SwaSan FF : ” A DREAM…” by Swarmayi (Part-2)

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SwaSan reached at MM.. Swara looked at mansion and its garden which is filled with different and and beautiful flowers..

Swara : beautiful..

Sanky : Ahan.. not more than you.. ?

Swara : will u plz just stop flirting with me? Arrrgh.. You are so irritating. Infact I think u r mad..

Sanky : ch ch ch.. abb kya kare.. apki in moti moti aankhon ne hume pagal bana diya.. varna insan hum bhi kaam ke the..?

Swara : How melodramatic.. huhh..

Sanky : Really.. ( shakes hands with her forcefully ) Thank you sooooooo much..???

Swara : ( jerking his hands ) For God's sake ..SANSKAR!  can we get inside? PLEASE? ( stretches the word )

Sanky : woww.. u first time took my name from ur mouth.. that to soo lovingly.. hmm.. m impressed.. ok.. lets go.. ?

Swara : ( murmurs ) Lovingly my foot..

Sanky : ( heard it ) Ohh they are really pretty..

Swara : What?

Sanky : Your foot.. ????

Swara : Sanskarrr!

Sanky : Swaraa… ???

Swara : Aahh.. its waste to talk with you..

Sanskar smiles looking at her angry cute face..

( No need to tell guys.. u can see that sanky fell for her in first sight only.. ? now lets see hw he'll make swara fall fr him..)

They get inside the mansion.. Ram and Sujata welcomed swara.. Swara took blessings from them..

Sujata : Swara.. You are become so big and beautiful. ( puts kajal ) Nazar na lage kisiki..

Swara : Thanks Aunty..

Sanky : Mom.. Nazar to lag gayi.. meri hi..? arey I called her beautiful b4 u only..

Swara looked at him angrily.. he winks.. ?

Sujata : you.. besharam.. zara toh sharam kar.. ( holds his ears ) Swara.. dont bear his antics.. if he trouble you na just tell me.. I'll teach him lesson..

Swara : ( smiles ) Ok aunty.. ( shows tongue to sanky ) ???

Sanky : Aaah.. ouuuu.. Mom.. now leave na.. its hurting.. achcha ok nw I wont trouble her.. leaveeeeeee…

Sujata : ( leaves ) Hmm.. Good boy.. and swara.. no need to call me aunty.. call me Mom.. u r my daughter now..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) OK.. MOM!

Sujata : ( hugs her ) No.. my child.. don't cry.. I knw u miss ur mom so much na? ( she nods ) nw dnt wry.. m there na.. I'll pamper u alot.. ( changes topic ) aur ye kya? Kitni patli hogayi hai tu? Abb roj main tumhe sujhi ka spcl halwa desi ghee main banakar khilaungi..

Sanky : Arey mom.. what are u saying? Iss moti ko aur moti banane ka irada hai kya?

Swara : Sanskarrr! Now u r gone..

Sanskar runs upstairs.. swara chases him.. Ram and Sujata admire them..

Swara : Sanskar.. stop.. I wont leave u today..

Sanky : hahaha.. 1st catch me u fatty.. then leave.. haha.. ???

Both gets tire after smtym n falls on nearby sofa..

Swara : Sanskar.. u.. made.. me… ( gulps ) so.. tired… ( breaths heavily )

Sanky : ( panting ) hello.. you.. were.. chasing.. me… ( gulps ) not.. me.. & .. bcz.. of.. u.. m.. tired..haay..

Swara : Ok.. now tell me where's my room? I need to change..

Sanky : ohh ya.. come.. I'll show you..

Sanky shows swara her room.. and leaves.. Days are passing.. SwaSan bcm good frnds.. or we can say.. more than frnds! ?swara was unknown to her feelings.. bt sanky knws.. they used to fight alot.. Sanky used to make her laugh.. bt swara was upset.. she was studying, going to clg.. bt still she was missing. She was missing her Dad.. and most importantly her.. MUSIC!!!

Sanky, sujata n Ram always try to cheer her bt  she used to pretend infront of them being happy.. n sanky knws it..

One day.. Swara was studying in her room at night. She heard guitar sound.. She gets happy n came out of room.. The sound was coming from terrace. She runs towards it.. n gets stunned looking the scene infront of her..

Sanky was playing guitar and singing song.. She get lost in him..

Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon main ya na
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahoon main ya na..

Itna bata doon tuzko
Chahat pe apni muzko
Yun to nahi ikhtiyar
Phir bhi ye socha dil ne
Abb jo laga hoon milne
Poochu tuze ekk baar
Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon main ya na
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahoon main ya na..

Swara was all lost in his voice.. his charm.. she was admiring him lovingly.

Aisi kabhi pehle hui na thi khwahishe
O.. kisi se bhi milne ki na ki thi koshishe
Ulzan meri sulza de.. chahoon main ya na
Akhon akhon mein jata de.. chahoon main ya na. .

He was lost in his own world when swara suddenly starts singing –

Mere chote chote khwaab hai
Khwaabon main geet hain
Geeton main zindagi hain
Chaahat hai preet hai
Abhi main na dekhu khwaab wo
Jinme na tu mile
Le khole honth maine
Abb tak the jo sile..
Muzko na jitna Mujhpe
Utna iss dil ko tujhpe
Hone laga aitbaar..
Tanha lamhon main apne
Boonti hoon tere sapne
Tuzse hua muzko pyaar..o..
Poochungi tuzko kabhi na..
Chahoon main ya na
Tere bahon main abb jeena
Chahoon main kyu naaaa…

Sanky was shocked, surprised, amazed, mesmerised and happy hearing swara's voice..

Sanky : Shonaa.. ( they r best frnds guys ) what an amazing voice u hv? Just fantastic yaar.. y dint you tell me b4.. n if u hv so melodious voice den y r u studying this MBBS??? Arey leave it! N just step ahead in music industry! M sure u'll rock..

Swara : ( teary eyes ) My Dad will never agree, Sanky! They dont want me to do career in music.. thats y he sent me here.. far away frm my music classes n frnds so that I can study only..

Sanky : Bt y not swara? Look at me! M also doing my career in music.. as well as helping Dad in business. Then y can't u? U can also manage both na..

Swara : No sanky.. he'll never accept this..

Sanky : Ok.. we can do 1 thing.. lets start ur singing again here.. n later when u'll cmplt ur MBBS we'll surprise him.. whats say?

Swara : That's great Sanky! Bt what if he get to knw..

Sanky : offo Shona.. hw will he get to knw.. we'll keep it as a secret. Now its final.. u'll do practice with me from tmrw..

Swara : OK.. Done!!!

And after this incident.. both started their practice. Swara was now all happy.. She was again becoming old swara.. who used to laugh whole heartedly. Sanky was so much happy seeing her this shade.. Its last year of her MBBS.. Now he wanted to confess his love to her.. & he was sure that swara too loves him.. so he decides to propose her.. Ram and sujata already knew abt this.. and they were happy for their son..

Swara was coming to Sanky's room.. suddenly lights goes off.. Swara called sanky..

Swara : ( scared ) Sankyyy.. Sankyyy

No response.

Swara : look sanky.. if u r doing any prank na den I'll kill u.. plz cm na.. m scared of darkness..

Suddenly lights get on.. and rose petals fell on her.. she was standing in full decorated room.. red balloons, swasan pics, red roses and cake.. Swara was shocked and happy.. She heard sanky's voice and turned.. Sanky was sitting on his knees holding ring in his hand..

Sanky : Swara.. I don't want to make this confession dramatic one.. I just want to tell you my feelings.. I want to tell you that- I LOVE YOU SWARA.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. WILL YOU MARRY ME? WILL YOU BE MY BETTER HALF?

Swara was beyond happy. Tears were flowing from her eyes..

Sanky : Oyy rotlu.. answer me fast.. my legs are paining. And yes.. dont u dare to tell no.. varna.. BHAGAKE LE JAUNGA!!! ???

Swara nods and hugs him tightly.. he hugs her back.. and slides ring in her hand..

Swara : I love you too, Sanky.. ???

Both hugged each other happily..

One day..

Shekhar thought to surprise swara by going to mumbai.. so he went without informing anyone abt his arrival.. that day.. Swasan were alone at home..

Sanky : Shonaa.. Shonaa..

Swara came there running.. Sanky keep his leg in middle n swara falls over him.. ??

Swara : ( hits sanky ) Sankyy.. whats this? Main gir jati toh?

Sanky : How come? I'll never let u fall.. dont u blv me?

