Swasan ff : We are family (chapter 6)

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Hey guys
SammieR here
Thank you for the comments you gave

Sanskar : Dad don’t be happy this much…. As she will be just a caretaker for my child…. I will never accept her….
Durgaprasad : As your wish beta…. I will talk to ap to tell about this to Swara’s family…..
Sanskar : Do what you want Dad?? Come princess we will go to sleep…..
Kiara : OK Papa…..
Durgaprasad asks Annapurna to inform Swara’s family about Sanskar’s acceptance……
Annapurna nods and called Parvati Gadodiya…..

On call
Ap : Hello Parvati Ji
Parvati : Hello Ap Ji….. (desperately) Did you talked with your son and did he agreed for the alliance…..
Ap : Ji Parvati Ji Sanskar accept but he said for him Swara will be just Kaira’s care taker nothing else….
Parvati : I don’t care about that…. I just want her to get married asap…. I don’t want any burden on me…. And it’s her duty to make sanskar fall for her…. We can’t do anything in that….
Ap : You are right Parvati Ji…. Waise Parvati Ji can’t you take Vikrant’s responsibility as we don’t want him…. I mean he’s not our blood and accepting him is quiet difficult for us especially when Kiara is here…. I hope you understood what I am trying to say…..
Parvati : I don’t care what you do with vikrant he’s not our responsibility…..
Ap : OK we will think what to do with him….
Parvati : So what about marriage I want it to be asap…..
Ap : I will try to fix it asap…. OK bye…..
Parvati : Bye….

Gadodiya House

Parvati was happy as now Swara will be married and no one can taunt her and her family….. Parvati told everyone about Sanskar’s acceptance except Vikrant’s matter….. Swara was shocked as she thought that sanskar will reject…..

Flashback ends

Sanskar : Now you will again distance yourself from him Swara….
Swara : Sanskar I am ready…. You freshen up till then I will meet Princess…..
Sanskar came out from his thoughts and nodded after praying to god that thank god Swara didn’t listen anything….

Here swara went to Kiara room and got happy seeing her smiling in dream…..
She went towards Kiara and gently woke her up….
Swara : Princess wake up…. Today is your marriage…. My princess is going to leave me today…. So if you will wake up then I can spend some time with her….
Kiara : What?? Shit…. I forgot that today is my marriage…. Thanks Mom for reminding me…. And about leaving this house so don’t worry I will ask dad to make my hubby house husband (ghar jamai) so you will not miss me….
Voice : And my princess wish be fulfilled….

Gadodiya House

Ayush : Smriti be fast….. Today is Kaira’s marriage don’t you want to go their….
Smriti : Sorry jaan I got late….. But this all is because Mishka Manish and Aman…. They were irritating me….. Ohk where is shriya….
Shriya : I’m here darling…. I am ready with all arrangements just packed up the dresses which we will wear tonight…..
Ayush : Ohk so let’s go…..

Maheshwari mansion

Vikrant was sitting on bed and crying whereas khushi was just consoling him…..

Precap : Past : Villain’s entry
Present : Vikrant’s life in danger

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  1. Phoniex

    jow disguting is Sanskar for him his daughter matter but he willl not accepet someone else’s child. why should then swara then accept Kiara.

    1. SammieR

      You will get to know as the story proceeds

  2. hating sanskar…

    1. SammieR

      Same here

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  3. nice ff im not liking sanskaar and even ap and dadi also how can ap say like this she want only kaira happiness then what about swara’s son and dadi she think swara and her son burden..

    plz dear can u show the bond between vikranth and swara mother son bond.. cant see both of them like this.. and coming to chappy its too short update long parts. i have to say one thing to u ur writing many ff’s at a time plz concentrate on 1ff and complete that then write another ff its really confusing for some readers like me .. i got confusing ur ff’s all at a time..sorry yaar.. and update long parts. update next part soon..

    1. SammieR

      I will try

  4. Mica

    uugghhhhhh.. i want to punch this elder, all of them become parent already, don’t they have sympathy to other parent’s feeling ? such moron fellows

    1. SammieR

      Hehe ya right….. Read the note in my latest update and you will surely think to kill them….

  5. uff…hate sanskar…

  6. Nice dear why sanskar is doing like this

    1. SammieR

      You will get to know soon

  7. Sry for he Swara want to love his daughter but he will not show love towards Swara son

    1. SammieR

      You’re right

  8. i want to say sanskar is just 30 but swara fault is 70 percentage dear.how one mether can be selfish like this dear.swara want sanskar so she keep distance with vikrant wright =.oh she is his mother or not.she is mother world black mar.Her happiness most important in compare her son lonely.

    1. SammieR

      We should not judge the book with its cover….. You will understand why Swara is keeping distance from vikrant in next two episodes…..

  9. if she really love vikrant he should leave sanskar.if she want to live sanskar she want to make a realise his mistake.if sanskar do injustice that same she did with kavitha and sanskar what a name ah love symbolthat make sanskar realise right,she want to became mahan that y she injustice vikrant,who are live life like me know a pain.so main fault is swara.she give her hapiness important more that his don loness

  10. sry so loness,sry if i said any mistake plz forgive me dear

  11. syy dear that is not don that is son

  12. You have made swara so weak…She is accepting her husband deed as a wife….But when it comes to her son how could she be quite…No mother will accept it at any cost whether it costs her life also

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