swasan ff: i got you by fate Part 8

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Part 7

Swara- lakshhh???
Laksh- crying baby ???
Swara- ohh, crying baby let me reminder you ….morning accident ,can I tell everyone
Suddenly laksh says swara noo….u r not crying baby….who idiot says u r crying baby and you don’t know how to make food
Shyam- laksh Bhaiya, you only tell this

Then everyone started laughing
Laksh- I forget one thing ,then he left from hall
Swara- bhai, let’s prepare lunch
Then swara and shyam both go kitchen to prepare lunch but sanskar was standing on same place and confuse face
“what happened him , morning accident ….I don’t understand” Sanskar said himself
Then he also left …his room

Other side

“what happened beta, why are u sad???” Yuvi’s father
Yuvi – I want swara back , I want her back with me and I want every night with her and enjoy with her
Yuvi’s dad- but beta, u know na yuvi interrupt and says “ I know dad , I do all ur work but I never forget her … plzzz dad first time I ask something for me plzz help me”
Yuvi’s dad- u r my son , ofcourse I help you …
Yuvi- love u dad, u r bst dad , I this world

Yuvi’s dad- hahahaha, I know son, u go and enjoy ur night
Yuvi- hmm dad, but dad where is my new doll, means Sana
Yuvi’s dad- may be in your room , she will wait for u…go fast and enjoy it.. Don’t take tension about swara ….okay
Yuvi- yaaa dad, Byeee dad I go
Yuvi’s dad – and enjoyed it and don’t forget to sign her on papers
Yuvi- thanx dad, really I forget it ….
Yuvi’s dad- okay ….go fast

In Sanskar home,

Laksh- shyam , bring food quickly….I feel die if with in 5 min I didn’t eat anything…
Just then Sanskar came from his room and say “some patience laksh, food are not going anywhere”
Laksh- bhaiii
Sanskar- what bhai ???
Laksh – I didn’t eat anything today
Swara- really laksh, then who go with kavya in restaurant
Shyam- shona, leave him …all day he was doing same drama ….
Laksh- kaka …what u told Swara in fake anger
Sanskar – shut up …u all
If you all done ur drama ,then bring food for eat in anger tone
Shyam- ji Bhaiya, I bring it In fear tone
Swara- shyam bhai, I will also help you
Shyam- hmm
Then both go in kitchen and bring food
Swara- bhai,what happened him , all time he behave like this
Shyam- yes, he is nice guy
Swara- hmm
Shyam- let’s go fast …then Bhaiya shout again
Swara- such a rude man

In Hall
Laksh- bhai, what happen u??
Sanskar- nothing, laksh
Then swara and shyam bring food silently
“shona, u sit I served it” shyam says
First swara see sanskar angry face then she nodes yes
Shyam served food
Laksh- wow…shyam who made such a tasty food, I wish I kiss his/ her hand
Suddenly swara started coughing

Sanskar pass water and says “ drink water , u feel good”
Swara- hmm
Swara- laksh plz again you not tell these filmly type dialogue and went from her room
Laksh- what happens her
Shyam- I don’t know, let me check her

Swara room
Swara entered room and locked the door and started crying
Shyam- Shona, open ur door, what happened u, why u not your food
Swara- bhai, I am not hungry … I feel very tired …u go from here and eat something in crying tone
Shyam- but first eat something then u sleep
Swara- bhai ,plz don’t force me …u go from here
Shyam- ok
Then he went from there

“what happens swara why she behave like this…if anything I told wrong then I says her sorry in morning” laksh said himself

Swara room
Why you did with me , I really thought you my soulmate but you betrayal me
I hate you …no no I hate myself to loving you and think as you my soulmate
And stared more cry and she think her past

Next day,
At 6 am
Swara wake up and she think really I got my soulmate in yuvi how he care for me …
Just then yuvi came from washroom and says “thinking about me in morning not bad Darling”
Swara first blush and says “gm and about go washroom but yuvi pulls her”
Yuvi- Darling where u go, first give me my morning kiss , then go anywhere
Due to shyness , she hug him
Just then someone knock the door
Yuvi shouted – who the hell is …
Servant- malik, your father call you( in fear tone)

Yuvi- nobody wants to do here, i romance with my Darling…
Swara- laughing at his expression, and says “ u go , I came with in 10 min”
Yuvi- why r u laughing, ohh I understand on my this condition, surely I tell you in night
Then he go his dad room
Yuvi’s – dad, why u call me
Yuvi’s dad- beta, u have go to Mumbai for 2 days
Yuvi- but why dad
Yuvi’s dad- for office work
Yuvi – office work means don’t tell me u send me Mumbai for meet that stupid nikky
Yuvi’s dad- yes beta, u have go to meet her and sign in these papers
Yuvi- okay

Yuvi’s dad- let’s go office
Yvvi- no dad , first bf then office
Yuvi’s dad- okay
In hall
Yuvi shouted what the hell is this , where is bf
Swara – came down, u sit here , I bring bf
Then both sit on dinning table
Swara served food then she also sit
Yuvi – wow, u make it swara … can I kiss ur hand …i never ate, such a tasty food
Swara shy and run from there
Yuvi and his father both laugh seeing her shyness
Yuvi’s father- really beta , I proud ur choice … she is our ATM machine
Yuvi- right dad

Past end

Swara – why only this happens with me..
Then her phone ring , she see caller name , she wipe her tears and pick call
Os- hello swara,
Swara- hello, rahul bhai
rahul- what happened Shona,why are u crying , anybody told u anything, plzz tell me ..
Swara- no, bhai ….
Rahul- then what happened u , tell me and don’t lie
Swara- umm bhai , vo when Laksh tell … “can , I kiss his/her hand” then I remember him
Rahul- forget him , shona ….
Swara-plzz, change topic
Rahul- okay, then tell me what u think about ur job ….
Swara- honesty, I tell u …
Rahul- haa

Swara- after tomorrow
Rahul- what and after tomorrow and u told me today….
Swara- sry bhai, I forget it
Rahul- okay, And talk u tomorrow ,gn ,tc and sweet dream
Swara- same to u bhai ,then she cut the call
Precap- not decided

1. What u want in next part ??
a. Full Swara past
b. Sanskar past (not full but hint)
c. Swaragini and Sanskar past

2. Anyone guess it , what r in those paper and why yuvi’sdad told him to sign her (sana)

3. Which character u want play for Rahul role

Guys, i have exam in this week…. So i will post my next epi when I will be free. Hope u guys don’t have pblm…..

Hows today episode?? Hope u like it…. Pls post ur comments and tell me what u want in next part

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