Swara : more than myself..( smiles )

Sanky was lost in her smile.. he looked at her lips n then at her.. Swara closed her eyes.. He leans slowly towards her n kissed her eyes.. Swara felt his touch and shivers.. Then he kissed her cheeks romantically. N then..
Then kissed her on her forehead. Swara gets shocked n opened her eyes widely.. Sanky laughs..

Sanky : Hahaha.. look at ur face Shonaa.. OMG!!! Hahaha.. ???

Swara : ( starts hitting him ) u idiot.. duffer.. stupid..

Sanky : ok.. ok.. meri maa.. m sorry.. vaise u knw.. Its the effect of my name.. SANSKAR! ABB NAAM HI SANSKAR HAI TOH ASANSKARI KAAM KARNA SHOBHA NAHI DETA.. HAI NA? ?

Swara : ( kisses his cheeks quickly & hugs him ) I love you..

Sanky : I love you too, jaan..

Suddenly a voice came from behind.

" SWARAAAA!!!!!….."

Swara and Sanskar gets shocked and looked behind..

Shekhar was standing there fuming in anger..

Swara : ( scared ) D..D.. Daddd.. you.. ( she holds sanky's hand tightly )

Sanky : Uncle.. see.. I can explain you..

Bt shekhar was not in mood to listen he drags swara from sanky and slapped her hard.. Sanky holds his fist in anger..

Sanky : ( shouts ) Uncle!!!

Swara cries holding her cheek..

Shekhar : I sent you here for study.. bt you.. what are you doing ha?

Swara : ( sobbing ) Dadd.. listen to me..

Shekhar : No.. its enough! Now your MBBS is completed too.. U'll not stay here fr a minute also.. cm..

Sanky : Uncle.. no.. U can't take swara like this.. we love each other.. plz dont separate us..

Shekhar : Sanskar.. it will be better if you stay away from my daughter. M leaving u cz u r my frnds son.. leave my way..

Swara : ( cries ) Dad.. plz.. dont do this.. I love him so much.. we love each other.. I can't live without him. Plz Dad.. dont do this.. we saw so much dreams together.. we wanna live it.. we wanna cmplt it Dad..

Sanky too cries seeing her love for him..

Shekhar : ( start dragging swara ) Lets go swara.. u r not in ur senses.. u dont love him.. its just attraction.

Swara : ( shouts while crying ) Noooo.. I love him.. Sanky.. plz stop him.. I can't live without u. . Dad… stoppp.. Sankyyyy…

Sanky : Swaraa.. dnt wry.. I'll cm with mom n dad.. are u listening?  Dont loose hope swara.. no one can separate us.. Swaraa.. wait for me.. ( cries )

Swara : I'll wait for u till my last breath, Sankyyy.. ( cries )

Shekhar starts his car nd leaves.. Sanky runs to his room and cries..

Here Shekhar reaches pune with swara.. He fixed her marriage with sm1.

Shekhar : Swara.. tmrw is ur engagement. I fixed ur marriage with Sahil. I don't want any drama there.

Swara : ( cries ) Dad.. Y r u doing this? Plz dad.. don't. I love sanky. I can't live without him. Plz lemme go to him..

Shekhar : Ok.. go..

Swara : ( happy ) Really Dad?

Shekhar : Yes.. go.. bt when u'll return u'll see my dead body..

Swara : ( horrified ) Dad!!!

Shekhar : Decision is yours swara.. Dad or ur Sanskar!

He leaves..

Swara sat on floor with a thud..

In evening –

Sanskar was coming to mumbai with his parents.. He almost reached near her house.

Sanky : ( monologue ) I'll set everything ryt swara.. now everything will get fine.. m coming swara.. m coming..

Suddenly his mobile beeps.. It was message from swara.. he opened it.

Dear Sanky,

I'm sorry.. I'm breaking my promise.. I'm leaving you alone.. But I don't have any other option.. Dad fixed my marriage with Sahil nd my engagement is tmrw.. I tried to explain him alot but he's so adamant on his decision.  He told me If I cm to you then I'll see his dead body.. I love him too sanky.. I can't  loose Dad and you too.. I love you soo much Sanky.. take care of urself.. and cmplt our dream.. I'll be always with you..

