SwaSan ff : Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna.. ( Promo )

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Hellooo guys.. m here with a new ff.. with a new concept.. I'm posting a small promo and I'm not sure about your response. But if I'll get 25+ cmnts then I'll continue this ff.. for sure.. Introduction will be given later in my 1st epi If I get good comments of course! ? So.. Here u go..


" I know that we'll never be a real couple but we can atleast be nice to each other, SANSKAR! " I told him.. I've had enough.. Tears were starting to prick my eyes but I didnt let them fall.. He looked over at me in a weird expression. Like if I died infront of him, he wouldn't care.. He was always putting a mask on and it was always so difficult to read his expressions, and that scared me. He stood up while I was sitting on a floor and while doing this he pushed me so I fell backwords.. It did hurt- It did hurt so much. Air was knocked out of my lungs but I got up, ignoring my inner protests to stop so I wouldn't get punished. My hands started to shake and I couldn't feel my legs, but he didnt need to see that…

" You don't get it, do you?! I.WILL.NEVER.LOVE.YOU. I'll never care for you! You wait, every day, for me to come home and have dinner with you like normal couples do- You are pathetic. You are nothing! You are absolutely nothing to me! You are not even worth my words. You are a loser who has nobody- your parents??? They are just like me.. They knew that you were worthless and wanted to get rid of you, SWARAA!!!" He said angrily..

I looked him in the eyes. I wasn't angry at him.. He was telling truth. I'm nothing. Never was, never will. I was used to these words since I was born. I nodded. He was right. He was so damn right. I shouldn't care. I shouldn't care about this life. I felt my legs move and I ran out of the house…


It was a promo.
How was it???

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  1. Abirsha

    Omg sammy i thought it’s u only and i am correct…. It’s really awesome…. Do continue soon

  2. Nice interesting

  3. Arshaanya

    Omg sammy i loved it..
    Its vry intrstng.. continue soon

  4. Rosey

    Well it’s quite amazing and interesting

  5. SNY

    Amazing shaluuuu????
    Plz continue dr…

  6. Its nice update ist part soon

  7. nice epi dr

  8. Pls continues we…

  9. Scooby

    Awesome… wahhh painful story… do continue or else atleast u cn send me privately if u dont gt response… bt my wish do continue..

  10. Kakali

    Phiteee muh.. !! continue soon.. i love this kinda emotional stories…!! Thnk u.

  11. Rj12

    Wow amazing
    Please post soon

  12. ho..god it is so emotional..pls continue dear…

  13. Shreeyu

    Osm Sammy… Do continue pls…

  14. Interesting dear

  15. soo emotional…!! Please continue…!!

  16. KrsytleS

    Interesting Dr

  17. Pls continue ….

  18. Seems interesting..plz continue soon plz..
    If possible plz update who am i

  19. Its amazing dear …i think i will needing loads of tissues to read this story ?
    Continue n post soon

  20. awesome .continue soon

  21. Good one.. Something interesting on d way i guess..

  22. Awesome nd interesting plzzz continue

  23. Alku

    Nyc shalu continue soon

  24. Awsm..continue plsss…

  25. Rabia

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sammy 🙂

  26. nice continue soon

  27. Simi

    Emotional ??
    Continue soon

  28. Shibil

    Awesome ….so emotional ….do continue …..

  29. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  30. Interesting ?????. U should continue it but only if can b regular.

  31. Vyshu10

    wow…interesting shalu

  32. Super awesome

  33. Shifa96


  34. Simin

    Very painful

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