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Recap: Shantanu agrees for Sanskar to come Delhi
The episode starts in Delhi.. After Shantanu talks with Ap at night, he goes to Swara’s room. In the room, swara was reading a file very carefully. She was so engrossed in the file that she dint even noticed Shantanu. Shantanu goes to her and fakely coughs lightly to gain her attention. Swara without looking at him says;

Swara: What happened Shan???
Shantanu grins and says, Shona can we talk??
Swara says “ we can.. But fast”

Shantanu nods and says,” Shona there is someone who is going to come at our house to stay for a month. Swara gets shocked and gives a cold look to Shantanu. She asks him,” Who is he??” Shantanu hesitates and says, “ He… is…san…sanskar…..mahe..maheshwari..” He adds,” Actually he is maa’s best friend’s son, so…” Before he could speak further, swara says,”Is he the Sanskar maheshwari?? The owner of the no.1 fashion designing company of India??” Shantanu nods and says,”But Shona, there is a problem. He is a prankster and will surely disturb you…” But swara says,”Its okay. He is Appu maa’s guest. So I’m allowing him.. But tell him that I don’t like such people understand??” Shantanu nods and leaves from there happily. He informs Ap regarding Swara’s decision…

Next morning Sanskar goes to his company and completes his whole work. He calls Purab and tells him to do the whole office work. Purab tells him that his flight is at 3:00 p.m. And tells him to reach the airport at 1:30.

Precap: Swasan’s first meet.

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