                                        Yours and only yours
                                                " Shonaa "

Mobile fell from his hands.. He get out of car and started running towards swara's home like a mad.. tears were flowing from his eyes.. he was murmuring only 1 thing..

" u can't leave me shonaa.. I won't let u go.. "

Here at Swara's home –

Swara was standing on the edge of terrace.. Tears were flowing from her eyes. She remembered all her moments with her Dad, Sanky.. And closed her eyes.. Sanky reached their.. He saw swara bt b4 he could do anything swara jumped from terrace. Sanky was all numb and terrified. He shouted loudly –


Swara was lying in pool of blood.. He rushes to her.. He took her head in his lap and cries..

Sanky : Swaraa.. shonaa.. wake up.. see.. ur sanky cm.. ha.. see na.. I cm to take u.. I told u na.. I'll cm.. see.. I cm.. wake up na.. swaraaaa.. ( cries loudly )

Swara slightly opened her eyes and smiled looking at sanky..

Swara : San..kyy.. you… cm..

Sanky : yess.. yess swara.. see.. I cm.. nw everything will get fine. Ha.. m taking u to hospital. Nothing will happen to u.. m there na.. ha..

Listening noises from outside Shekhar cm to see and get biggest shock of his life..

Shekhar : ( shouts ) SWARAA…

He rushed near her and cries…

Swara : ( cries ) Da..d.. San..ky.. u.. both.. both .. are.. equal..equally. . Impor..tant.. to.. to… me.. I.. ( breaths heavily & tries to spk ) can't. . Choose. .any.. any..1 from..u..

Shekhar : ( cries ) Shonaa.. what u did?? Y u did this…

Swara : Dad.. I love u.. I can't. . See.. u.. in.. pain… and I can't live without. .my.. my.. sanky.. so.. I took.. this.. step.. ( looks at sanky ) San..sankyy..

Sanky : ( cries ) Haa.. haa.. swara.. bolo.. m here only..

Swara : ( cries ) m sry.. m leaving.. u.. in.. pain.. bt u hv.. to.. cmplt.. our.. dreams.. so.. don..Don't. . Cry.. for..me.. be.. strong… move.. on.. in..in..ur life.. ( started to close her eyes )

Sanky : ( panicked n cries holding her ) Shonaa.. no.. no.. hw can u say like that.. no.. see.. we r going to hospital nw.. nothing will happen to you. . R u listening?  Shonaa.. look at me.. shonaa.. ( pats her cheeks )

Swara : ( keeps her hand on his cheek ) I.. love.. love..u.. san..skarr.. ( her hand slips n she closed her eyes.. forever )

Shekhar and Sanky gets shocked.

Sanky : ( shakes her ) Swaraa… Swaraa.. Shonaa.. hey.. dont joke.. Swaraa…

No response.

He cried out loudly…



Sanskar was sitting in Swara's room looking at her pics.. after her death he dint spk with anyone.. He locked himself in Swara's room.. Shekhar cm there.. He sat beside him and tried to spk with him..

Shekhar : Sanskar.. beta.. I know what all happened was dreadful.. bt plz.. now cm out of trauma.. swara is no more beta.. She left us.. I knw.. its all bcz of me.. Its all my fault.. M sorry beta..

Plz forgive me.. Don't be like this.. my swara won't get peace.. seeing u like this.. plz beta..

Sanky : ( emotionlessly ) will ur sorry bring my swara back to me? ( shekhar cries ) spk up damn it! Now y r u silent? Will ur apology can bring my shona back? Ha? Say na.. ( laughs sarcastically ) what u'll say? U don't know anything.. anything abt her.. you knw.. you were world's best father for her.. bt she was fool.. my swara was fool.. cz u r world's worst father ever.. u knw y? Cz u never let her do as per her wish.. u dint let her cmplt her musical studies. U sent her to my home fr studies.. u never let her cmplt HER DREAMS.. u wanna knw what was her biggest dream.. let me show u.. he give 1 paper to shekhar.. it was swara's handwriting. Her poetry..


When I was asleep, I dreamt a dream..
No one will believe what All I saw
But I swear,  I'll tell you only true things
Never will I lie about what all I dreamt..

I was
just standing on middle of stage
Praying to the Lord to keep me away frm their rage
Who are ready to attack on my silly mistakes..
All over silence, which was rising my heart beats
I was then feeling like a swan, who's wandering all alone in lakes..

