissed her both cheeks then gave a pack on her forehead …….. then he slowly moved towards her lips n they kissed again it was a passionate kiss ……. after some time they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen ……. swara was feeling shy m looking down …… sanskar made her look at him but she hugged him tightly
Sanskar : swara told u na dont blush …… I can loose control
Swara : thats wht I want ………. sanskar I want to be urs
Sanskar became happy to listened her word ……. he made her look in his eyes (eye lock ) sansksr switched off the light n came on her top n they became one
Flash back End
Swara looked at sanskar who was sleeping peacefully in beside her ………… she caresses his hairs n moved closer to him ……… she gave a pack on his cheek
Swara : Good Morning sanskar
Sanskar pulled her more closer n he too kissed her cheek: Good Morning swara
Swara : get up now u have to go to office na
Sanskar : no I dont want
Swara : sanskar get up n leave me
Sanskar made a pout face n got up …….. swara too got up n laughed to saw him
After getting ready sanskar came out 4rom washroom n got confuse to saw swara …… she was wearing his shirt
Sanskar : swara y u wore my shirt
Swara made a pout face : because I dont have any dress
Sanskar : ohhh wait

He went out 4rom the room ……… swara was confuse after some time he came back n gave a saree to swara
Sanskar : wear it
Swara : waoo its beautiful
Sanskar : yes because its my moms saree my dad gifted this to my mom u can wear it……. then we will go for shopping
swara: but how can i!!…means its your mom saree…its pure nd i m…i cant wear it
sanskar: swara..how many times should i say not to think about that..its all past..nd u know what!! if u will wear this saree than this saree grace will gonna increase… because of my beautiful..jaan
Swara : Aww! so sweet of u …….. ok wait I will come after 2 min
Swara got ready n came out ……….. sanskar was mesmerized to saw her in that red saree of his mother
Swara : lets go for breakfast im ready
They came down together n sat on chairs ……… servant served them breakfast n they started having their breakfast ……….. after some time they finish their breakfast
Sanskar : ok swara Im going for meeting will come back after 2 hours
Swara made a pout face : wht will I do???
Sanskar : wait for me
Swara : ok….
Sanskar : bye sweet heart :-*
He kissed her forehead n left ……… swara looked at house n went to room

After 2 Hours
sanskar came back n searched swara in mention …….. then he went to the room n saw swara sleeping on couch …….. he went near her ……… he blow on her face ………. swara felt sanskars presence n smiled ……… then she slowly opened her eyes …….. sanskar again blow on her face n removed hairs on her her face
Swara : finally u r back …… I was missing u
Sanskar : really thats y u were lost in my dreams
Swara smiled : yes
Sanskar came close to her ear n whispered : wht have u seen in ur dream ???
Swara too whispered in his ear : u n me r together forever
A smile appeared on sanskars face : thats gud…….. then sleep again I dont want to break this dream
Swara laughed : hhahhahah very funny ………. by the way sanskar u promised me that u will show me this city
Sanskar : yes I remember lets go
Swara : waoo Im so excited lets go
They left …

On Road
Sanskar was driving the car n swara was sitting beside him ………. she was so happy ……..anyone can feel her happiness on her face……….. she was looking at 4rom the window n trying to touch sun rays
Sanskar : dr u mad swara wht r u doing???
Swara : u know wht sanskar Im feeling this freedom after 6 years …… im so happy
Sanskar : n I always want u to be happy
Swara : sanskar u r the best gift of God
Sanskar stopped the car n moved back
Swara : wht happened ??? y we r going back ????
Sanskar : shhhh look there
Swara saw out 4rom the window ……… there was shopping mall
Sanskar : we will bye ur new dresses 4rom here
Swara : waoo wht is this ???
Sanskar : its a mall n there is so many shops of dresses jewllery n other things do u wanna see ???
Swara : yes
Sanskar parked the car n they went inside the mall

In Mall
Swasan first went to bye dresses for swara …….. sanskar was selecting dresses for swara n swara was silently stood beside him ……… after some time sanskar gave her an angry look
Sanskar : swara Im selecting all this for u
Swara smiled : yes I know
Sanskar : dont u want to select any dress for u ???
Swara : no because I know u will choose best for me
Sanskar smiled
Sanskar bought so many dresses for her then they bought shoes for her ……….. after finishing their shopping they were coming out at that time swara saw a stall of anklet n ran towards them

