SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 17

Hi guys,I know I am late but I have a request,please do read the previous episode ‘SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 16’ before reading this ,it should be on page 3,if u have already read that,here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 17…………

(Yesterday we saw Sanskar taking Swara to the kids’ orphanage)

Scene 1:

Swara and Sanskar are leaving from the orphanage,the little girl is not leaving Sanskar’s hand and asks when he will come back,she cries and tells him not to go,Swara comes and picks her up in her arms,wipes her tears and tells, “hereafter,Saanu bhaiyya and Swara deedi both will come in between,she asks her if she liked this new deedi,the kid nods,Swara kisses on her cheek and she kisses back,the kid leans and kisses Sanskar as well,they waves and leaves in their car,while going back Swara says, “we are all really blessed Sanskar,but we don’t realise it on time,actually thank you for such a wonderful day,she lowers the glass n leans to the window,the breeze touches her face and her hair is flying along with it,she turns and looks at Sanskaar who is driving,he doesn’t see her staring at him ……….

Scene 2:Swara and Sanskar’s room

Sanskar is back after a shower,he smiles and wishes her good night and asks her to take bath and goes to sleep in his couch,Swara comes after a shower,she goes near the couch and sees Sanskar asleep,she keeps looking at him,she recalls the time and all what they talked that evening,she remembers how she hugged and promised him,she leans to touch his head,she then takes her hand back and smiles at him,he moves and turns to the other side,she goes and sits on the bed,takes the Lord’s idol in her hands and prays and goes to bed thinking about him….

Scene 3:Next day morning in office

Preeti is in the conference room,she does necessary arrangements for the presentation and after completing it goes to the wash room,Laksh without knowing this comes to check the slides,Ragini arrives in the office to talk to Laksh,she comes to the conference room,seeing her ,Laksh tries to ignore her,she stops him and tells him to listen to her once,he says he has listened and fallen in her trap but again he wont repeat his mistakes,he tells her that he had already warned her to stay away,she asks him if he still has hope that Swara will come back in his life,he says he has,Preeti is listening to all this from the washroom,Ragini tells Laksh that Swara has moved on in her life ,and can understand that merely by observing her and Sanskar,they are so happy with each other,Laksh tells that he wont believe it,Swara considers Sanskar just as her friend,Ragini tells him to come out of his dreams and understand the reality that Swara has started loving Sanskar,he doesn’t listen to her,she says that it is true that SWASAN marriage happened against their wish but they care a lot for each other now,they are so happy when they are with each other,Laksh asks her to stop it and just go away,Ragini tells Laksh that he may accept or reject her but he will never get Swara back because she is sure that Swara loves Sanskar,may be she hasn’t realised it,but I know her nicely.Laksh asks her to go out where as Preeti stands in the washroom thinking about what she just heard.

Scene 4:Same day afternoon

Swara is thinking about Sanskar and just then her phone rings and she gets excited seeing his name,Sanskaar says “Swara,I need a small favour from you,actually an important meeting is there in Bangalore,I don’t have the time to pack my things,actually, it is for a foreign contract and our team has to go for the presentation and bade papa asked me to lead it,so please pack my dresses and necessary items for three days and my staff will come and collect it from you, I have to check the final arrangements here so wont be able to make it”,Swara feels sad and says, “ok Sanskaar ,but are u sure you wont be able to come here and then leave?”,Sanskaar says, “actually Swara,this meeting was not preplanned,but the company is good and if we get the contract it will be good for us,thank God we got flight tickets in the last minute,just the three of us are going,me,our senior manager Prashanth and since some drafts and all to be done ,Preeti,”.Swara feels more sad hearing Preeti’s name and remains silent,Sanskar understands and says, “Don’t worry Swara,Preeti wont eat me “,Swara tells him to stop teasing,she continues , “all the best for your conference Sanskar,I will pray for you and your luggage will be ready in ten minutes,wish u a safe journey,he thanks her ,Swara is disturbed that he is going away,she cuts the call and goes to pack the things…

(Please bear with me for less Swasan scenes,I write what is convincing to my small brain,hope you all will show the patience and keep reading to let our SWASAN gradually realise and mutually fall for each other and since I haven’t preplanned it may happen any time,next update will be tomorrow evening or monday..)

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  2. Hi guys,by today evening or night there should be the next episode swasan fan fiction episode 18 as well.pls do check it.

  3. RU now going to use preeti to understand swara abt sanky love??? Thts cool

  4. keep going, its interesting

  5. make swara and sanskar both going to bangalore

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  7. Thank u guys,actually Aditya already posted the next track,sorry,it s a bit different track,it will be uploaded after some time ,I guess.

  8. @Manu..I had replied to your comment bt it s not shown,actually intention s nt to give too much importance to other character,just for the sake of story a few like Dr.Sithara and Preeti were all introduced,trying max to write it on our Swasan’s perspective ignoring Laksh n Ragini even cos I started watching n writing only cos of swasan,let’s c..

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  11. I just luv ur ff n evn ur cmnts at other ff too….Luv yah SWASAN.. ?

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