swasan ff : falling for you again part6

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One year passed there was no improvement in sanskar’s condition as well as swara both were like a lifless body. One side sanskar was in coma and other side swara was always gloomy and sad wich she also didn’t knew why/.

One day ragini visited badi to visit to swara but suddenly she got a call from hospital where sanskar was admitted because laksh was not picking the call

Ragini: yes doctor we are coming soon
Swara: where are you going(innocently)
Ragini: I’m going hospital actually laksh’s brother is admitted here
Swara:is everything alright na(concern) should I come with you
Ragini: no no swara you are also not fine .
Swara: no I’m coming with you that’s final see your face how pale you are looking how would you handle alone
Swara: no but I am coming(sternly)
Saying this she left and ragini followed her helplessely seeing her stubbornness

Both reached hospital and reached doctors cabin and ragini went inside and swara was sitting outside fighting with her inner thoughts. Ever she entered the hospital she was feeling some kind of happiness like she have found something which she was searching from so long like a crying child found his her mother warm embrace which he/she was longing from a very lengthy time but she was not able to find what is it.

She was sitting outside waiting for ragini who was discussing with doctor .she was feeling very restless like her heart pulling her to go somewhere but listening to her mind she was sitting but how long she was going to sit?

Unable to tolerate the war b/w heart and mind she got up and thought to go out to take some fresh air. She walked but unknowingly she started to move in another direction like some magical pull is attracting her and she was just following it without any thinking which was giving an undescriable feeling to her heart.

She was walking but suddenly her heart started beating fastly in front of a room due to which her footsteps froze at floor and she her gaze fell in front of a room. It was a private room. She was just gazing at the door and without any thinking she went inside the room following her hearts advice.
Her heart stopped beating for a second seeing the scenario in front of her there was a man lying lifeless there with several machines attached to him. Seeing him in this condition she felt her heart was pierced in several pieces which is unrepairable like someone has harmed it very harshly but still a pinch of happiness she was feeling. The feeling she was getting was very unknown to her and Tears automatically made their way from her eyes unknowingly TO her. The feeling was undescriable a pinch of pin and happiness.

Na jaane kaisa ehsaas hai
Bujhti nahin hai kya pyaas hai

The above lines were correctly describing her condition which she was feeling. Her heart was crying in happiness in pain and the reason was unknown to her and she was still there fixing her gaze. At the lifless man who was lying there trying to understand her own condition. Her face was stained with tears who were flowing continuously.


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    Ofcourse it’s our one and only Mr Sanskar Maheswari

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    Phle toh I’m sorry I was not able to comment becoz I was busy in exam …. But pakka promise I will be continue from now n coming to story it was so so Awesome yaar … N I think the person is sanskar
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