SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 19

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Ragini : laksh plz listen to me once. Plz don’t go. I’m sorry

Laksh: sorry !!! First ask it from Swara if she forgives u then I will also.

Rag: laksh hw is it possible. She is no more

Sanskar who was passing by : bhabhi plz don’t. She is alive and will surely return one day. Plz trust me.

Laksh: trust????? Do u even know the meaning of that word sanskar. If u had shown a little bit of trust on Swara then she would have been among us today.

Sanskar: Bhai I know I did a mistake. No no a sin but she is not that cruel to punish me like this. SWARA IS ALIVE AND SHE IS SAFE AND SOUND.

Adi: let’s believe him laksh just for once. And plz don’t leave like this.

Pankuri: yeah laksh, adi is right. And moreover Swara will be more hurt when she come to know that u hurt her di because of her.

Laksh: it’s not because of her pankuri they’re paying for their deeds. Leave all these and tell me u both here is any thing important.

Adi: nothing yaar relax just thought to pay a visit.

Rag: (controlling her tears) u guys talk I will arrange lunch.

Saying this she went from there.

Adi: laksh plz listen it’s not that I’m supporting ragini, in fact me too was angry on her. But yaar just think she did all this for u. She left all of us, just to take care of u. 7 yrs laksh, it’s not a small period of time, she give her 7yrs for u. Whatever she did was with Swara and that too bcz of her love towards u.

Pankuri: yes laksh plz don’t torture her more. Plz just for once look at her. She had become so pale.

San: Bhai it’s all because of my stupidity. She didn’t tell this to anyone until I accuse Swara of murdering uttara. She just thought that if Swara can do a murder then her conclusions are also right. Plz Bhai we got u back after such a long time plz don’t leave us again.

Laksh leave from there without telling anything.


Swara was sitting with her friends in canteen when she noticed Abhinav & Boban sitting on the next table. She was keenly observing them without her friend’s knowledge. But boban was noticing this and he signed Abhinav. Swara seeing Abhinav looking at her just give him a smile and lowered her head as if in shy.

Days passed laksh postponed his decision to go to Bangalore. Somewhat he was normal to ragini and sanskar but till now he couldn’t forgive them.

Here in Bangalore Swara was getting close to Abhinav without the knowledge of her friends and he too was coming into her trap.

One fine day Swara had planned an outing with Abhinav to trap him completely in her plan but to her dismay vishesh caught her with him.

Vishesh: Aashi u with Abhinav?? What the hell is going on????

Abhinav: hai u what do u want??? And who r u to question her???

SWARA: Abhi vishesh relax I’ll say. Abhi he is vishesh my friend and vishesh me & Abhi are in a relationship

Vishesh: have u gone nuts Aashi do have an idea what u r talking???

Swara: (innocently) vishesh I love hi


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    soo complicated.. wish Swara save,,,

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  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear..Haww, don’t tell me that vishesh slapped my doll??..Loved it.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  14. Radhika..

    Awesome part dear . loved the part and swara arranging trap for him I think vishnesh slapped swaram……. And sanskar belief is all right just love the way u show he believe that swara will be back. Loved it??

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