SwaSan FF- Humdard.. part 3 sammy and hadi


Kavya turns back to go when she hear laughing sound…..
She is shocked!! nd turns back…nd see
Sanskar laughing….
kavya:-(shouts) What the!!!..u..u r laughing…don’t u have any shame or what…I ditched u instead of crying u r laughing….I said I don’t love u…then why r u laughing…u should cry na because your love ditch u…stupid boy….

Sanskar:-.. why should I cry…I m happy that u yourself tell your truth to me…I m lucky that I come to know your truth now only……thanks alot kavya for saving me from such a girl who don’t have any value of friendship in her eyes…..and one more thing what u were!!!! umm! u were saying something about love na!! oo my god..(he laughs) u were thinking I love u…lol!! if u think this then listen I don’t love u…(kavya shocked) yes…u listen rgt i never loved u…nd I will never love u..I only accepted this relation because of our friendship…. because I don’t want to break your heart….but I should thank that u break this unwanted relation…nd finally u showed me your true colour…no just get lost from here……get losttt…..
Kavya get furious by his reply…nd stamp her foot…nd leaves from there having anger in her eyes….

As soon as kavya leaves….Sanskar fall on his knees nd burst out crying
Sanskar- (crying) why kavya…why u played with our friendship… I have think u r my best Friend… nd truly love me but no u….u just want..mo..Mon..ey…. I hate u kavya…… u didn’t only betrayed me..even u insult the pious bond of friends….I will never forgive u for insulating the word friends…….
Sanskar in present – after that my friends tell me about u…so I come here…
he turns back….
Nd see swara who was having years in her eyes..
Sanskar- are why r u crying!! ha….

Swara:- ha..! aa a why will I cry…I m not crying
Sanskar- acha then why r u having tears in your eyes..
Swara:- ohh this!! umm this r not tears…this is water…actually dust has fallen in my eyes that’s why…nothing else OK na…
sanskar laughs…
swara:- are why r u laughing… I said na its just water
Sanskar:- kk kk I believe u..happy now!! BTW should I say one thing…
Swara:- hmm say
Sanskar:- u r too innocent swara

Swara look on shocked….
swara:- what do u mean…I m not innocent..(try to avoid eye contact)…BTW u paid a huge amount… don’t u want to do..the work…(speak hesitantly) I mean don’t u want to do for which people come here…for which u paid moneys….
She said this while avoiding eye contact…nd with tears in her eyes…
Sanskar sees her nd feels bad…..
Sanskar:- (teasingly) yupp sure I will do it na…come on
Swara( thinks):- I have think he is Innocent..but no all boys r same….
Sanskar leans toward her…swara close her eyes…
sanskar observe her beautiful yet innocent face….her innocence is clearly shown on her face…
Sanskar cups her face….Swara holds her cloths tightly…nd having tears in her eyes…but the next thing shocked her…
Sanskar kiss her forehead…swara open her eyes in shocked….sanskar smiles nd turns nd go to sleep in left side of bed…

Sanskar(while laying on bed):- miss swara..if u want u can sleep on my right side…don’t worry I will not do anything with u…I have put pillow walls between us…u sleep on right side…I will sleep on this side….kk…now gud ngt…
Swara is standing there motionlessly…nd is amazed to see sanskar….
Swara(thinks):- What type of a guys he is….I have never seen any boy like this… such a pious soul he is…..people crave to touch me nd he..he didn’t even….(She smiles proudly happily emotionally while having tears in her eyes)…….
agar is duniya me Sab log iski tarah honge na toh kbhi kisi swara ko HUSAN ARRA nhi bnna padega…(if everyone will be like him then no swara will become husan aara)…..tears were making a way out from her eyes…..
She go nd sleep on right side of bed….


Next Morning
Sun rays fell on swaras face n she woke she checked the time it was 6 o clock she got up with a jerk
Swara : omg if apa bi see sanskar here she will beat me
She went towards him n tried to awake him
Swara : sanskar plzzz get up …….. come on sanskar apa bi will kill me plzzz get up
Sanskar got up n sorry let me go ………. he was about to open the door swara stooped him
Swara : no no not 4rom here lets go 4rom this window because she dont know that we were here
Sanskar : ok boss
They opened the window n went out 4rom the house then swara settled her self n n say bye to sanskar……. then she moved back
Swara : sanskar where is the rent of room
Sanskar : sorry I forgot how much????
Swara : 3000 for one night.
Sanskar : ok

He gave her 3000 ………. she went inside n sanskar left
swara tied that money in her dupata n was silently moving towards the room at that time some one called her n she became scare That was apa bi
Apa bi : u r half hour late ……. I know that guy was handsome but money is everything next time dont give extra time to anyone
Swara : ok apa bi next time I will take care
Apa bi : its gud for u …… other wise u know me very well
Swara node ok n ran to her room……… before entering she looked here n there n took a deep breath then she moved towards her cupboard n took out her saving box ……… she opened the money box n count all the money inside it then she add that 3000 in it
Swara : waoo now I have 20000 but still I need 80000 more to ran 4rom here
while she was talking to herself some one called her n swara turned back
Swara : ahhh amaa bi u scared me

