SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 18

Hi guys,I know many of you would not have read episode 17 which was posted late,it should be on page 3 or 4,here is the link: https://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-fan-fiction-episode-17/

(Yesterday we saw Swara and Sanskar reaching home from the orphanage,Swara recalling her words,Sanskar’s team including Preeti leaving for Bangalore for three days,ref:SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 17),here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 18………….

Scene 1:Swara in her room

Swara is standing near her room window ,a mild breeze is there and she is looking outside,she recalls her time spent with Sanskar,she is sad that he is not there with her,she keeps staring at the window,she sees the plants that Sanskar planted,she goes to the garden……..

Scene 2:Maheswari house garden

Swara goes to the place where their tent was constructed,she remembers their moments inside the tent,she remembers his love confession,her eyes are moist,she comes and touches the plants that Sanskar had planted,she thinks about the flower bunch that he gave in the hospital garden,she slowly keeps moving her hands through the flowers and Laksh comes and stands opposite her,he recalls Ragini telling him that Swara loves Sanskar,he notices that her thoughts are elsewhere,he asks her what she is thinking,Swara absentmindedly mutters, “about Sanskaar”.Laksh is shocked to hear it,he recalls all what Ragini told,he calls Swara,she looks at him,he asks her, “Have u started loving Sanskar”,she hears the question and is in thoughts,she then looks at him and walks away without saying anything,Laksh says to himself, “I cant see me in her eyes,God what is happening?”,he touches his head and then his beard with frustration.

Scene 3:Swara comes back to room from garden

Swara reaches the room,she recalls Laksh’s question if she loves Sanskaar,she goes and sits on the bed,she takes the photo collage that Sanskar gifted her on her birthday,she looks at it,she slowly moves her fingers on his face in it,tears fall on it,she wipes it with her shawl and looks at his couch,she keeps the photo frame in position and goes and sits on the couch,she sees a used T-shirt of Sanskar on it,she takes it in her hands,she again moves her fingers on it,she keeps it close to her chest and closes her eyes,Sanskar’s face comes in her mind,she recalls all her moments with him,she recalls all his words,tears roll down her cheeks,she hugs the T shirt and tells in a low tone,still closing her eyes, “It is true Sanskar,we can close our eyes to things that we don’t want to see but can never close our heart to things that we don’t want to feel,I don’t know how it happened,but I am feeling for you,Sanskar,I didn’t realise it when you were there with me,but now though I know you will come back in three days,still I am not able to control myself,I miss u a lot Sanskar,she holds the T shirt more tightly and says,now I understand Sanskar I am born to be yours and only yours,that is why we are together after a lot of events,you are a magic,my man,I am in love with you,I miss you like anything,please come back soon,you are like air,I am feeling breathless when you are not around,come back soon,she hugs the Tshirt and cries….

Scene 4:Swara has realised her love for Sanskar and just then her phone rings.

Sanskar is on the other side,Swara was hugging his Tshirt and crying ,she quickly wipes the tears and attends the call,Sanskar asks her if she is fine,why her voice is changed,he asks her if she had food,she pretends to be happy,he says “Oh,you should be sad as today you cant fight me ,na?,cant hit me,cant scold me,do u miss me Swara?”,Swara is sad hearing it,her words are stuck in her throat,she tries to hide her tears and says , “yes,I miss you”,Sanskar teases her “oh ,since I asked you can only say like that,na?By the way I knew you would miss me Swara,I am that much good na,so surely any girl will miss me,by the way I am not missing you,Preeti is here,na?she just listens to his voice with her heart and don’t respond ,she stands there,still,Sanskaar asks “are you there ,Swara?,she says ,”yes,I am listening,by the way how was your meeting,you got the contract,?’’,he says, “actually first round is over,there are a few other firms as well,let’s see,what will happen,she replies, “My heart says you will win the contract and make bade papa proud,I will pray for you,only good things will happen with good people,come back with a good news,I am waiting,Sanskar says “ Yes Swara,hope so,I will come back soon,hopefully with a win,you know what ,100 people may be around but you are not there ,no?I miss you,I miss your taunts darling,it is so boring without you,Swara listens,Sanskar’s voice has conveyed his heart which only she can read,he says, “Swara,sorry,I will call u later,ok,some work here,bye dear,she says bye and stands there keeping the phone close to her heart……………….

(Till now I used to write only one episode per day but from tomorrow , there may be more than one ,so I request you to check in between,since there are many ff ,mine may be in 2nd ,3rd or 4th pages or even beyond,I shall also hint in comments column of the immedaitely previous one when each gets uploaded.)

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