Swara : waoo anklets my fav ……….. sanskar which one is gud this or this
Sanskar : umm this one
Swara : waoo me too like this one ……..wait let me try this
Sanskar took it 4rom her : I will make me u wear this
Sanskar sat on his knee n kept swaras foot on his lap the made her wear this anklet
Swara : waoo its looking so nice ……….. she was so happy n enjoying all this at that time rahul came near them
Rahul : ahm ahm so u did not listen me na
Sanskar became angry to saw him n whispered : rahul stay away 4rom her
Rahul : y ??? She is a pr*stitute anyone can go near her
Sanskar : just shut up …… Im going to marry her
Rahul : waoo so u r taking this garbage to ur home
Sanskar hold his collar : she is mine now so stop calling her garbage
Rahul : she is a dirty woman sanskar y u r not understanding ……..these type of women cant live with one man they r not use to it …….they want a new man every night
Sanskar slapped him….
Sanskar turns back nd is shocked…seeing swara standing there with tears flowing from her eyes….

Sanskar: swara….

Swara runs from there…..

Sanskar turns back
Sanskar: rahul just stay away from us Otherwise i will not leave u….

Sanskar ran behind her…..

Sanskar: swara stop….swara atleast listen to me na….swaraaaaaaaaaa…

swara take taxi nd reaches home…sanskar too reach there…

swara ran inside room..before swara can close the door…sanskar storm in nd close the door…

Sanskar: swara listen!!to me what all he said is just…..(cutted by swara voice)

swara(crying nd scared): sanskar!! Sanskar he came!! he came back! he will take u away! he cant see my happiness… he will take u from me sanskar…i cant leave without u…sanskar……dont leave me sanskar plz sanskar never leave me..promise me u will not leave me..promise me sanskar…

Sanskar: swara!! swara calm down..i promise i will never leave u….believe me..

he hugs her

Sanskar(thinks): that means swara didnt hear what rahul was saying..thank god!! but…what swara was saying?? with whom she is scared???…who is that person?? should i ask from swara?..no no this is not rgt time..right now she is in very bad condition.. let her be normol than i will ask her…

Sanskar: btw swara u look cute while crying with your red red nose…like my rondu baby….

Swara: Haaw! sanskar so bad i m not rondu baby…..

sanskar: no no u r my rondu baby…!

swara: huh!sanskar u always tease me very bad….

swara forget about her sorrows…nd but started there nok jhok….

Sanskar: kk kk!! fine i lose u win!..u r not rounda baby….

swara: yes…thats gud..

sanskar: haha!! kk chlo now lets sleep!

Sanskar make her lie on bed..cover her..nd then he too sleep on left side of bed….


Sanskar open his eyes..nd see Swara sleeping….

he slowly gets up nd go on Terrace….

sanskar thinks about rahul’s word…..

sanskar: today what happen is not at all good!! what if Swara would have listen that! i cant even imagine what will be her reaction!..but i need to do something now! today god save us..but it cant happen daily!…..i need to do something! but what???…

Suddenly someone put hand on his shoulder.. he turns back nd see Swara standing

sanskar: Swara!!!

Swara: ya sanskar i m..but why r u standing here at this time!

sanskar: woh nothing actually weather is so gud na thats why think to come here!

Swara: Sanskar tell me the real reason..i know u r lying…u have my swear

sanskar: Swara!!! actually i want to say to something!

Swara: ya say na

sanskar: Swara lets get married tomorrow!

Swara: What!!

Sanskar: yes! i know its very sudden but i want to make u mine forever…that no one can snatch u from me

Swara: i m already your sanskar

Sanskar( teary eyes): ya i know!! but i dont know why i m getting feeling that someone will snatch u from me!! i dont know why but i m feeling very scared!! plz Swara lets get married! i will die without u…i will die

he broke down!

Swara(cries seeing sanskar): Sanskar i m ready to marry u….(sanskar look at her) ya i m ready…i also want to becomes yours completly…i want to known by your name!!…i love u sanskar…i m ready to marry u….

Sanskar hugs her…both cry happily…

precap: marriage nd a disaster…


phew! finally finished…so guys now timw for revelation….nd the revelation is there is no revelation……okk as u want then one revelation is this also that samadi r soul sisters……they love each other very mch…….

Street dancer..by Samadi..comming soon…

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  1. Simin

    Awesome dear
    Marriage and disaster seems very interesting

  2. dear.. this story was posted in july already with the title humdard

  3. Mahavir

    awesome sammy….loved the epi and this rahul i wanna kill him….love u sammy….tc…

  4. Pooja26

    its awsm….

  5. Mica

    huh! Samadi.. i’ll join Maha to kill that moron Rahul…

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr chappy dears..I will kill that blo*dy Rahul,kobe ashteh hobe bolo.. Keep it up guys.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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