Amaa bi smiled : how much money have u saved ????
Swara : 20000 ……. only 80000 more then I will run 4rom this prison …… u will come with me na
Amaa bi : no swara I cant leave apa bi
Swara : but y she is so cruel she always beat me n scold u ……… its final now u r coming with me
Amaa bi : time will tell
Swara was so happy n smiling n amaa bi noticed her smile
Amaa bi : y r u so happy n today u r not tiered also whts the reason ???? Dont u wanna sleep today????

Swara : no because after 6 years I slept full night
Amaa bi widened her eyes : really how ????? I mean u were with that guy na???
Swara : yes n he said me to sleep he too slept on this bed
Amaa bi : I cant believe this he paid 2.5 lac for one night how is it possible
Swara : even I did not believe when he said me to sleep
Amaa bi : then y he paid this much amount for night
Swara : he was depressed he needs a friend so he asked me to be his friend …….. u know wht amaa bi he was the first person who gave me respect
Amaa bi : whts his name ????
Swara : sanskar
Amaa bi : ahan he shows the effect of his name
Swara : yup

Maheshwari Mention
Sanskar came back to home n look at the picture of his late parents he took their blessings n moved towards his room …….. he sat on the bed n remember last night……… he remember how swara kissed him a smile appeared on his face
Sanskar : hussan aara ……… wht a beauty I have seen so many creatures of God but u r the most beautiful u r big n deep eyes made me crazy n I know u r hiding something 4rom me ………… dont worry will meet u tonight again
Then he got ready n went to his office

In office
Rahul n his friend came inside his cabin
Rahul : oh hello Mr. Maheshwari how r u feeling???
Sanskar : ohh hi come sit
Rahul : leave all this n tell me how was ur night ??? I mean u n hussan aara n full night
Sanskar : she is so innocent
Rahul : innocent …… sanskar she is a pr*stitute so she cant be innocent n second these type of people only love money
Sanskar : rahul everyone in this world love money n the difference between us n them is that they openly accept it n we pretend that we dont love ……. I think they r more honest than us

Rahul : omg she made u crazy in only one night …… wht u both done
Sanskar : we talked for some time n after that we slept
Rahul : wht u did nothing then y u spend 2 lac on her
Sanskar : because Im in love with her
Rahul : wht r u made sanskar she is a garbage
Sanskar clench his fist n hold his collar : next time dont call her garbage she is an innocent girl n I know she helpless thats y she is doing all this ……. but not 4rom now I will save her every night 4rom all this n will give her a respectful life
He pushed him : get out 4rom my office now
He angrily left 4rom there …….. sanskar sat on his chair n remember swaras tears he felt pity on her n again started his work

At Night
Swara again became ready according to her routine ……. after some time apaa bi took her out ……… all the man was waiting for her she start her dance …… at that time sanskar entered inside
Swara : yeh kis ki hai aahat
Yeh kis ka saaya
Hui dil pe dastak
Yahan ko aya
She turned an saw sanskar there ………. she felt relief to saw him n stood up
Hum pe yeh kis ne
Hara rang dala
Khushi ne humari hamein
She fell in sanskars feet
Mar dalaa Allah
Mar dalaa Allah
Sanskar made her to stand up (eye lock)
All were throwing money on her she again start her dance

After that finishing her dance she sat in middle ……. again all started biding for the night
1st : 15000
2nd : 25000
swara closed her eyes n tightly hold her dress
At that time sanskars voice made everyone silent
Sanskar : 2.5 lac
Apaa bi looked at her : ohh again u its nice …….. anyone else
No one gave answer
Apaa bi : take her she is again urs for tonight
Swara opened her eyes n looked at sanskar who hold her hand n was asking her to come
After that they went in swaras room again ……. swara sat on bed n sanskar kept his head on swaras lap ……. swara was shock
Sanskar : y r u looking at me???
Swara : nothing
Sanskar : actually today I so tiered

Swara caresses his hairs : y ???
Sanskar : I have doe so much work in office
Swara : ohh …. u r life very nice na …… u r independent u can go any where ….. where ever u want
Sanskar : hmm u r right n I love my life
Swara : I wish I can see the world but I have never seen this city also ……. who came he took me to the his room or flat nothing else
Sanskar : do u wanna see the city
Swara : yes I want
Sanskar : dont worry tomorrow I will take u out
Swara became happy : really paka promise na
Sanskar : ha paka promise ….. we will eat ice cream I will show u all the beautiful places of city
Swara became happy n they they both slept in each other embrace

Precap : sanskar took swara out to show her the city

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