swasan ff : falling for you again part 8

DOCTOR told the biggest truth of her life unknowingly but there was no reaction from her. She was just staring him like a statue . destiny played its cruel game but the sme destiny has now made her stand at that place again. She dis not remember anything her brain is playing conspiracy but her heart will not let brain to win. It will not let the colour of love get fade away which he has coloured to her heart. Now hshehas become his and now her heart will not let the colour fade away.
Swara was just standing there like a statue without blinking her eyes . her gaze was at sanskar who was lying there lifelessly with machines attached to him wheras ragini was listening doctor instuctions carefully. Suddenly she feel some pain in her head but she was just observing him just then she hear a male voice echoing

“Itne mushkil se toh tumhe paya hai mrs maheswari eise kaise jaane doon”

“I love you mrs maheswari”

“You are such a kacha nimbu mrs maheswari”

“I love you swara”

Her head started spinning she saw a flashback or we can say she remembers a man saying this but his image was not clear. Her head started spinning and voives started echoing around her like “ mrs maheswari kaha ho patni ji?, I’m waiting for you” and her eyes got closed , she fell unconscious.

Doctor who saw her said” she got a shock suddenly that’s why she fainted suddenly. Take good care of her. There are chances she may recover her memory but do not stress her or it may be harmful.

All family members reached there one side they were happy that sanskar came out from coma and other side they were worried swara’s condition.

All were gathered around sanskar and he were seeing them with confused + surprised eyes.although there was some happiness in them also seeing them

Laksh: bahi I’m ver happy for you(hugs him)

Sanskar also hugs him back and questions: laksh what we are doing here we were in Mumbai for studies then why we are here. Our exams are going on na

Laksh was shocked along with all family members but asked : bhai what is the date
Sanskar(confused): why are you asking duffer(hitting his head playfully) did you forgot your exam kya. Bhulkar(chuckles) today is sept12

All got shocked and stumbled and the doctor who was observing this said: its ok mr maheswari you can give your exam later you met with an accident. Let me examine you

Sanskar(excitedly): wow I met with an accident . it was serious or just a normal. It should be serious warna I have to go back college(face goes down)

Doctor examined him: sanskar now you take rest ok

Sanskar:ok(nodded like a kid)

All went out and doctor informed: due to the glass pieces which got pierced harmed his nerved due to which he lost his memory. He will get his memory back when his nerves will get cured until do not stress him ok.

All were in shock one side happiness and one side shock. They were not able to understand what is happening with their children

Hey guys those who read my story I’m thankfull to them but now onwards the main story is going to start so I want some small sa help otherwise if I went to decide na it will take time and my excitement of writing this story will go down so help me.
So guys choose one of them.
A new love story between swasan with their memory loss condition..
Swara and sanskar should get to know about their marriage and a arrange marriage love story between them
Should swasan get their memory back with some twists
Sanskar should get his memory back and make swara fall for him
Swara should get her memory back and make sanskar fall for her.
Pls reply so that I can

  1. Kakali

    Awesome..!! Loved it..!! Continue soon..!! waaa I better go with the 1st option..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  2. Sus

    i feel their past was painful so it is better their love story should be fresh with happy family as all are positive in family

  3. Soujanya


  4. nhi nhi dono ko with memory loss hi rehne do. I wanna enjoy a new fresh love story. later u can show the gaining their memory back if u want.

  5. New lobe story then marriage n then memory back I think that will be good

  6. awesome fresh love story marriage and then memory back

  7. new love story..then marriage…then memory back to both

  8. awesome…want new love story

  9. Rachna

    Update soon next part

  10. Awesome…want new love story

  11. Meera_s

    nice..pls show swasan new love story?

  12. Shibil

    nice one ….want fresh love story ….marriage ….then both memory back

  13. Simi

    Want a new lovestory.. Later they regain their memory

  14. Nice a new love story

  15. fresh love story….

  16. Aarushi_99

    It was amazing! Loved it!!
    I want a new and fresh love story… later you can give them back their memory if you want?
    Update soon, take care!

  17. nice..1st one

  18. Nice…. arrange marriage plz

  19. Nice…. I’ll go with options 1+2+3..??

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