Swasan ff : Don’t Change [Chp 6]

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I was aimlessly staring at her! I don’t know why but for the first time I feel that she was beautiful. Yes beautiful! I always found her cute but this time it’s different!

SWARA the name came in my life only a few days ago, but I don’t know what always got me but every time I ended up fighting with her……She was like an open book , but at the same time quite mysterious too. It’s like she had a multi personality! Quite, shy and lonely at college and bubbly, prankster and like a bundle of happiness at home. She is the best person I have ever met. But she only has to get out of her shell! Break free!

As I was lost in her thoughts, I found her slipping on the stairs. I ran as fast as I could to save her but she fell. And after that what I saw was beyond my imagination. There was Swara on the floor with her glasses off the beautiful face, letting me capture her hazel eyes. I could see the sea of emotions whirling in those doe eyes as if wanting to tell so much. They showed passion, sadness, loneliness and at the same time joy, happiness and bubliness. I could lose myself in those hypnotising buds. I don’t know why they always preferred being behind those enormous glasses.As I was lost in my own world when I heard her calling out for me.

“Sanskar! Sanskar! Help me!”

“Yeh coming!”

“So what should I do for you my maggi baby?!” I teased her and gave my hand to get up.

“First of all STOP CALLING ME MAGGI BABY! You get it ! And I can’t find my specs.”

“Wait I’ll get those for you.” I said grabbing the specs from the floor and putting it on .

“Well there you go.”

“Thanks a lot! “She said adjusting them while a was solely staring at her. I don’t know but now seeing her in specs just flipped my feelings! She waved her hand at me and brought me back to sense. And that when I uttered it.

“You look better with your specs on!” I don’t know what made me do that but I just couldn’t stop myself from telling it to her!

“Thank you!” She muttered under her breadth awkwardly.

“Now shall start the project?” She asked while I nodded and led her to my room.
In Sanskar’s room :

After doing the project for some time , we wore really tired and decided to take a break and started the chit chat again on the project. We had to make a project on the Archimedes’ principle. [ I actually have no idea about such things but just trying one , I anyone could help , that would be great! ] And that’s when she asked,

“Sanskar! Do you know the story behind the Archimedes’ principle?”

“No . I didn’t even know that there existed a story behind it.”

“Then let me tell you! Once upon a time…..” ( I don’t think I should give it in detail so if you are interested then you can Google it)

“Wow. That was quite interesting. I must say that you know everything. ”

“My dad had told me this story when I was in 9th. It made it easy to remember the principal. ”

As she was telling this , I saw her eyes moist and a lone drop escaped through those dark orbs. But she quickly wiped it off . I don’t know what was going in my mind but I couldn’t see her crying and quickly secured her in my embrace and started patting her head letting her release all her pain which was building in her heart . I could see a different Swara! Who does not act to be strong but is so emotional , weak , sensitive . Just as a tender bud. So different and fragile!

After some soothing words and hot chocolate, she was alright and we decided to continue the project. It was 7 in the evening and she had to go home but the project was still incomplete and so she was tensed. But suddenly I remembered something and suggested,

“Why don’t we do it tomorrow after 8 at your house. ”

“My house is okay but why after 8?”

“Wait ! So you don’t know?”

“If I would be knowing, you think I would ask you?!”

“Okay! That’s cool! So as you don’t know, I will not reveal it to you! Wait for tomorrow!”I said while she frowned.
I quickly dropped her home and slept. After all I have to be ready for tomorrow!


The day at Sanskar’s house was tiring. I don’t know why but I have always felt a bond with him. After so many years I cried and relieved my pain and that too in front of a person who I barely know for 3 to 4 days. But I flushed all of my thoughts and began thinking what is tomorrow .

I rose the topic on dinner and came to know that as my sister sonakshi di had her first successful fashion show , we are throwing a party tomorrow to celebrate it! So its a party tomorrow! It’s a PARTY! A PARTY! Gosh! Have I ever told you how much I hate parties! But wait that wasn’t so bad until the moment I came to know that even Sanskar would be there at the party! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!


Hey! I know it is short but please adjust! The next one will be long . And I am extremely sorry for uploading so late! And if anyone could give me some ideas about the projects and all then please please please give me coz I don’t have any idea about the qualification and all for being a doctor. And also do tell if you would like me to change anything! Thank you to all those who commented and even not commented on the last chapter! Bye!

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