SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 14

Hai guys I’m back. Thank u for ur comments . And a bigggggg thanks for liking my OS . So let’s continue with the FF

4 months later

Bangalore XYZ college

A girl is shown talking to the principal at the office room
Girl: good morning sir, I’m aashi

Saying this she hands over her certificates to him

Prince: so u r from US.

Aashi: yes sir. My parents died in an accident and all my relatives are here in India. And they are not allowing me to stay there alone. So I am here in front of u.

Prince: Yeah, ur uncle already told me about u. I have told ur professor about u and he will help you in settling down.

Aashi : thank u sir

Aashi go es to her class. Her professor introduces her to the class and welcome her. She finds a vacant seat besides a girl and sits there. After the class

Girl: hi, aashi I’m kaira
Pointing to the next seat this is vishesh, that is Nikhil, and this is samaira we are a gang and if u don’t mind u can join us.

Aashi: sure guys thank u so much .

Vishesh: offfooo seems like I should give u study classes

Aashi: study classes!!!!!!?????

Samaira: yeah, study classes, about the rules and regulations of our gang.

Nikhil: and the first rule is in friendship on sorry and no thank u.

Aashi: ohhhh ok then .

Kaira: veyse aashi where r u going to stay.

Aashi: in college hostel

Samaira: omg. Then u r gone.

Aashi: why is that so

Kaira: ha.ha ha aashi because the hostel warden is a Hitler and above that the mess………

Sam: kaira please not a word about mess, I am feeling like omitting.

Everyone laughs and gives hi-fi to each other.

Vishesh: by the way aashi if u want u can shift with us. We r living in a rented house here nearby the college.

Aashi: no yaar guys, my uncle is very sensitive about me, and he won’t allow me.

Nikhil: that’s ok aashi but if u feel suffocated here u, I’m sure u will be, u can move with us.

Aashi: sure guys, and for now excuse me I want to meet the HOD for completing some formalities. Bye

All: bye
After the day’s class she went to the hostel and settled herself.

Days passed aashi mingled well with her friends. Now her friends know about her parents death and all. They took good care of her. One day her uncle came to meet her.

At the visiting area

Anirudh (aashi’s uncle): Aaahi beta, come how r u?

Aaahi : han uncle I’m fine , hw r u? Hw is everyone at home?

Ani: everyone is fine. By the way meet
Mr. Malhotra, my childhood friend. From today he will be ur local guardian.

Aaahi turned towards Mr. Malhotra and was shocked to see him.

Sorry sorry sorry soooooo much for being late and also this crap Chappy. U know I’m very much disappointed. These doctor’s na now they r my no one enemies. They always keeps me away from my happiness. I’m really sorry I can’t be regular from now.

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