Suddenly , someone sittting opposite me, stood up
And slowly slowly , All crowd infront of me did the same, confusing me to the hell..
Why on the earth , its so complicated for me
Why can't I get which I want, in an 1st attempt?

Lost in my own thoughts, I cm back to reality..
When I heard a huge applaud for me, continuous claps and whistling noises..
Unknowingly, a bright smile appeared on my face..
Like I got what all I wanted after a long trace…

I jumped in happiness and tears made their way…
I gulped down my own words which all I wanted to say..
Sensing my condition, Dad came on stage..
Took me in his embrace while saying its the starting of my life's most awaited phase..

All memories of my past life came infront of my eyes which stabbed me badly with a sharp knife…
To soothe my pain, Dad patted me, infront of whole world, this is the best thing ever happened in my life..

He supported me in every situation of my life
Whether it is a rain, autumn or spring
& All I could say was just a thank you..
To which , He pecked my forehead and caresses my hairs lovingly , Saying, " I love you and I'm proud of you.."

After reading the poem.. Shekhar burstout in crying..

Sanky : Finished reading? Got it? This was her biggest dream damn it! Bt u.. u broke her dream into million pieces under ur feet.. bt not me.. The dream which she saw with me.. m gonna cmplt it.. I'll complt her incomplete dream.. my swara's dream.. ( determined )


Sanky was standing on stage holding guitar in his hands.. His eyes were close.. Like he's imagining something. He started singing..

Na.re.. na..re na.re na re na na na
Na re na…

Mera din bhi tu, meri shaame tu
Mere raat ke sapno mein tu
Meri aahatein tera naam le
Yeh baat tu maan le

Sau saal ka mera ik din ho
Jisme teri tasveere na ho (na ho..)

Berut si hai meri yeh zindagi
Jisme teri khushboo na ho

O meri jaan, tum ho kahaan
Dhoondhe tujhe mera dil..

Meri pehli mohabbat, pehli mohabbat
Pehli mohabbat hai woh..
Meri.. pehli mohabbat, pehli mohabbat
Pehli mohabbat hai woh…

 And after finishing the song.. Audience were only shouting 1 name….

Hearing the name which audience were taking, a bright smile appeared on his lips..
A lone tear escaped from his eyes and he said –


**************** Flashback******************

Sanky : Shonaa.. what's ur dream which u wants to fulfill with me?

Swara : with u?? Umm.. can't count.. there are soooooo much.. bt 1 is very precious.

Sanky : and what's that madam?

Swara : I want to perform on stage live with you.. I want to hear people's applaud for us.. They will be shouting only 1 name.. SWASAN.. SWASAN.. SWASAN.. SWASAN..

Sanky : Haha.. sure shonaa.. We'll surely cmplt ur this dream.. ( hugs her )

************** Flashback Ends *************

1 Reporter cm to him.. and asked him a question.

Reporter : Sir.. Your real name is Sanskar.. then y all cheers saying " SWASAN "

Sanky : ( smiles ) bcz of this guitar.. It's name is SWARA.. SWARA & SANSKAR together makes.. SWASAN..

Reporter went from there confusingly.

He looked at guitar which was swara's. He kissed it..


Suddenly Swara's soul appeared infront of him. He closed his eyes seeing her. She kisses his cheeks.. and says..


Sanky opened his eyes & smiles..

The End..

Finally.. I finished it.. this is spcl for u my dear kaku.. I'll miss u sooooooo much.. plz return soon.. love u.. ?????

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    it’s Rimpi..Kakali’s besty.. m using her ID.. she will soon read ur OS..

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    1. Swarmayi

      Aww.. Thank you so much shreeyu.. and tight wali hug frm my side.. love you too and really very sorry for making you cry.. bt m happy as well caz u got relax reading my os.. so no worries. And u r again saying sorry to me? Have u frgt wat I told u b4?

      1. Shreeyu

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    1. Swarmayi

      Thanks Sanswa.. n sry fr sad ending. Bt dr life is nt a bed of rose petals.. we have to walk on throns too.. and sad endings exist dear.. ty..

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    Why sad ending no u made me cry ???
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        Ohhhoooo… So sorry Goldie for making u cry.. And thank u soooooo much for your compliment..

  23. O god I just hate sad endings….????

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